Cleansing facial masks at home : the best skin cleanser recipes

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The skin needs to breathe.Lack of oxygen is immediately reflected on her appearance: color deteriorates, there is laxity and skin fade.What do you do if for a hike to a beauty salon you have neither the time nor the money?Do not despair, the salvation of your skin may become contaminated cleansing facial mask at home.

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Cleansers skin

of course, at home, you will not be able to take a deep peeling, cold hydrogenation or hardware ultrasonic cleaning.But there is a simple procedure, which everyone knows, but do not always do.These include steam baths, compresses, a contrast washing, rub the skin with ice cubes and, of course, face masks for cleaning at home.

As for steam baths, then they are recommended to do with the addition of oils, vitamins and mineral concoctions (chamomile, succession, mint).But this is not a

correct statement.As they say, all the additives are poured into the water only to soothe the soul.In fact, the skin needs a normal couple, which will open the pores before cleaning.A different concoctions of herbs is better leave to freeze ice cubes, which will then wipe the face, so that these same pores close.

These face masks are made twice a week.Basically all mixtures applied for 20 minutes, then washed with warm water.

effective home

cosmetics Masks for face cleansing at home is best done from available ingredients.Decide for yourself what you pleasant applied to the face, and if it is not perishable products zagotovte mask for the future.After all, you have to apply it on the face repeatedly.For example, if the mixture consists of honey, coffee powder and oil, it can be stored for a long time even without refrigeration.

What is the effect of the use of cleaning compounds?The answer is simple:

  • mask clean the pores of dirt, residues of sebum and dust;
  • some mixtures can penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis;
  • many ingredients home masks are not only clean, but also nourish the skin, saturating it with useful substances;
  • provide continuous access of oxygen to the tissues.

very important not to forget to regularly repeat the procedure.

best recipes cleansing masks

Most likely, the house you can find all the ingredients for a cleaning mixture.To scrub masks are ideal semolina, sugar, salt, coffee grounds, frayed grass, oatmeal and more.It is also possible to use clay, gelatin, and activated carbon, but they will have to buy.The diluted mixture - depending on the skin type.If it is dry, you need to add nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.For oily skin fit any liquid.Now pick yourself a recipe to your liking.

Means for dry skin type

  • From oatmeal

Masks of oat flakes are highly efficient, because in addition to cleaning, nourish and moisturize the skin.Flakes should pour boiling water and allow to cool, then apply the face.If the skin is very dry, instead of water, use milk or cream.To this mixture can also be added a few drops of vitamin A little honey or an egg yolk.

  • from germinated wheat

If you can buy ready-shoots - it's good.It is not possible - try to germinate themselves.For the germination of wheat grains will need: glass bowl, a piece of gauze and the grains themselves.Wheat should be washed, pour spring water in the morning and leave at night.The next morning, drain the water and cover with a wet gauze wheat.Put a bowl with a swollen grains to the window and saw to it that does not dry gauze.First shoots should appear within 24 hours.And during daylight hours is desirable to use wheat germ, at this time it is the most useful.

Next, you need to take a mortar and grind wheat in it, adding a bit of liquid (water with honey, milk or juice).But the easiest way to do this using an immersion blender.If the mixture has turned a lot, be sure to use it: Apply to hands, chest, abdomen, hip - is the universal mask.Wash off after twenty minutes with slow circular movements.

  • activated carbon

This mask is able to penetrate deeply into the epidermis.Dissolve four tablets of activated carbon in two spoons of cold milk.Add a spoonful of dry gelatin and let it swell.Then heat the mixture in the microwave for 8-10 seconds.Apply a special spatula on the skin and leave a lot of warm, until you feel that the mask turned into a film.Starting from the chin, inset gelatin film and gently remove.Notice how many dead skin cells and other impurities remain on the mask.

  • With soda

The simplest mask for cleansing the face at home are made with soda.Take a spoonful of sour cream (not cream), add half a spoon of baking soda, mix quickly and apply.Twenty minutes later, wash off with warm water in a circular motion.

Cleansing Mask for oily skin

  • With calcium chloride

cleaning face with calcium chloride - a chemical peel, not a mask.But you can not keep silent about it, because this method is very effective.Let him be the code name mask-peeling.So, you need a piece of children's soap and one ampoule of calcium chloride addition.Open the vial and put the contents on the face with a cotton swab.Allow to dry and apply again.Repeat this procedure until the ampoule will not be empty.When the last layer of calcium chloride will be absorbed, grab a soap and a wet sponge foam is formed on it.Next, apply the foam to the face and gently rub with your fingertips in a circle.Foam will turn into lumps and flakes.In fact - this dead skin cells.Continue to apply the foam until it is no longer roll.This cleaning can be done not more than twice a month.

  • clay

Clay perfectly cleanses and dries his face.The mixture should be cooked in a ceramic or wooden bowl, stirring a spoon.Clay simply diluted with water and then washed off with warm decoction of rose hips.

  • yeast

Another great mask made from yeast and cranberry juice.Fresh pressed yeast diluted with the same fresh juice and a thick layer applied to the face.this mixture should be left for about three hours for aging skin, so she "played" and rose.You can use lemon juice and, in any case, acid peeling is provided to you.

Any mask clean your face at home requires a serious approach and pedantry.If the procedure done once, it will not last long.It's like the dust on the windowsills, which should be cleaned regularly.Do not let your skin become dirty and will always look great.

Video recipe cleansing mask of black dots


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We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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