Face mask of avocado : effective recipes for all skin types

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Exotic avocado fruit, which has a sophisticated flavor, oily structure and faint nutty flavor, is very popular among gourmets.In cooking, it is used as an ingredient for appetizers, pastas and salads.But in addition to taste, he is considered one of the most useful products, leading a list of diet of natural beauty.Avocado, consisting of a third unsaturated fat, has a healing effect on skin.Therefore, the face mask of avocado is able to quickly and permanently restore the elasticity of the skin, restoring lost her radiance and natural beauty.

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fruit fat for beauty

health The composition of tropical fruit include: vitamins B, D, C, F, P and potassium minerals, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus,and iron.He is the leader among the vegetables on the content of po

werful antioxidants - vitamin E, which protects the skin from harmful radicals.

unsaturated fatty acid forming the basis of fruit, is a valuable component of the cell membranes that can normalize lipid metabolism.

Vitamin A is present in the pulp of the fruit, it helps to form new cells.Thanks to him, the skin looks radiant and youthful.But, as is known, vitamin A is able to display their quality only in conjunction with fats, which composition fruit pulp abound.Therefore, the avocado is considered the best natural remedy "two in one", which was created in order to prolong the beauty and freshness of the skin.

preserve the integrity of the shell that surrounds the cells, natural oils significantly reduce inflammation of the skin.Due to the presence in the pulp of vitamin E and A, as well as zinc and retinol, facials avocado effective for such diseases as dermatitis, eczema, acne and acne.

The flesh of the fruit has excellent moisturizing properties and therefore indispensable for dry skin.

Video-literacy: why do we avocado

Secret efficiency alligator pear

In cosmetology exotic fruit is used as a mask for the face of avocados, which help to strengthen the walls of the skin and smooth out wrinkles.Due to the unique properties of the product, fruit masks are useful in the care of sensitive, dry, mature and aging skin types.

With regular use of masks for the face of avocados can achieve amazing cosmetic effect:

  • reduce inflammation and getting rid of the rash on the skin;
  • active moisturizing and restoring oxygen exchange;
  • healing of small wounds, cracks and peeling protection;
  • eliminate fine lines and wrinkles;
  • activate blood circulation and stimulation of the production of elastin and collagen;
  • protection against UV rays.

buying fruit at the market or in the store to determine the ripeness of an avocado, enough to hold in the palm of your hand on the turn and a few fruits to choose from them the most difficult.On the ripeness of the fruit also shows the saturation of the color of his skin.For cosmetic purposes is preferable to choose the fruit with dark skinned.

Recipes masks for face

For all skin types

Soothe, moisturize and gently protect the delicate skin to help the universal facial mask of avocado.The method of its production is quite simple:

  • Take 15-20 grams of pulp of ripe fruit and grind it to a paste.
  • Add in fruit pulp 1 tbsp.l.milk or low-fat cream.
  • The resulting mixture is thoroughly rubbed with egg yolk until smooth.
  • finished mixture is applied to the face and neck for 15-20 minutes total.
  • After the composition procedure rinse with warm water.

Nutritious and refreshing mask

To further nourish the skin, the composition can be supplemented with 1 tbsp.l honey.If seen an allergy to this product, it can always be replaced with low-fat cottage cheese.

If you want to quickly refresh the face, then as one of the ingredients, you can use the leaves of mint that will purify the veils of dead skin cells, making the skin smooth and silky.


for sensitive and dry skin is optimally suitable mask with the addition of mashed potatoes.In addition to moisturizing action, it is effective in cases where the skin is weathered and burnt by the sun.To prepare the composition take in equal proportions of crushed fruit pulp and warm mashed potatoes.Stir the components, dressed them for 1 hour. L.sour cream and 1 tbsp.l.olive oil.The finished mixture is a dense layer impose on the face and leave for 10-15 minutes, after which it is gently wash off with warm water.

Instead of mashed potatoes, you can use cooked oatmeal on water.Successfully combined the avocado flesh with a melon and banana.

dried avocado-lemon mask

To prepare take 1 tbsp.spoon the pulp of avocado, 1 h. spoon of lemon juice and 1 egg yolk.All the ingredients mix and immediately put on the face.

Wanting to achieve the whitening effect and matting, instead of lemon juice, you can use yogurt or kefir.

better suited structure using dry yeast for mature skin.To prepare it frayed half the fruit is mixed with 1 ch. L.dry yeast and 1 hour. l.olive oil.Pasty composition must infuse for at least 10 minutes, only then it can be applied to the skin.

Using different types of masks, it is possible to prolong youth and beauty.To achieve the desired result to carry out procedures with the use of avocado is desirable to 2-3 times a week.


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