Cellulite on thighs : how to win his massage

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The dream of most women, regardless of age, preferences and lifestyle - to tighten and smooth skin.The worsening figures in a particular field can not disturb, do not cause discomfort.One of the most common problems is the cellulite on the thighs.And almost every woman sooner or later becomes obsessed with the desire to change themselves, because it can not abandon the beautiful clothes, the beach and the sun.

  • Good motivation - a pledge
  • success As appears
  • diseases with which to fight
  • Change nutrition
  • More move
  • Strengthen psychological aspect
  • From what habits to get rid
  • Foot Crossing
  • Wearing shoes with high heels
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  • cellulite self-massage
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  • Honey procedures
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  • procedure for self-massage the thighs of cellulite

Good motivation -pledge

success can you cope with the problem and how to beat cellulite?Let's try to figure it out.

First of all, it should be understood that any portion of the thigh, the affe

cted orange peel - it is a clear signal occurred in the body of unwanted changes.Therefore, in the near future it is necessary to take enough effective measures in order to avoid serious trouble.The problem will disappear forever only if a strong urge to become slim and desire to radically change for the better will be formulated.It is also important to remember that every woman can be the owner of that figure, what she wants.

As disease appears

reasons for the formation of skin irregularities quite a lot.Dimples on the buttocks, on the outside and on the inside of the thigh can be clearly viewed and skinny girls.Lack of developing not only because of excess weight.As a rule - it is the consequences of long-term imbalances in the body that is caused by a wrong way of life.

By "orange peel" often result in snacking on the go, insufficient chewing of food, irregular food preferences, eating before going to bed, smoking, excessive sweets, coffee, alcohol and even stress.All this eventually leads to failure, and thus, there are health problems appearance.And then each woman begins to think about how to deal with cellulite on the thighs.Where to begin?

First of all, we should change the attitude to yourself, your body and health in general.It is necessary to start to work on your body.And only when the path of struggle will be passed to the end, it will be possible to achieve the desired long-term results.

Where to start fighting food


Wrong selection of products in the end results in a deficiency of important and valuable for the components of the body.Dead food that is rich in fat, salt, sugar and chemicals from the diet, replacing fruits and vegetables.But these products need to be at the core of the normal and healthy diet.

With regard to the liquid, the only thing the body needs - water.Therefore, carbonated soft drinks, juice concentrates of coffee to different forms have absolutely nothing to do.

What is most interesting is the fact that the cellulite on the back of the thigh can be triggered not only the wrong food, but also with the way food is absorbed.Swallowed in the course of the products in the end lead to problems with digestion and a chair.Hence - the consumption of laxatives, which only exacerbate the problem and provoke failure of all systems and organs.

not bring much benefit also special teas, powders, mixtures and tabletki.A consequences of such "treatment" sometimes you have to decide for months.Defeating cellulite at home is possible only by changing the wrong diet.More


daily reality of most women is sitting up in the morning until the evening.And it is not always caused by the work.Most of all - it is their way of life.When there is free time, preference is given to the passive pastime, but not active movement.

quite a long stay in a sitting position impedes circulation, inhibits the functioning of the lymphatic system, resulting in stagnation in the intestines and other problems.

Strengthen psychological aspect

devastating effects on the body have the experience, any disturbances and stressful situations.Emotional Shake reduces energy violates the metabolic processes, knocks digestion, leading to insomnia.Fighting cellulite on the thighs should be sure to include the restoration of a normal emotional state.

From what habits to get rid

Crossing legs

favorite, but a very bad habit of many is the position of the crossed legs.Long by displacement veins, lymph nodes leads to disruption of blood circulation in the area of ​​the thighs and lower legs, which means that cellulite has all the chances of life.

Wearing shoes with high heels

What woman would feel like a goddess without elegant high heels?Elegant and beautiful shoes is one of the most important elements of the wardrobe.However, if the shoes are uncomfortable and crowded, but still are on the feet for a long time, they clearly result in consequence of a noticeable deformity, a calf, a change in posture, and poor circulation in the legs and, unfortunately, cellulite.That is why it is important to choose for themselves a very comfortable shoes, preferably made from natural, environmentally friendly materials, with good recovery and sustainable heel.

What accustom themselves


In order to get rid of the hated cellulite on the front and back of the thigh, it is important to accustom themselves to regular physical activity.Training is great support blood circulation, tone muscles, burn extra.But here it is important to correct accents as excessive load on leg veins can worsen the condition.Therefore it is better for a while to join the gym and get competent advice and tips that will help in the future to maintain their own body in the right proportions and shapes.

excellent solution to combat visible dimples in the buttocks and thighs - brisk walking, yoga, swimming and jogging.Activities can be diversified by means of exercises with a hoop and a rope (to achieve a good effect is possible if the load all the time will increase).

cellulite self-massage

In order to properly implement the anti-cellulite massage of thighs and buttocks, you should stock up on oil and special tools that will accelerate the burning of fat, and restore skin elasticity.

Classical technique

initial stage - stroking.Then - rubbing, kneading and ultimately - pat.

important that movement begins with the abdomen and gradually move on to the hips, knees and shins.Duration rhythmic effects - 20-30 minutes.special cosmetic product can be used in the work with the body.This may be, for example, concentrate with anti-cellulite effect to the thighs and buttocks.

Cabin vacuum massage

This is quite an effective way to influence cellulite - hamstring perfectly restored and eventually come to the desired shape, and on the mounds and valleys is not a trace remains.

in a preheated body stroking movements applied to oil and condensed set bank.Hand pressure on the bank's usual problem areas in a clockwise direction or zigzag.The duration of the massage should not exceed 20 minutes.Forbidden skin zones considered to be the area of ​​the spine, groin and thigh area, the inner side of the thigh.

Movement may not be quite pleasant and even painful.However, only 15 procedures result in skin tone, tighten it, improve the overall appearance.

Honey procedures

excellent results can be achieved with the help of honey.Technique of anti-cellulite massage thighs simple.On the hand, apply honey and applied to the problem area on the skin.After that hand off sharply.This procedure must be repeated every other day about 10-12 times.As a result, the skin becomes velvety and cellulite loses its sharp contours.

Dry rubbing

With the "orange peel" helps fight intense rubbing.

Before you take a shower, you need to take a dry loofah or brush and carefully rub the problem areas.It is important to achieve a persistent redness of the skin.As a result - the blood to flow rapidly to the problem areas, which means that the fat cells will melt.

destroy unwanted fat under the skin as possible and with the help of ultrasound or myostimulation (connected to skin electrodes that send a special signal to the muscles, after which they are reduced).

If we are serious approach to the problem, it is desirable to also stock up and anti-cellulite shoes, special clothing items.

self-massage procedure thigh cellulite

An integrated approach, serious and purposeful attitude will make it possible to change yourself, change appearance and always be on top.