Cellulite in men : the difference between the female and why there

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Strange still ordered nature.Women all his life watching the beauty of the body, forced to fight cellulite.The men, most of whom own appearance like in any way, from such a shortage suffer much less.Yet cellulite in men there, and over the years it appears more and more as an increasing number of factors causing its occurrence.

  • What areas of the male body affected by cellulite
  • Cellulite and male belly
  • Because of what appears "orange peel" in men
  • How to deal with male cellulite

What areas of the male body affectedcellulite

Many women believe that men do not have cellulite, but for some reason - can not answer.In fact, lesions in males too are, but they are less visible.Nature has created a skin stronger sex 4 times thicker than women's and under it is not as noticeable bulging fat lumps.

However, the main areas where cellulite is concentrated men are different from women.Ladies disease spoils the thigh and buttocks area while the Cavaliers are taking the brunt of the abdomen a

nd waist.No wonder all the fat guys sure have a huge bulging belly, which is affectionately styled "labor of corns" or "beer belly".But it does not look loose and lumpy.Most often, it looks sort of dense lifeline roller zoster waist area.

Cellulite and male belly

Because of what appears "orange peel" in men

Before you select the main reasons because of which men's waist is covered with orange peel, I would like to emphasize that the stronger sex genetics to avoid thisdisease.They are in the body is the main hormone testosterone.That it blocks the appearance of fat cells due to protein synthesis.Because protein is created muscle tissue, which means that the connection has to squeeze up and become much thinner.

The woman's body was dominated by another hormone - estrogen.It stimulates the production of subcutaneous fat and increases the amount of fat depots, which in case of power shortage will become a major energy supplier.That is how nature has taken care of gestation healthy children, as many women start to gain weight during pregnancy or after childbirth.

If the man is healthy and lead an active life, testosterone helps him cope with the fat deposits.But once changed the taste habits, lose the desire to move, the amount of hormones is gradually reduced, and the male body begins to function like a female, that is,set aside in reserve fats in those places where the connective tissue more.

And now for the reason, because of which in men is cellulite.

  • first place - a weak physical activity

Unlike the ladies, which it is necessary to keep under control the power, strong enough to floor a couple of times a week to engage in the gym, and all the fat cells are burned.At the same time, you can have anything you want.

But, unfortunately, on the treadmill, or the bar men are rare today.Due to the heavy workload at work, they choose to relax sofa and TV.But work and many sit-down:. For computers, documents, etc. No wonder large companies interested in the health of employees, to provide them with compulsory subscriptions to the gym or pool, and the most active for this prize is awarded.But even with this support, one in ten men will pace yourself exercise.The rest of the men did not bother whether they have cellulite.

  • second place - the error in feeding

to a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet is added.Lovers of beer and fatty snacks are not persuaded that such a diet promotes the development of male cellulite.In addition, many office workers, do not keep home for lunch, prefer fast foods rather than salads and soup at a nearby cafe.This high calorie foods destroys testosterone and leads to obesity.

  • Third place - stress

Today, all are living in a state of stress, as the intensity of life has increased too.In pursuit of a career, success, money, male experiencing tremendous mental stress, and they, in turn, destroy the nervous system.As a result - a failure in the hormonal system and an increase in body weight.

  • Fourth place - slow metabolism

Dietitians assert in one voice that the population a little drink of clean water.Women have heeded the request of doctors, and try to drink 1.5-2 liters per day.Men that recommendation fell on deaf ears.Few monitors how much liquid it consumes per day.Therefore, blood circulates poorly food is digested more slowly and have time to settle on the abdominal fat dimples.

  • fifth place - the wrong wardrobe and posture

tight, hampering movement of clothing became a part of a fashionable image, and he was trying to follow many young people.But these things are occluded subcutaneous layers, without skipping to the blood with oxygen.This contributes to the rapid development of fat depots and cellulite.

The mite introduced and slouch.The stronger man stoops, the harder the internal organs do their work, because they are always in the wrong position.Hence - fault in metabolism, which leads to obesity.

How to fight cellulite male

Since many men treat cellulite completely indifferent, they do not try to get rid of it.But they, in contrast to the fairer sex, leave orange peel much easier.Suffice it to increase motor activity, do any sport, or at least to do exercises for the press - and cellulite on the sides and belly disappear.

creams and anti-cellulite massage - this is the lot of women.Do not waste time on them and finances, as they did not work on men's thick skin.Substances and masseur hands can not penetrate the surface layer of dead cells, so this way does not get to the connective tissue.

can accelerate the burning of fat cells a special substance - aminophylline.It is applied to the skin before exercise.When muscles in movement, lymph and blood circulate faster and aminophylline penetrates deep under the skin.There, in the fat depot he breaks loose cells.But doctors emphasize that the drug works best when a person is on the move.So it can not get away from physical activity.

No matter what a man thinks about cellulite, it should remember that such an aesthetic flaw signals failures in the body.If you do not take any steps that would follow obesity.