As at home to get rid of cellulite : Diet and procedures

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Cellulite, like many other women's troubles, is found in the most inopportune moment - before a date, or the day before a photo shoot on the eve of holidays."Orange peel" certainly puts the "cross" in many plans.To avoid this, keep a close eye skin and the appearance of even subtle bumps begin to act.It's late to watch the changes, because the body in some areas began to resemble cracked by drought the ground?Do not rush to despair, because it is not a disease, as is sometimes thought the lady, but only a skin defect.So, how at home to get rid of cellulite?

  • Food - Weapon number one in the fight against cellulite
  • Products-enemy body beauty
  • Recommended foods
  • Water - a great tool for getting rid of cellulite
  • Healthy lifestyle - insurancefrom the appearance of tubercles
  • Video set of exercises against cellulite
  • Cosmetology domestic procedures

Food - weapon number one in the fight against cellulite

«Orange peel" - it is not nothing but a fat globules, which appeared as a r

esult of poor circulation.The size and density of the hated neoplasms certainly different, so there are four stages of cellulite.However, it all starts, as you understand, with the appearance of excess fat, which is the "building blocks" for the bumps.That is why getting rid of cellulite at home should begin with a review of the power.If you want to have flawless skin, you need to change food culture.


  • body beauty drinks;
  • sugar and all products from it;
  • semi-finished products;
  • fast food;
  • snack products (chips, nuts, crackers, etc.);
  • pastries made with white flour;
  • fatty foods;
  • canned;
  • sausage, sausage, smoked;
  • shoplifting juices;
  • seasonings, including "chemistry";
  • candy and other harmful sweets;
  • dumplings, pasta.

matters and the method of cooking.Avoid frying, use a minimum of fat, giving preference to olive oil.You think in vain that the products are tasteless, if you will prepare their dietary means.Check for yourself: the same piece of meat cooked on the grill - not less tasty than the steak, fried in a skillet in oil.A baked potato in foil and completely transformed into a "medicine" that helps you at home to get rid of cellulite, while french fries - is the enemy number 1 for female beauty.

Recommended foods

And now is the time to get acquainted with the list of products that provide quick relief of cellulite at home.Only a month of good nutrition, and your skin will be transformed.Therefore, foods that are your "allies" in the way the body to perfection:

  • fish and seafood;
  • lean meat and offal;
  • vegetables, including, by the way, loved by many potatoes;
  • fruit, except for grapes rich in fructose;
  • fat dairy products;
  • olive oil;
  • black bread;
  • legumes;
  • nuts;
  • bran;
  • cereals;
  • greens.

Equally important is diet.To eat should be at least three times, and allowed to bite twice, but not cakes and sweets, and fruit, nuts, yogurt.Breakfast can not miss, because it helps to activate the metabolism, therefore, and fat burning.

Water - a great tool for getting rid of cellulite

Water - the universal "weapon" in the war against the "orange peel".Bracer is able to deal with the scourge, both inside and outside.

We have not given much thought about how much we drink.In addition, as the drinks on our table often present shoplifting juices, coffee, cola and other tasty, but is detrimental to female beauty drink, in which there is sugar, dyes, fatty ingredients and other "chemistry".About the water we tend to forget, because it is not tasty and savory.And in vain, that this drink helps women long stay young, slim and beautiful.The minimum daily dose of water - 1.5 liters, preferably 2. By the way, in a few days you will see that the water has a unique taste, save us from overeating and quenches thirst better than other drinks.

External application of water to combat the "orange peel" is not less useful.

Water Treatments:

  • Douches, which activates blood circulation, promoting resorption of tubercles.Start with a comfortable temperature, gradually increase the amplitude of the differential.The first few times will be quite a few sets of 15 seconds alternation of cold and hot water, with each session increase the duration of the procedure, slowly bringing it up to 10 minutes.
  • bath to help rid the body of toxins, toxins and other "waste", and activates the metabolism, including the burning of fat.A good steam and birch broom can work wonders.
  • Cellulite bath, improve skin turgor.Especially good are the procedures when a contrast shower or massage, when the skin is warmed up, therefore, more susceptible to the effects of funds to fight the scourge.The optimum water temperature - 37 degrees, session duration - 15 minutes.

should pay attention!Professional cosmetologists say that the best basis for the formulation of anti-cellulite baths - a sea salt - a simple and low-cost means of guaranteeing the effective disposal of cellulite at home.Salt to its effectiveness is not inferior advertised, fashionable and expensive "brothers."How much salt to add to the therapeutic baths?Assume such a rule: each procedure - 1 kg of sea salt.In the form of additional components can add a couple of cups of milk or green tea, and a few drops of aromatic oil, preferring citrus varieties.

Healthy lifestyle - insurance against the occurrence of hillocks

You little move?The nature of your work sedentary?Evening and weekend adore to spend at home - on the couch watching TV with a box of chocolates in your hands?Is it any wonder that your body is "invaded" cellulite ?!Low physical activity slows the blood supply to the tissues, depriving them of oxygen supply.The sedentary nature of the work provokes the compression and deformation of the epidermis.As a result, the skin loses its elasticity, underneath the fat globules are formed, protruding above the surface, between the tubercles appear dents.Places on the body where there are such processes are covered by the ugly "orange peel".You see, the consequences of lying on the couch and unwillingness to practice sports ?!

no less harmful to the skin and harmful habits, such as smoking, alcohol craze.Such "fun" lead to saturation of tissues by free radicals - harmful to health and beauty substances that cause oxidation of the epidermis?What happens as a result of oxidation processes?Iron rusts, plant products rot, oil becomes bitter.Our body reacts to not less painful, but we often do not notice this.Quit smoking, "messing" liquor in a month you will notice that the skin becomes more elastic, will find a healthy complexion, improves tissue turgor.

should pay attention!Extra servings of coffee, as well as the poor quality of the product, also provoke "orange peel".2 cups of flavored coffee "elixir" in the day - the marginal rate for the lady that wants to look perfect.Prefer natural - ground coffee, avoiding drinks from a soluble mixture.

Your minimum of motor activity - half an hour a day.You do not have to torture yourself in the gym or wind circles around the park in the rain.Look for a compromise with his laziness.Get yourself active hobbies, sign up for dancing, meet friends on the basketball court, but not in the bar, play with the child in tennis or badminton, but not video games, visit the swimming pool, not lying with a book in the bathroom.Do what you like, then you will not even notice how time passes and disappears cellulite.In the end, even a half-hour walk in the evening city, instead of lying on the couch - a kind of "medicine" to combat the "orange peel".

Video set of exercises against cellulite

Cosmetology domestic procedures

What manipulations at home will help you quickly get rid of cellulite?They are today a great many.You only need to choose the most suitable for yourself procedure.What matters is that you are not lazy and did the full course.Just a couple of weeks, wraps or massages with special means to work their magic.
Options beauty treatments at home to get rid of cellulite:

  • Scrubbing

To prepare scrub suit the most simple products, are available in the kitchen of each of the women, for example, coffee, salt, flour or starch, and even ordinary oatmeal.On the cleaned and preferably steamed out skin, apply a selected composition and begin to massage the body, it is better with the help of natural sponges.How to make a mix for scraping?Salt is recommended to moisten the yogurt, coffee grounds, you are able to do, flour or starch should be placed in a bundle of gauze and massage the skin in this way.With regard to the oatmeal, it is recommended to boil for a few minutes before using.Duration scraping - a few minutes.Frequency - once every couple of weeks.At the end of the session beauticians advised to moisten the skin.By the way, after the procedure it is very useful to apply special anti-cellulite cream.Due to the fact that the pores are open, all the useful components have absorbed most deeply.

  • Wraps

course of such procedures is made up of 12 sessions with an interval of a couple of days.Problem areas should be clean, evenly applied to the skin selected mixture of the body wrap film, to hide and to lie down for half an hour.Then, clean the surface, apply the cream.As a basis for the wrap-proven excellent clay, diluted with water to the consistency of cream.Good and green tea, which is necessary to grind in a coffee grinder and brew boiling water on the cereal type.Laminaria - excellent tool to combat cellulite at home.Veteran beauties recommend buying rolls of seaweed, they are very convenient to use.Honey - another miracle product to guard the body beauty.His, by the way, can be added to all of the above mixture, or used separately.

  • Masks

not like to lie in cellophane, like a sausage?Make a mask, but only special - warm-up the skin and carve out all the excess tissue (toxins, toxins).As a basis for the mask fit the same coffee, honey, mustard, wax, pepper, essential oils.One of the most effective compounds - the usual red peppers, which require only a pinch, and olive oil (30 g).Optionally you can add a spoonful of honey.The mixture should be applied to the problem areas and to sustain quarter of an hour.If there is a burn, rinse before.The course consists of ten sessions with an interval of a day or two.Fantastic fights "orange peel" and mustard.A couple of tablespoons dry mustard dissolve a spoon of water, add honey, and then apply as a mask with pepper.

You agree that cellulite can be overcome, and at home?Good luck!