Anti-cellulite massage at home - a solution to the problem of "orange peel "

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desire to have a slender figure with elastic taut skin's natural for any woman.That is why the fight against the first signs of cellulite, which are manifested in the form of "orange peel", ladies are ready to use any means available.Massage - one of the most effective and yet affordable ways to treat this disease.Learning how to make anti-cellulite massage at home, you can permanently get rid of the scourge.

  • Anti-cellulite massage at home - an effective way to
  • figure correction Secrets of cosmetic procedures
  • General rules massage
  • Contraindications to the procedure
  • Five basic techniques
  • cellulite cupping self-massage
  • How to increase the effectiveness of massage
  • use with massage brush
  • Applying honey and coffee

Anti-cellulite massage at home - an effective way of correction

fat deposits unevenly distributed under the skin that outwardly manifested in the form of "pits" and "tubercles"deliver a lot of trouble to its owner.

In addition aesthetic lack of these changes

the structure of tissues and have a negative impact on the body's health, impairing microcirculation and disrupting lymphatic drainage.Successfully cope with the problem helps the anti-cellulite massage.

main task to be solved by anti-cellulite massage at home - warming up muscles and stimulate blood microcirculation in the diseased areas of skin.This subcutaneous fat is supplied with oxygen and improves metabolism between cells.As a result, cells receive the necessary nutrition and updated extensively.

Massage movements allow to warm up the muscles around the cellulite formations and to destroy excess fat.They also stimulate the lymphatic circulation, which is due to the peculiarities of human physiology is flowing through the vessels very slowly.

by stimulating lymph flow, the body is released from the accumulated toxins and hateful "dimples" and "bumps" naturally disappear.

But since fat "lumps" may eventually come back to its original location, the procedure must be repeated from time to time.

Secrets of cosmetic procedures

One of the conditions of effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage is a professional approach to solving problems.Master the art of massage identifies a number of key recommendations, how to do anti-cellulite massage.

General rules massage

  • Before the massage must be clean and dry the skin surface, thereby avoiding strains in the course of the session.It is also necessary to maximize warm and relax the muscles of the treated area.
  • beauty treatments can only be carried out by warm and dry hands.For smooth sliding resolved to use special cream or oil-based citrus.
  • Massage movements should be pleasant body, does not deliver the pain and discomforts.During the massage area is gradually shifting from the bottom up, which corresponds to the current movement of lymph.Movement to perform slowly, gradually speeding up the pace.By treating the inner thighs and stomach to reduce the intensity of the movements is necessary.
  • procedure, the duration of which can range from 30 to 60 minutes, preferably carried out immediately before bedtime or after waking up.
  • must be performed at least to secure the anti-cellulite massage effect than 1 time per week.

Getting rid of fat cells products for therapeutic massages, body especially in dire need of additional liquid.So during this period should not drink every day 1.5-2 liters of clean water.


procedure is not recommended for anti-cellulite massage for varicose veins, purulent or fungal infections and skin diseases such:

  • heart defects;
  • neuroses;
  • vascular sclerosis;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Among contraindication for cosmetic procedures can also include the chest and the elderly (over 75 years) age, the second half of pregnancy, psychiatric disorders, and conditions after heavy physical exertion.

Five basic techniques

most effective movements in the fight against cellulite appear:

Stroking - easy gliding and soft movements on the surface of the skin with fingertips improve blood circulation in the capillaries.This technique is used to heat up the skin at the beginning of a session or as a finishing touch procedure.

Rubbing - pressure on the skin brush with widely spaced fingers.Smooth displacement is carried out by sliding your fingers over the skin without displacement of tissues.Rubbing promotes muscle tone, straightening and reduce subcutaneous fat.It is performed in a circular motion from bottom to top.

Pushing - pulling and releasing the skin and soft tissue workout.Reception helps soften the outer cover and raise the tone of tissues, thereby achieving anti-cellulite effect.

pat - varying intensity rapping since barely perceptible movements and finishing strong slaps.They perform like the fingers and palms, and clamped jaws.

Capture - receiving a deep impact on the fabric.It is based on short-term skin gripping and releasing it sharply.Admission is widely used for massage of legs and arms.

effective techniques to combat fatty deposits

addition to manual anti-cellulite massage with the use of medicinal ointments and creams are not less popular procedure, taking advantage of special brushes or Vibro, and using honey and scrub.

cellulite self-massage cupping

How to improve the effectiveness of massage

use with massage brush

Perhaps one of the easiest ways in which to return the skin to its former smoothness and elasticity, is anti-cellulite massage with brushes.Massage brush have many variants.Yet the most popular products with a long handle, with the help of which it is convenient to reach all parts of the body.Buy brushes can be in specialized stores or in the pharmacy.For a start is better to stop the choice on the product with a soft, natural bristles, and as the body gradually getting used to go to the semi-rigid and rigid brush.

excellent alternative to a brush can be a massager with plastic or wooden "fingers" - teeth in the thickness of 5-6 mm.

Massage movements using a brush is performed only on clean, dry skin, which has no irritation, scratches and abrasions.The procedure is best done immediately after a bath.Begin with a foot treatment and fingers, gradually moving brush above.

Direct movement should now and then alternated with a circular.The duration of treatment should not exceed 5-10 minutes for each treatment area.The main thing - not the duration of the procedure, and the regularity of its implementation.After the procedure, there is a slight tingling sensation in the muscles and a slight reddening of the skin.

Applying honey and coffee

Honey - one of the best tools in the fight against cellulite.After all, it is similar in composition to human blood plasma.By saturating the tissues of the body during the massage of biologically active substances, honey, it speeds up the metabolism.In addition, it improves blood circulation, cleanse pores and improve muscle tone.

only natural liquid honey without grains, the structure of which does not harm the integrity of the skin can be used for the procedure.

for one session is sufficient only a couple of teaspoons of honey that is mixed with 5-6 drops of essential oil.Honey is applied to problem areas with a thin layer, performing a first light pat, and then more intense spanking.With the right performance on the palms instead of golden honey should form a white mass - slag.At the end of the session should take a shower and put on the skin cellulite remedy.

duration of the procedure does not exceed 10 minutes.For maximum effect it is recommended to carry out a course of 15 sessions, maintaining the daily interval between treatments.

It should be noted that in addition to the main contraindication for the procedure is added and is allergic to honey and bee products.Therefore, before a session is necessary to conduct allergy tests: Apply honey on the surface of the inner elbow and wait 30-40 minutes.If rash or redness is not - can be safely carried out massages.

successfully eliminate external signs of cellulite and helps massage with coffee scrub.

procedures used for coffee coffee coarse, which alter with shower gel.Poured into his palm a little scrub in a circular motion gently massage the problem areas until until there is a slight burning sensation and redness.Upon completion of the procedure body wash with warm water and gently blotted with a towel.

select the appropriate methodology for themselves and adhering to the recommendations of experts, anyone can make cellulite massage at home, without harming their health.