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Ancient proverb teaches us to cherish the honor of his youth.With respect to care for their skin, this advice is not less than actual.Start regularly carry out procedures for the face, neck, arms recommended after the age of 20.In this case it is sufficient to use nourishing, moisturizing, cleansing, toning and bleaching agents.But since the advent of the first hint of wrinkles, mask at home facial firming should be part of the usual weekly schedule.Supporting the tone, elasticity and firmness of the epidermis, it is possible to delay the loss of youth for decades.

  • Features of domestic lifting
  • How to mask pull-up anti-aging
  • Home remedies for the face after 30 years
  • masks for skin tightening after 45 years
  • Video recipe firming mask based on starch

Features of domestic lifting

deciding what kind of mask for a face-lift to start using, it is important to choose the best recipes.First, the option must be suitable for a particular skin type, to solve its basic problems.Second, t

he components used must be as accessible as possible - because the composition will have to do often.If there is a problem of allergy to any of the products - it must be taken into account, and not to use them.

Some tools provide almost instant effect, but not lasting long.Action others becomes apparent gradually, with regular use.You can try out different options.And only then focus on the formulation, which seems the most effective.

If there are no special recommendations for tightening mask skin first couple of months are applied twice a week.And when there will be a visible effect, it is sufficient for the prevention of the procedure carried out by once weekly (alternating with other types of care).

While the impact of any masks for tightening facial contours can not talk.It is necessary to lie down and stay relaxed.Do not allow the movement of facial muscles.Otherwise, instead of getting rid of wrinkles, you can get a certain number of new ones.The session will take up to half an hour - the time it is quite possible to give yourself and rest.

to spray face mask (for braces, like any other) - it is necessary to prepare the epidermis.Pre-wash makeup, use a scrub, it is better too, with natural ingredients.

How do anti-aging mask pull-

Home care does not negate the use of high-quality branded cosmetics for lifting effect.Visit beautician also contribute to the preservation of the good condition of the epidermis.Yet, the use of natural products is considered to be the most gentle impact option.Providing mature skin necessary substances, they do not affect its chemical derivatives.

Home remedies for the face after 30 years

the combined type of skin or prone to fat content, good effect gives a recipe:

  • 1 egg protein;
  • liquid honey (1 tsp..);
  • wheat flour (1 ch. L.).

whipping foam of egg white (to whipping managed better, you can add a little salt and lemon juice).The foam interferes with honey and flour.Having uniform weight consistency, it is applied for half an hour.The composition is washed off with warm water.The moisture is blotted with a napkin of fabric or paper.

For dry or normal skin-like effect on the facial mask is firming as:

  • 1 egg yolk;
  • aloe tree (1 tbsp..);
  • olive oil or sea buckthorn (1 tbsp. L.).

Mix all ingredients.The composition is applied to clean skin.Aged 20-25 minutes.Washed off with running warm water.

Next mask for a face-lift in the home can be used for different types of skin.However, some ingredients are different.Taken:

  • honey liquid (2 tsp..);
  • clay powder pharmacy or cereal flour (1 tsp..);
  • freshly squeezed citrus juice (1 tbsp. L.).

clay powder should be diluted with a small volume of water to get the average density of the mass without lumps.If there is clay, it is possible to take the flour, diluted with water and bringing to the kind of watery dough.In the resulting mass is introduced honey.Pour in the juice of citrus fruit.The components are well mixed.Apply this mask for a face-lift, carefully covering his chin and the lower part of the zone.Keeps makeup 15 minutes.Then rinse with water.Be sure to use moisturizer.

For dry skin is better to take the juice sweeter fruits - mandarin, orange.Clay buy red or pink.If the flour, the rice or oatmeal (finished or grind in a coffee grinder rolled oats or rice).

In normal skin, or inclination to use more fat sour juice (lemon, grapefruit, orange).Clay choose black, green, blue, white, yellow.Wheat flour is suitable.

masks for skin tightening after 45 years

At this age, the improvement of the procedure of elasticity of the epidermis and lifting facial contours contribute to such components: cabbage and sea kale, egg whites, yogurt, cream, honey, berries and fruit with a sour pulp.Some recipes suggest using gelatine, essential oils (rose, sandalwood, geranium, fennel, etc.), Pharmacy vitamin E.

a tendency to dryness and sensitivity can be prepared in such a remedy with excellent effect of natural facelift:

  • gelatin (1. h l).;
  • 1 cucumber;
  • green tea (2 tsp..);
  • infusion of chamomile (2 tsp..);
  • fresh aloe juice (1 ch. L.).

cucumber rubbed on a fine grater.The resulting mass is lightly pressed, the juice is drained separately.It is a mixture of warm green tea, chamomile tincture, cucumber juice and gelatin.The composition is heated, and when it will thicken, pour juice of aloe and cucumber in it.After stirring means is applied and maintained for 20 minutes.You can repeat sessions twice a week.

revive fading skin gelatine next face mask (for lifting, nutrition, prevention of inflammation):

  • food gelatin (10 g);
  • glycerol (10 g);
  • honey (10 g);
  • zinc oxide (5 g);
  • water (65 ml);
  • wide bandage.

filled gelatin in cold water for an hour and allowed to swell.The remaining components are ground into a homogeneous mass.When the swollen gelatin, all mixed.Heated to complete dissolution in a water bath.From a wide bandage snapped a three-band length 30 cm. Dipped in a gelatinous mass.The strips are applied to the face: the first - on the chin and the lower part of the ends of the oval are smoothed to the temples;second - tightly covers the forehead;third - in the middle part, from ear to ear.After half an hour lining removed.It is necessary to wash with cool water.

Effective facial masks at home, pull-up and nutrition, are obtained from seaweed powder mixed with honey and a little warmed with natural cream.A similar effect will also provide part of the whipped crude protein in the mixture with a spoon of warm liquid honey.The procedure in each case lasts from 15 minutes to an hour.

Do not expect that mask at home for a face-lift will be a full replacement for plastic surgery.If irreversible changes of skin tissue, magical help from a makeshift makeup will not.But it is possible to cope with the initial signs of wilting, a slight reduction in tone, just "floated" facial contour.The main starting treatment with some liked the recipe, to comply with regularity.Individual measures of long-term results can not give.

Video recipe firming mask on the basis of starch


Our reader recommended tool that copes with wrinkles better than any "national" mask, and not inferior to efektivnosti salon treatment: nourishes the skin, reduces wrinkles and removesbags under the eyes, and the effect is evident in her words after the third application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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