Mask of wrinkles around the eyes - how get rid of crow's feet at home

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People tend to focus on the essentials, which is why the little things risk being worked through to the end.So with the cosmetic procedures.We put gel, mask, cream - strictly according to instructions, diligently and in a timely manner, but sometimes forget about the area around the eyes.And if not her "crippling" by treating the same means as the face.And it is this area of ​​our treacherous issue age.And sometimes the folds or wrinkles around the eyes, all indicate premature aging.Take care of this area with no less diligence, making a special mask of wrinkles around the eyes, otherwise you will sooner or later have to "meet" with a surgical scalpel.

  • Video tips from an exper
    t: how to fight wrinkles
  • Causes of wrinkles around the eyes
  • Top 5 recipes of traditional procedures
  • Parsley - weapon number 1 in a fight withwrinkles
  • potatoes - good not only on the plate
  • Strawberry - vitamin bomb
  • Bread - a head
  • avocado - skin loves overseas delicacies

Video tips from an expert: how to fight wrinkles

Causesthe formation of wrinkles around the eyes

Before you start to make a mask of wrinkles under the eyes, it is necessary to understand why they appear and use this knowledge to anticipate the emergence of the hated wrinkles.As they say the doctor: The best treatment - prevention.

Of course, we all think that the skin is starting to look worse because of age.Since this is difficult to argue, but you might be surprised with the fact that wrinkles are even in children.Imagine if a child does not see it all the time squinting, this leads to the appearance of wrinkles.The same problems can occur and the crumbs are often active under the sun.So, as you can see, the mask for the eyes from wrinkles may be relevant for people of all ages.But back to the traditional reasons, the appearance of "crow's feet".

memorable and discard the bad habits of life, of course, if you want to stay young and beautiful:

  1. Malnutrition.An abundance of fat or sugar foods, fried foods, fast food and other harmful "goodies" - all this leads to the fact that people there are swelling, so-called "bags" under the eyes."And where does the wrinkles?" - Naturally you are curious.It's simple: such deformations tissue provoke sagging skin, it is stretched and "fruit" on yourself wrinkles.
  2. excessive or inadequate intake of beverages.It is said that drinking lots of water is useful.Yes it is, but it is not necessary to exceed the rate of 8 glasses per day.Since excess fluid begins to dwell in the tissue, and as in the first case, the swelling will be.Especially harmful to drink before going to bed, because all the processes in the body slows down at night, and he simply did not have time to withdraw excess moisture.No less harmful and starve the body "drought", the skin immediately reacts to such "jokes" - it becomes dry and aging.
  3. Lack of sleep.The current pace of life does not always take into account the needs of the body.Dream of some busy people today brief and intermittent, but it is also detrimental effect on the skin, causing the appearance of "bags" under the eyes and fine wrinkles grid, which gradually degenerate into deep wrinkles.
  4. Passion sun.Summer is undoubtedly a great time, but to enjoy this grace be with the mind, and as the sea - in a warmer climate, and in the city.Be sure to wear glasses, they will save you from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation, which causes the accelerated appearance of free radicals - those responsible for the formation of wrinkles.
  5. Stress."Crow's feet" from the nerves?Imagine, because then you start to frown, frown, and sometimes cry, which also distorts the delicate skin around the eyes.

Top 5 recipes of traditional procedures

If you still did not protect his face from the harmful effects, it's time to learn to make a mask around the eyes Wrinkle recipes are based on traditional knowledge, beauties transmitted to future generations.

Parsley - number 1 weapon in the battle against wrinkles

say that the mask around the eyes with parsley "kill" some wrinkles effectively finished formulations sold in bright sklyanochkah for solid money.Check it out!

So, chop parsley root, approximately, to get a spoonful of gruel, add twice as much fresh sour cream.Stir the mixture and rejuvenating for 15 minutes put under the eyes.Remains cosmetologists recommend to wash with cool water.This procedure not only save you from the "crow's feet", but also removes puffiness and removes the bruises and dark spots.

Potatoes - not only good on the plate

flagship of the traditional family menu - potato also capable of miracles, the main thing - to spoil them, not only the stomach but also the skin.

Memorize recipe.Purified potato need to grate or chop in a food processor, add a little heavy cream most, watching to paste does not become excessively liquid.Next, follow the recommendations of the preceding recipe.

Strawberry - vitamin bomb

Beauticians are advised to make a mask of wrinkles around the eyes in the summer - when the strawberries growing in the wild and sold hardworking grandmothers in the market.Of course, you can pamper your face such procedures and in the winter, but who knows in what conditions grew bought in the supermarket berry and what it "pricked", agree?

So, a couple of strawberries need to mash with a fork, add a spoonful of honey.Mix and place the part on the gauze, then make two cushions and put them on 15 minutes with his eyes.Rinse with water should not be better to use cotton pad soaked in milk.

Bread - a head

Imagine, no wrinkle is not able to resist the usual bread, the main thing - to do the procedure with crumb regularly and correctly.So, you take a piece of bread, cut peel and dip in olive oil, then crumb divide into two parts, and 25 minutes is superimposed on the delicate area around the eyes.After time, remove the bread, rub the treated area with cotton disks soaked in green tea.

avocado - skin loves overseas delicacies

make a salad or a paste of avocado?Do not forget about your face, cook out of this "yummy" mask eye wrinkles.Moreover, to do something special and do not need anything.A piece of flesh Prilep directly to the "crow's feet" and lie down for 20 minutes.If you want to strengthen the effect of the procedure, you can add a few drops of almond or olive oil.Then the skin is not only smoothed, but also get a good feeding.

regular mask of wrinkles around the eyes will save you from visiting a plastic surgeon's office.


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