Whitening facial mask at home: recipes and Safety

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Noble porcelain and translucent pale, ivory, white silk - such epithets awarded poets bright, evenly colored skin, which is the ideal of beauty for a very, very many.At home whitening facial mask will help you achieve this ideal, without resorting to painful procedures peeling salon.

  • When needed whitening mask
  • Effectively domestic procedures
  • Homemade recipes whitening masks for hands and face
  • Safety
  • Video Clips whitening facial masks

When neededwhitening mask

skin lightening may be required:

  • after excessive tanning in the sun or in the solarium;
  • to eliminate freckles;
  • to lighten age spots on the face and hands.

The skin is protected from harmful UV rays with the help of special cells that produce brown pigment.They are called melanocytes.At the same time it gets brown hue becomes dark.This phenomenon is called tan.

But in some cases, the melanocytes are not located evenly in the skin, and clusters.Who does not know such clusters - nice spots on the cheeks and nose,

freckles?They never disappear, unlike the Sun, but only the pale winter.Freckles - this is not a disease, but a genetic feature of the structure of the skin.

much more significant cosmetic defects than freckles on the face is the emergence of brown age spots that appear in pregnancy or in the case of diseases of the liver and biliary tract.Not in all cases it is possible to establish the cause of their appearance, but, nevertheless, have to fight with them.

Effectively domestic

procedures in beauty salons are commonly used for bleaching various ointments, including mercury, or darkened skin exfoliate special structures of chemical origin (chemical peeling) or with laser beams.Home bleaching, for which uses natural herbal remedies, is more gentle and better-tolerated procedure that allows to obtain a good result.

Homemade recipes whitening masks for hands and face

  • at a few and not too dark spots and freckles helps fresh birch juice, produced in April - early May.They wetted hyperpigmented areas juice itself should dry on the skin.So do four or five times a day.
  • For oily skin without excessive body hair mask is suitable freshwater sponges - concoctions.Its powder is diluted with a 3% solution perhydrol to the consistency of sour cream in the form of heat rub in darkened areas.Wash off after half an hour.The course - 10 times two to three times a week.
  • For oily or normal skin will help mustard.The powder is poured warm water and diluted to the consistency of gruel, and then smeared with dark spots.Keep the skin before the burning, then wash off with plain water.Course - 10 days.
  • baker's yeast is diluted with 3% solution perhydrol to the consistency of sour cream.For dry skin, peroxide is replaced with warm milk.The mask is kept on the skin to dry completely, wash off with warm water.So come every day for a month.
  • Juice from fresh strawberries moistened cloth is applied to the face for ten minutes.Repeat daily.The pulp of strawberries can be mixed with egg yolk (if the skin is dry) or protein (for oily) and apply the mask for half an hour.In addition to the strawberry, have a whitening effect of parsley juice and cucumber juice.These daily wipe your face and arms to get the effect.
  • lemon juice is also able to bleaching, it is mixed with an equal volume of honey and applied to the skin for 20-30 minutes.
  • Whitening facial mask with honey and cottage cheese at the same time brightens, nourishes and moisturizes.Mix 15 grams of cheese, 5 g of cream, honey and lemon juice, is applied to the 20 - 30 minutes.Course 8-10 mask two or three times a week.
  • slightly lighten the skin, any dairy products - yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, whey.Lubricate they face on a daily basis can.Lactic acid contained in these products very gently exfoliates the dermis cells, and thus completely safe.


whitening or exfoliating masks can not be used around the eyes.It should also make the procedure before going out.The ideal time for skin whitening - the time before going to bed.

Remember repetitive bleaching treatments dry out the skin, and this, in turn, leads to the formation of wrinkles and premature aging.Therefore, during the bleaching is necessary to adhere strictly to the principles and techniques of skin care, generously applying nourishing creams, especially for dry skin.Furthermore

external means, the passage rate of bleaching is necessary to introduce sufficient amount of food in vitamins, especially ascorbic acid (up to a gram daily).

whitens the skin have less if you use a day cream with UV protection.

Whitening homemade mask is an important part of the overall skin care.Overall the complex of procedures aimed at its nutrition, hydration, protection and whitening, allows at home to achieve remarkable results, while saving money and time.

Video Clips whitening facial masks


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