Massage brush on cellulite : the rules for choosing and using

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Your skin looks loose and sagging, and you want to make it smooth and flat.Then you need a massage brush on cellulite.Just be warned that work on problem areas will require time and effort.But if you want to improve your own self-esteem, it is worth some work to do!

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  • How to choose the right tool
  • Rules grinding brush
  • Dry brush massage cellulite

benefits of massage brush

Massage of any kind is considered a very usefulfor the body.Using the brush in this case is not an exception and gives a positive result, namely:

  • this procedure stimulates the circulation of the subcutaneous fluid that removes excess fat;
  • activation of metabolic processes leads to improved skin tone and its tightening;
  • from the body cleans that enhances immunity;
  • disappear symptoms of skin aging.

In addition, the brush massage cellulite not only eliminates these problems, but also contributes to the overall improvement of the body.In what it is expressed?In the process of massaging i

t improves blood circulation and lymph drainage, as well as strengthening the blood vessels.It has long been known that a rubbing helps to relieve muscular fatigue and calm the nervous system.

Massage brush on cellulite has a double effect.As mentioned earlier, it stimulates the blood circulation.Additionally, touching the body, a plurality of bristles annoying point needles, which are located on the skin surface.As a result, the nerve endings are activated and transmit impulses to all the internal organs, thereby improving their work.

How to choose the right tool

Since each person has a tactile perception, you need to know how to choose the right brush.

  • When you select should be guided by their personal feelings.While touching the body action of the bristles should be noticeable, but it does not cause irritation.
  • It must be made of natural materials and have a rounded shape with no sharp edges.

important to remember that anti-cellulite massage brush can not be wet, just dry.Only during the dry massage can achieve the desired effect.It enhances skin tone and improve well-being.Touching the body dry brush has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system.It activates the process of withdrawal of excess fluid and toxins from the tissues, and in fact they are more likely contribute to the formation of cellulite.

Note!Dry should not only be a brush, but also skin.

Rules grinding brush

basic rule is that the massage should be done from the bottom up toward the heart.

  • Rubbing start from the feet to the knees.
  • During massaging the thighs and buttocks movements should be circular with light pressure.
  • Belly Rubbing produce the same circular motion, but with less pressure.
  • A back massage without pressure long reaching from the waist movements.
  • The same happens with long movements and rubbing hands.Brush massage cellulite moves from the wrist to the elbow, and from there - to the shoulders.

Since this massage has a tonic effect, it is better to do in the morning rather than the evening.The result will be noticeable if the practice regularly, but at least 3 times a week.

Contraindications for grinding brush are skin inflammation, various rashes and open sores, because the infection can get into the procedure to them.Regarding

massage duration, it may not be less than 20 minutes.It is the time necessary to activate the connective and muscular tissue, otherwise it just will not make sense.

Important! During the procedure, there should not be any discomfort.On the contrary, it should relax and relieve stress.The cause of discomfort can be a brush with stiff bristles with barbed or.Or perhaps it is pressed too tightly to the body.

Dry brush massage cellulite

you have already realized that the brush massage cellulite - it is a simple and inexpensive way to deal with external skin problems and obesity.At the same time, such a procedure is not only useful, but also pleasant.You can see for yourself!Good luck!