How to remove cellulite : look for the most efficient way

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Even ideal female figure can ruin insidious cellulite.He will see and lush ladies, and thin women.Symmetry is not protected from changes in the structure of the subcutaneous adipose tissue.Trouble This often overtakes women with age, but often annoying and very young.So, noticing on his body the first signs of incipient cosmetic problem, it is better to think about how to remove cellulite.To seize the moment when the fight against it is not complicated.And do not give the ugly "orange peel" go to an advanced stage.

  • Causes skin structure changes
  • How dangerous cellulite
  • How to win lipodystrophy
  • Anti-cellulite diet
  • What exercises will help remove cellulite
  • integrated approach to solving the problem
  • training against cellulite

Causes skin structure changes

Changing the structure of subcutaneous fat caused by a complex of reasons.These include:

  • a lack of physical activity daily;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • hormonal disruptions;
  • environmental factors;
  • stress;
  • constipation;
  • heredity;
  • smoking, alcohol abuse and other addictions.

How dangerous cellulite

Because of a wrong way of life are growing fat tissue.Insufficient removal of toxins from the body leads to inflammation and accumulation of fluid in the intercellular space of subcutaneous structures.Lipid cells are combined to form "islands" that looks and feels seemingly sealed tubercles.These formations impede blood and lymph flow in the tissue, contribute to the accumulation of calcium in it.Therefore, possible even soreness in affected areas due to compression of the nerve endings.

If cosmetology trouble, which many consider to cellulite, do not pay attention, it may result in a full-fledged disease.After the fourth stage of development of lipodystrophy is just a disease.And it may even contribute to the development of necrotic processes in the affected tissues.

Bring to this is not necessary.Better to find out in advance what exercises to do to remove cellulite, how to eat it and take care of your body.Knowing the propensity of the appearance of a problem, take care of its prevention have throughout life.But in order to be healthy and beautiful, you can go to great lengths.

Pregnancy for many women becomes a stimulant of cellulite.Indeed, in this state, hormonal changes (increases estrogen and progesterone, and so on. D.).Perhaps the accumulation of fluid in the body, increase in body fat and changes in their structure.

After the birth of the baby fat will gradually go away.Especially in breastfeeding mothers.Nature itself defines a woman, how to remove cellulite after childbirth.Speed ​​up the process of losing weight can not only proper diet but also physically demanding massages, masks and wraps affected areas of the body.Although not all the supporting anti-cellulite treatments and sessions can be used during breastfeeding.

How to win lipodystrophy

Well, if we can identify the problem at an early stage, when it has evidence subtle changes.In this case, specialists, nutritionists tell us how you can remove cellulite.

Anti-cellulite diet

usually excluded from the menu dishes are sweet, salty, fatty and spicy.By the intake of salt should be treated very carefully, because it retains fluid in the body.Carbonated beverages and alcohol fall under the ban.Drinking black tea and coffee significantly limited.The basis of the diet is taken meal, steamed, boiled or baked (low-fat varieties of fish, meat, poultry, whole grain cereals).Nor do the restrictions on fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.Drinking water is recommended without gas, green or herbal tea.

You can find more detailed instructions on how to eat to remove cellulite.It is advisable to eat certain foods that are useful for weight loss and improve skin structure.For example, add natural yoghurt menu, pineapple, kiwi, berries, celery, bananas and grapes (the last couple of fairly high in calories, so that without fanaticism).

But on diets for quick weight loss, starvation or unloading days when cellulite changes is better to forget.All this leads to sharp fluctuations in weight and only exacerbates the negative state of the adipose tissue and skin.

What exercises will help remove cellulite

Lack of exercise also stimulates the development of stagnation in the adipose tissue.Many people wonder whether it is possible to exercise to remove cellulite, so it does not change the food and do not waste time on massages, wraps and similar procedures.Experts say that without an integrated approach is indispensable.Sport useful and necessary to defeat the problem.However, classes will contribute to the development of muscle tissue and a general improvement in tone.But to break the fat lumps and normalize fluid circulation in the tissues with them will not work.

however, necessarily have to perform certain exercises to remove cellulite in different parts of the body.It is necessary to take them into service and used regularly for problem areas.Most often "orange peel" appears on the buttocks and thighs.But, stomach, arm, neck, back of the neck may also undergo structural changes in subcutaneous tissue.In each case, it is intended to counteract this specific exercise.

example, ways to remove cellulite on the arms or on your knees will be different.In the first case, the recommended exercises with dumbbells, push-ups (from the floor, benches, walls), work on strength training equipment, swimming.The second - an exercise bike, jogging, and full poluprisedaniya.Houses can be done is an effective exercise of the knees hanging over Zhirkov.Kneeling, not sitting down to his feet and buttocks keeping your back flat, slowly declining back housing.This will give a good workout for all muscles of the front of the thighs.For a start it is recommended to do 2 sets of 10 repetitions.

If you visit a sports club, tell your instructor about the problem.The specialist will not only tell whether you can remove cellulite in the gym, but also help to choose the optimal load and exercise.

By the way, it is believed that the cellulite on the thighs and the buttocks help to get rid of the usual jumping on the spot, with or without a rope.Performs bouncing on relaxing the muscles.At first, 300 times just to note down, and then another 50 - with legs in the air dilution and mixing before landing.

If interested, how to run, to remove cellulite, it is possible to find the whole review on this subject.The basic recommendations are to alternate quick sprint sustained - for years.And the implementation of jogging at least 3 times a week, preferably daily.Preferably, in the period from 16.00 to 18.00.Although, it is necessary to take into account the dissenting opinion of some experts about the sport.They argue that run over long distances provoke proliferation of adipose tissue, depleting muscle and reborn.

integrated approach to solving the problem

noting on his skin "orange effect", it is important to not just get rid of cellulite by 100%.We must accustom ourselves to a proper diet, regular moderate sports, conduct self-massage and other skin care products.These healthy habits will prevent the recurrence of the disease in the future.To maintain the beauty and health, as well as freedom from lipodystrophy, have to change a few lives.

Asked whether it is possible to remove cellulite massage, ambiguous answer.Some only manual manipulation or hardware will not solve the problem completely.Although improvement of the skin and subcutaneous tissue procedures after an appropriate amount should appear.But if you start an intensive attack on the problem by going to the complex case, you can restore the correct lymphatic drainage and blood circulation in the subcutaneous fat tissue.It will take time, and in the home to remove cellulite will not work for 3 days.But, for a month or more, you can improve the look and condition of the skin and actually solve the problem in the early stages.For advanced cases treatment appointed the doctor, and can even include surgery to liposuction.

So, the most effective way of getting rid of cellulite is enclosed in a continuous and systematic work on oneself.Find out the reason problems (endocrine problems, overeating, lack of exercise), will have to reconsider their life mode.Someone is difficult to reconstruct the power.Others believe that it is not designed for the sport.Third sorry for the time and effort to carry out caring procedures.To defeat cellulite all "I do not want to" have to forget.And after a while the reward for these efforts would be beautiful, slim, toned body and smooth.

training against cellulite