Face masks of berries - recipes for natural cosmetics

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foolish once again talk about the benefits of berries, every child knows that it is a source of vitamins and minerals that eating fruit is beneficial not only mood but also on health.Only we represent, first of all, these gifts of nature as a delicious dessert, and much less as a cosmetic product, despite the fact that the face mask of berries - perhaps the most ancient cosmetic product.Even at a time when there was no concept "flavonoid" or "trace element", and the physicians and aestheticians have not been written hundreds of papers on the effects on the skin of organic acids, illiterate rural girls empirically deduced unique, still relevant recipes.Modern medicine and cosmetology fully confirms the wisdom of the use of fresh berries in the home of Cosmetology.

  • Cosmetic properties of b
  • Selection berry masks for different skin types
  • For oily
  • Dry
  • For pigmented
  • Morning refreshing mask
  • laws home cosmetology
  • Video Recipeanti-aging berry mask

Cosmetic properties of berries

Efficiency facials berry is due to the chemical composition of the main component.All berries are rich in vitamins, of which the skin is most needed:

  • A, responsible for the elasticity of the skin;
  • E defining the elasticity and tone;
  • C, controls the process of decay and the production of collagen;
  • Group B and K, affecting the pigmentation;
  • PP, accelerating cell renewal;
  • D, responsible for rejuvenation.

addition of vitamins as part of the berries is a rich complex of minerals and trace elements, a set of flavonoids and esters.One should not forget about the special form of a liquid component of a significant percentage of berry juice.Processed and refined plant moisture is easily absorbed by human skin and without the need for extra cleaning and transporting materials.

for better application and enhance the effect of masks for the face of the berries themselves create by mixing berries with a base, as which often perform the most common foods: butter, egg whites or cream.For the hostess is a choice, use an assortment offered to try out recipes or create your own based on knowledge of the properties of various berries.Probably invented himself berry face mask in the future will make a splash in cosmetology.

berry selection of masks for different skin types

berry season is quite large.Even in the middle lane, he captures at least 4 months of ripening cranberries honeysuckle to redness.At the same time for the preparation of cosmetics can be used not only fresh collection, but previously frozen berries, which makes it possible to use optimally suitable product year-round.You just need to decide which of the berries is best suited to a particular type of skin and solves individual problems.

For oily

Oily skin needs to be drying, so sour berries are perfect for her.All that is in the dessert is clearly in need of sweetening in this case fits perfectly.In the first place come to mind cranberry viburnum and mountain ash, suitable honeysuckle, raspberry, blackberry to their maturation.The latter also has excellent properties porosuzhivayuschimi.Potassium and sodium, which is rich honeysuckle, relieve redness and reduce the brightness of the venous grid inherent smokers, has the same effect and a drop of lemon if it enrich the composition of the finished mask.

as a base of white makeup for oily skin, you can use dairy products or whipped.The latter option is particularly attractive for aging skin that has not yet begun to dry out much, but it has become more flabby.As a matting component perfect potato juice.Use of oil as the basis for the most popular household masks, in this case is not true, however, damage from such a mask is not too.


Dry skin needs nourishment and moisture, and fat base for the mask fit perfectly.It can be fat cream, any vegetable oil, aloe juice or honey.Apply the mask to the face with berry oil content can be in the form of cold, and in a heated on a steam bath, which will accelerate the absorption and enhance the effect.

From berries to a mask for dry skin can safely add gooseberry, black currant, elderberry and grape.If the dry skin associated with aging, the berry, which must be part of the mask - it buckthorn.If in addition to the other problems observed and slow healing of injuries, and often scaly skin, then you need to add in the rich in magnesium and potassium blackberries.Oily mask of strawberries with cream returns pale dry skin glow and healthy color.

For pigmented

Excellent whiten the skin rosehips and gooseberries, it is possible to take them as the main ingredient, if the freckles and age spots inconvenience.If the cause of redness is inflammation, then you can add in the blueberries and grated.Strict contraindication in this case - the acid mask, which will only aggravate the situation.

face mask from the berries may contain vegetable juices, herbal teas and herbs and infusions.To part turned out not too runny by adding, for example, cucumber juice, which is famous for its bleaching properties, the mixture can thicken the spoon cottage cheese or ground oatmeal.Suitable and starch.

Morning refreshing mask

Masks of red berries, of course, useful, but just before you leave home, it is better not to apply.Some unevenness of skin color will be observed for a few hours.Therefore, the "morning" berries, which will not only help to wake up, but also hide the traces of lack of sleep, can be called gooseberries, grapes and white currants.They can be used even without adding additional components, just wiping cut large berry skin like a cotton pad with the lotion.

laws home cosmetology

greatest advantage berry masks - at least the consequences even if not the best choice of the composition.This allows you to experiment without the risk of effects on the skin and wallet.To prepare one serving only takes a few berries, which are usually just warm up a spoon in a bowl.Making a large amount of the composition is not practical, since natural products are too small shelf life.

Other rules are quite simple homemade cosmetics.

  1. utensils and tools should not oxidize composition, so it is best to use wood or plastic.
  2. Fresh berries are washed thoroughly before use.
  3. grapes and gooseberries are released from the skin before rubbing.
  4. Frozen berries should be thawed in a natural way and the number of frost should be kept to a minimum.For this even before freezing berries are divided into small portions.
  5. Berry Mask is applied to a light touch on the massage lines without a strong tension of the skin, around the eye area remains free.
  6. mask is washed off with warm water and wiping the face not much pounded.It is enough to remove the moisture with a paper towel.

Home Beauty - a useful, enjoyable and profitable hobby.Dividing serving delicious dessert on berries "for internal use" and "for outdoor use", you can combine business with pleasure: the pleasure of eating delicacies from a cosmetic procedure.

Video-prescription anti-aging berry mask


Our reader recommended tool that copes with wrinkles better than any "national" mask, and not inferior to efektivnosti salon treatment: nourishes the skin, reduces wrinkles and removes bags undereyes, and the effect is evident in her words after the third application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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