Face masks at home: recipes and master classes

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abundance on the shelves of cosmetics stores bottles of bright, beautiful packaging, generous promises quick results and a craze doing their job - we are increasingly and more prefer the purchased assets to preserve youth and beauty.And in vain, because the popular techniques, though troublesome, but no worse, and much cheaper.Try facial masks at home, the recipes of which are a kind of collection of the experience of past generations - living with nature in greater harmony than we.

  • video tour of the masks the world for a person - says the expert
  • Purpose masks
  • Wisdom preparation and rules applying compositions
  • Prepare skin
  • Food & Soup for the manufacture of mixtures
  • How and how much to keep the mask
  • Recipes most effective masks
  • Trio
  • mask of wrinkles potato
  • recipe for dry or easily irritated skin
  • composition for normal / oily skin
  • Prescription acne
  • hot mask
  • Clarifying mask

Video excursion into the world of masks for the face - says expert

masks Purpose

Many women think that masks - a "last century."After all, the beauty industry offers appealing its breadth selection of different creams, lotions, scrubs, toners, serums and preparations for washing."Is not that enough?" - Natural curiosity of some beauty?Cosmetologists are responsible: for the time being, until the skin young and elastic, not exhausted by the influence of bad habits, such as smoking, alcohol hobbies and nocturnal.

Meanwhile, and without them, sooner or later, begins the process of aging of skin.To postpone it, you need to intensively monitor the skin, to find good recipes for masks for the face, choose the appropriate and do them regularly.What good mask?What's in this special procedure?Why not just use a good cream?Now we will understand.

Thus, the main duties of masks - this instant, meaningful impact - right on target in the "top ten" of the problem.If creams often produced multi-purpose or to solve a number of problems, the mask is also the home - this is a weapon against a specific problem.You will see if the cleaning staff - the squeaky, after peeling - like the new cover, after humidification - the feeling of the baby skin.

Serums and creams do not give such an effect, although, undoubtedly, in his own good, as the overall balance is maintained.Masks are treated as a particular problem, so their effects can not be replaced by any cream or lotion.

Wisdom of preparation and application of the rules of composition

is important not only for the face mask recipe, but also its correct application.Let's talk about this in detail - on blocks.

Prepare skin

most important thing - to clean the skin properly, otherwise the effectiveness of the mask to fall, or come to naught.First, remove skin cosmetics (lipstick, powder, tonal foundation / cream, blush), and then clean the face with a special lotion, foam, jelly, or scrub.

perfect recipe for face masks at home includes deep cleaning.However, users with dry skin should be careful with the aggressive action of the compositions.It is possible that owners of delicate skin will simply wash with a drop of special milk.

Food & Soup for the manufacture of mixtures

Rule number 1 - only fresh products.Do not skimp on beauty, especially since a dose for home masks recipes facial modest - Face treatment takes only a few spoonfuls of the mixture.

Rule number 2 - buy the ingredients for the manufacture of formulations of the highest quality, tested in place.On the face it is impossible to save, because it - your "business card".Also, do not forget to check the expiration date.If you buy oil or vitamins on a course of treatments, choose the package with a reserve date.

Rule number 3 - prepare the mask immediately before use.Do not do stocks, home care compositions are not intended for long-term storage.Cooked-inflicted - that guide the use of funds prepared independently.

Rule number 4 - select a separate bowl for making masks.Plastic and metal containers leave for other purposes.Give preference to the usual glass or soup plates.It is desirable to have a miniature whisk and mortar for grinding.It is possible that you need a grinder or a juicer to grind seeds, oatmeal, berries.

How and how much to keep the mask

Apply makeup - is also a science.Gather hair - under the tape or cap.You can simply use the hairpin, as long as access was opened to the face.Apply the mixture starts from the chin or neck with the help of massage movements.Stop follows a centimeter to the hairline.Do not forget that around the lips and mouth, skin is very delicate, the area is better not to handle.

Beauticians are advised to be treated face in peace, try not to smile or talk.Please also note that some of the masks can be draining, so wear appropriate clothes or cover the shoulders with a towel.Strictly adhere to the time specified in the recipe.Rinse with warm water residues is recommended, and you can use a cotton pad.After the procedure will not prevent the usual cause for you moisturizer.

Recipes most effective masks

Now that you know why and how to make a mask, it is time to move on to the practical part - recipes.


To ensure maximum protection of the person from wrinkles and dryness of the skin, learn to make a three-stage mask called "Trio".So, remember the composition:

  • № 1 - olive oil and oat flakes, ground in a coffee grinder (ratio 1: 2);
  • № 2 - half an apple (green, medium size) and 1 tspbazaar honey;
  • № 3 - sour cream and lemon juice (for every drop of a spoon).

first mask should be applied to cleansed skin and steamed for 7 minutes.Then on top of this structure, apply the mixture number 2 again wait 7 minutes and add the final seven-minute layer.Rinse "cake" should be warm water.After drying of the skin face sprinkle soda and let it dry naturally.The result will impress you, you'll see!

Mask of wrinkles potato

Grate the potato of medium size.The resulting slurry is passed on to a tissue, cover it with another, and the resulting sandwich put on the face minutes 15.

also good and popular recipe of mashed potatoes, where you want to drive a yolk and a little milk to drip.If you do one of the above potato mask every 3 days, then your "acquaintance" with wrinkles will always have a good time.

recipe for dry or easily irritated skin

With such delicate skin it is recommended to make a mask of egg yolk and butter.Recipe for her is simple: Apply to face one of these oils, like peach, olive, or as usual - sunflower.b

second layer smear yolk and rub it until white foam.If your fingers are sticking together, then moisten them with warm water.

Duration of procedure - 15 minutes.Filming "duo" should be dry gauze.

composition for normal / oily skin

a water bath, heat 100g of homemade honey, pour into it 25 ml of vodka and water and stir until smooth.Apply honey gruel in the quarter of an hour.

Prescription acne

If your face is "occupied" spots, take on the "weapons" such a mask.10 g of fresh yeast mash with warm water (2 tsp).Put the yeast composition of the 20 minutes, remove the remnants of a wet cotton pad.To completely get rid of acne, repeat the procedure twice a week for six weeks.If the acne does not give up, after 2 months to make the same course.

hot mask

If the skin is weathered, peeling or coarsened, make hot mask.Mix in a glass container peach or olive oil and drop the dishes in hot water.Hot (of course, mild temperatures) oil soaked gauze or cotton wool, then apply the material to the face 20 minutes on top of the gauze can be put another layer (without oil), or a towel.Concludes the procedure by washing with warm water.

Brightening Mask

If your face is chosen freckles or age spots, it is time to develop a special mask.Chop parsley normal - enough to get 2 tablespoongreenery.Then add the heated water bath homemade honey (to the consistency of gruel) and a few drops of fresh lemon juice.Repeat every 3 days until the skin has cleared up to the desired state.But if you do not have enough 10 time, then take a break for a couple of weeks.Then the cycle can be repeated.

All recipes are the most effective facial masks at home at your disposal, which means that your skin will now be in perfect condition.


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