Anti-cellulite self-massage : the rules and techniques

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dream to have a shapely, toned figure, many women follow healthy lifestyle and participate in sports, but in spite of all the efforts, eventually notice on your skin "orange peel".Cellulite or lipodystrophy - a very common phenomenon that can occur in this thin persons, and a lady with a curvy shape.To get rid of it is to learn to do self-massage of cellulite, as we will describe in detail.

  • How is cellulite
  • What measures should be taken
  • How to learn to do anti-cellulite massage
  • Popular Appliances
  • plucked cellulite self-massage
  • Massage using grips
  • Honey pat
  • Anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen and flanks

How is cellulite

Doctors do not consider it a disease, and the defect appearance "orange crust" is recognized relatively recently.Literally lady had no idea in the 20th century, 70 years, you need to worry about tubercles and knobs under the skin.As long as the public does not see Vogue magazine, in which the owner of a beauty salon, Nicole Ronsard did not tell the

m that cellulite can and must be fought.

development of lipodystrophy usually begins in 20-25 years, and up to what stage it comes, can not predict even the experts.In total there are four stages of cellulite development.The first is slowed blood flow in capillaries, the result is a violation of the circulation and venous drainage in the lymphatic system.While cellulite is not visible to the eye, but its origin shows the appearance of a small swelling and bruises received even after a minor injury.At this stage you can start making your own anti-cellulite massage, which helps stop the development of lipodystrophy.

In the second step swelling progresses and changes under the skin starts due to accumulation of toxins and lack of oxygen.In this step, "orange peel" can be seen only when the fold of skin is clamped.Additionally, you can notice the decrease in the elasticity of the epidermis and its pallor.

The third stage is called micronodular when fat cells are collected into a kind of clusters, and adipose tissue walls stiffen and become like scars.Externally you can see the "orange peel", and at a palpation is easy to detect nodules of small and medium size.Visually manifested capillary stars, with deep pressure often the pain is felt.

In the fourth stage there is stagnation of lymph, but because of the lack of oxygen are formed even more obvious and large scars.In view of the skin is an unpleasant sight beneath knobby bumps are clearly visible.At the touch of the same on the affected area can feel the difference in temperature from the rest of the body.At this point, need medical attention.Fortunately, before the fourth stage it comes rarely.

What measures should be taken

start taking care of their health and appearance of the need with a robust assessment of skin condition.If you suspect that the body begin to develop processes that will eventually lead to the appearance of "orange peel", it is better to act.It means more to move to establish a healthy diet and sleep, less nervous and forget about bad habits.

If cellulite becomes pronounced form, then it is time to act more decisively.Do not hurt the medical examination: advised to consult a dermatologist and endocrinologist.Perhaps the development of lipodystrophy associated with a disorder of the hormonal system, and you need medical intervention.

recommend to do a parallel, applying methods to combat cellulite, that demonstrate good results in practice.True, I have to admit that from the "orange peel" it is impossible to get rid once and for all: really only make it not so noticeable.For this we need:

  • lose weight;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • activate the metabolic processes;
  • strengthen the muscle tissue;
  • improve skin tone.

You can go to a beauty salon where using body wraps, massages and other procedures specialists significantly improve skin condition.But a visit to the beautician not a cheap pleasure.Therefore, many women prefer to make yourself at home cellulite massage.Moreover, the effect of "orange peel" will return over time, if the beauty treatments courses not to repeat again and again.

How to learn to do anti-cellulite massage

If you decide to learn how to do self-massage of cellulite, then you need to tune in to the hard work.One or two procedures do not give any effect - to achieve impressive results, it is necessary to take a course of 10-12 procedures, make a break for 3-4 days and then repeat the series.

emphasis on the fact that the massage should start on an empty stomach.In this case, it will be possible to work the muscles more deeply.Warned that in the first times unaccustomed treated area may get sick, it is possible bruising.But this only confirms the effectiveness of the procedure.

begins work on cellulite skin warming.You can use a special bristle brush or massage glove, which makes rubbing clockwise until the skin does not redden.Usually at this stage should be about five minutes.Zealous not worth it, as there is risk of damage to the epidermis.If the area on which to be massaged, found the wound or other injury, then it can not be rubbed.

After warming up you can begin to massage.For it will need a special oil or cream, but an ordinary suit and talc.

Popular Appliances

There are some basic techniques of the procedure.To make itself anti-cellulite massage, you can choose one of them.Experts recommend to strictly adhere to proven techniques - then the effect of the massage will be maximized.

House can use the following types of self-massage:

  • plucked;
  • using grippers;
  • honey;
  • stretcher;
  • jar.

We will tell more about the simplest of them, which you can easily learn on their own.

plucked cellulite self-massage

start work on cellulite, performing strokes, moving up from the knee.First movement quite light, then become more intense.After gripping fingers "cushion" of the skin and subcutaneous fat at the very start of his knee and move up.We perform this procedure on the outside and the inside, front and back of the thigh.

Now we can grasp with both hands the problem area and start it "knead" like yeast dough.Another exercise - take on a palm a little oil or cream and starts to rub into the skin at different angles as if moving through the body iron is.

Hold your hands into fists and begin to handle the body with his knuckles.The move should be up on the thigh from the knee.From different sides of the legs, with each of them repeat the movement three or four times.

efficiency is vigorous slaps on the skin.They can be rotated with gentle strokes.As a result, the skin should redden and absorb the cream.

Massage using grips

This method of influence is more profound, and therefore more effective.He invented a female physical therapist who claims that the technique helps to strengthen blood vessels and connective tissue.It is important to bear in mind that the cream on the body does not need to apply for this technique - hands on it will just slide.

first squeeze hands into fists and knuckles "will pass" for the skin from top to bottom and vice versa in such areas as the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.Make exercise as long as the skin is not red.

Now we add in a pinch of your fingers and move them in a circle on the problem areas.The pressure should be light and flavorful.

For the next exercise you need to capture the skin between the fingers and start smoothing the upward movement.We do not fall in love with tweaks that do not appear bruised.

Now the sum of the thumb and forefinger of both triangle, applying it with the power to problem areas and move up.At the end of the soft carry out smoothing movements, pushing the fingers apart.

Honey pat

Finally tell you about another technology, for which you will need a little bit of honey.Running honey massage is quite simple: having put honey in the palm, they do pat.Hands thus glued, and when they are torn from the body, there is a vacuum effect.

Very often during the honey massage the pores begins to stand out the white stuff, like foam.This means that running the withdrawal of toxins from the body.The procedure is performed about half an hour, alternating strokes and claps.Finish the massage with warm shower.Looking after yourself, your favorite, you can reduce the unpleasant appearance of cellulite to a minimum.

Anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen and flanks