How to get rid of cellulite - a comprehensive approach to the fight against orange peel

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«orange peel" - the sentence or skin defect transitory?Spores are carried out so far.But it is interesting is not it, but the fact that many supporters of the version that cellulite - the constant companion of every woman, just do not want to work on themselves and, therefore, do not realize that this misfortune can be overcome.The second group - active seeking women always look perfect, knows how to get rid of cellulite, because it does not spare neither strength nor the time nor the means to fight the body in the name of beauty.About them and talk.

  • Orange peel: to identify and take the enemy on sight
  • story of a girl on the successful fight against cellulite
  • How to fight cellulite
  • Power - solve the problem from within
  • Cosmetology and massage - a weapon of externalexposure
  • Exercises - a pledge of elastic and beautiful skin

Orange peel: to identify and to take aim at the enemy

Have you noticed that many of the current beauties too picky about their appearance?Perfect look

these days - it's a difficult task, because the standards of beauty are improving all the time, therefore, that "yesterday" was considered the norm, "today" - an unforgivable mistake.However, it is not necessary in the pursuit of perfect forms go to extremes.As practice shows, some ladies are beginning to torment your skin unnecessarily, seeing on the surface of a few tiny bumps.Other same person, on the other hand, skipping the initial stages of cellulite, trigger the disease to an extreme degree, when it turns into a fight "military maneuvers".

In order to avoid such situations, you need to learn how to identify the "orange peel".How to do it?It's simple: go to the light, grab the skin thumb and forefinger and squeeze a little fold.Now consider carefully the surface.There are some changes, abnormalities, bumps or depressions?So you "occupied" cellulite.Meanwhile, it is important to not only detect the attack, but also to identify the depth of tissue damage.

So, 4 stages of cellulite:

  1. appearance of hillocks indicates the first stage of the "orange peel".Cosmetologists say that timely measures taken at this stage may be in the short term to remove the detected defects of the skin.
  2. fingers clearly feel for internal nodules under the skin?Swelling of the tissues is noticeable to the naked eye?Then you have the second stage of cellulite, but also to cope with it - no problem.
  3. «Orange peel" appears at the slightest pressure on the skin surface, and even at all without it?The sensitivity of the tissue is broken?Alas, you have been the third stage of adversity.
  4. skin looks terrible, even without compression?You see on the surface, bumps, and dings, and in some places the skin was hard as a rock?Often touching the body cause pain?We must sound the alarm, because such changes testify at - the fourth stage of the disease.

It's important to know!It argued that the "orange peel" occurs in obese women.It is not so: cellulite lean beauties - not less rare visitor, because Mother Nature has awarded each of the ladies a certain amount of fat, which is a kind of "insurance" in case of emergency.So it happened since ancient times, when a woman bears crumbs, wandering, sometimes not finishing, often at the same time educating other heirs.As they say, you can not argue with nature!

story of a girl on the successful fight against cellulite

How to fight cellulite

Power - solve the problem from within

You'd be surprised, but in ancient times women were eating much more correct than it is today.It would seem that these days such a vast range of products and an abundance of recipes for dishes.However, as rightly noticed nutritionists, such abundance in the diet is a plus and a minus in the maintenance of ideal forms.In the old products were natural, not harmful practiced methods for their treatment, holidays were not associated with an abundant feast, and women are not "seized" personal problems candy.Perhaps that is why the problem of cellulite before so sharply did not stand, but today you can watch the "orange peel" even the adolescent girls who like fast food, chips, cola and sneakers.

Doctors urge humanity in terms of the power to take their cue from their ancestors: to be moderate in food, with an emphasis on natural products, prepared the most useful way - in the water or on fire.Forget the meals out of boredom, or "for the company", fryers, semi-finished products, canned, alcohol and unhealthy sweets, and within a month can boast to her friends recipe as you get rid of cellulite with the help of a simple meal.

What foods nutritionists recommend to focus on?

  • lean meat / fish;
  • vegetables and herbs;
  • fruits (preferably fresh, but you can and dried fruits);
  • bread (black or bran);
  • legumes;
  • mineral grains (oatmeal, buckwheat, unpolished rice);
  • nuts;
  • seaweed;
  • dairy products with low fat content;
  • foods containing fiber.

As you can see, the power to deal with "orange peel" is diverse, so you do not have to starve.However, watch out for meals as a surplus even wholesome food leads to weight gain, as excess fat deposits under the skin make more visible bumps.

It's important to know!Correct drinking regime in the fight against cellulite is not as important as a healthy diet.Drink 2 liters of mineral beverages, among which water enters, herbal teas, juices, and your skin will regain its elasticity in a matter of weeks.

Cosmetology and massage - a weapon of external influence

What if the "orange peel" has spread throughout the body?Then a change of the power - only one of the constituent elements of the fight against cellulite.It is necessary to seek the help of professionals or by those trying to become.

Lady, have enviable budget, know how to get rid of cellulite quickly and easily.For this enough to apply to a certified beauty salon and entrust your body cosmetologist.And they will be called to the aid of all the advanced control technology with the hated tubercles.

So what salon treatment recommended to combat the "orange peel"?

  1. Anti-cellulite massage.Doctors say that the severe forms of the disease can be cured only by mechanical action.The more active will be the impact on the skin, the faster dissolve lumps.As they say professionals, "orange peel" simply need to "break."Types of anti-cellulite massage, there are many, in choosing better to trust the doctor.Meanwhile, be prepared for painful sensations.However, after a few sessions the pain recede.
  2. SPA-procedures.In each cabin there is a kaleidoscope of such programs.You can choose the procedure for their "taste" or else rely on the opinion of a cosmetologist.Well proven in the fight against the "orange peel" scrubs, peels, body wraps based on sea mud, seaweed, coffee, clay, mummy, chocolate, honey, sea salt, cinnamon.
  3. Mesotherapy and ozone therapy.These procedures are called "injections of beauty".Why?The fact is that as a result of subcutaneous injection containing oxygen or simple vitamin 'cocktail', fat nodules are split as if by magic, and, without pain, and "chemistry."
  4. Myostimulation.This procedure - the know-how in the world of cosmetology.To summarize skin electrodes which cause a reduction of deep muscles, so if you do exercise, but without any effort.
  5. Phonophoresis.In fact, this massage, but thanks to ultrasound deeper, allowing massage the subcutaneous layer, inaccessible to the hands of even the most skilled masseur.

should pay attention!There is no way or means to visit the beauty salon?Get yourself a beautician, the benefit in specialized stores there are plenty of ready-made tools to deal with "orange peel".Select the desired composition and use, adhering to the instructions.And even better "splurge" on a visit to a professional beautician, who will advise what preparations you had better use for home use.

Exercises - a pledge of elastic and beautiful skin

you yourself probably know that an active lifestyle - the best tool in the fight against deficiencies figures.Why?Physical activity contributes to the flow of oxygen into the tissues, which means that even if the hated bumps appear, then quickly dissolve.Total active pastime for half an hour a day, and within a month you will not know your skin, as well as shape.

So, how to get rid of cellulite on the arms, buttocks, legs and other parts of the body through exercise?You have 2 ways - either daily engaged in active sports such as jogging, swimming, aerobics, cycling, basketball and so on, or get complex for purposeful combat the "orange peel".

So what exercises help get rid of cellulite?

  1. «Wide» squats.The rack must be accomplished in 2 shoulder width.Feet should be placed in one line.Slowly, slowly begin to squat while breathing.On the exhale, lift the, but more slowly.
  2. Squat with your hands up.Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your knees at all times were parallel.Squat, raising his arms to the sides.
  3. pelvis rise.Take a chair.Get down on the floor, put his feet on the seat.Relax your back, hands, neck - they should not take part in the process.Doing breath, lift the pelvis.On the exhale, lower your body to the floor.
  4. Side leg raises.Stay on your side, lift the body slightly off the floor.Doing inhale, lift the leg until it stops, and on the exhale to descend, but not until the end - the end must balance in the air.
  5. Ups knees.Basic position - as the previous one.The knees bend, feet connect.Commit rises alternately on each side.
  6. leg lifts up the heel.Get on your knees, lower your elbows and hands on the floor.Pull the leg, dropping it on the fingers, and slowly lift up, as will, without bending.Legs should be alternated.

These 6 exercises experts recommend repeat 8 times for one approach, the number of approaches can be gradually increased to 3. During the execution of the complex keep your posture, breathing chest, and press the maximum strain.This will improve the effectiveness of exercise and enrich tissues with oxygen.

Now, you own all the "arsenal" to fight cellulite, and it means that your body will soon be flawless.