Masks for narrowing the pores on your face : how to properly prepare the house mask

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According to cosmetologists, the most problematic for applying makeup is skin with enlarged pores.You can mask an uneven complexion, cover up blemishes and redness, but smooth holes on the nose and near it is very difficult.And the tone cream and powder, getting into the pores, like a fall through the inside, which is why the skin becomes like an old sponge.It requires special equipment - a mask to narrow pores on the face.They smooth out the loose terrain, tightening the skin and giving it elasticity.

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skin Care with dilated pores

Mask, tightens pores on the face - it is one of the daily care ingredients, whose effectiveness is largely dependent on the entire chain of procedures.If we neglect the elementary facial cleansing, the ingredients of the mask will not be able to break

through the layer of dead cells, fat and dirt, and therefore, their effect will be minimal.

why girls dream of a beautiful face, should learn a few rules for a porous skin care:

  • Hot water for your then - the enemy.It further extends them.
  • No matter how tired you are - be sure to rinse before bed make-up.And this is done by special means, not with soap and water.
  • To pores are not clogged with dirt, which further enhances their, spend time in 2-3 days gentle peeling procedure.Very efficient and cheap is considered to be peeling from oatmeal.Their steamed, Gulf of boiling water and after cooling was mixed with the juice of 1 lemon.
  • Acne does not expand the pores, because they - a consequence, not a cause.On the probability of treated skin acne is minimal.But if all they were - not squeeze.
  • mask to narrow pores is applied only after cleansing the face, 3-4 times a week.Some days they are replaced by a tonic lotion and ice cubes.
  • Impose makeup on crude pores - the same as closing seal tooth with tooth decay.The infection will develop from within, accelerating the aging process.

Video review budget to narrow pores

pores mask

in season fruits and berries, try to do the mask tightens pores on the face, often.At this time, the maximum fruit fruit acids are saturated and contain no harmful substances with which they extend shelf life.Shops apples or oranges give less effect, as they tear unripe, and after a couple of months of the beneficial vitamins destroyed.

five of the most effective fruit compositions

  • Strawberry.Prepared in two versions: with egg white and starch.The berries are crushed with a fork and mix with 1 tspstarch or protein 1 fresh.
  • Grape.For her use ripe berries grapes home, peredavlennye and mixed with egg white.Juice can be used, but in this case the steamed oat flakes added to mask turned viscous rather than a liquid.
  • Apple.Gruel of grated apples are applied immediately until it is oxidised and darkened.Use grade acid as a percentage of fruit acid them above.
  • Apricot.To prepare suitable apricots, whose flesh is easily separated from bone.Not recommended for women with white skin, as it can give a yellow tint.
  • Pear, plum.The acid sinks in conjunction with the cloying sweetness of a ripe pear provides an excellent mixture to restore the face of the relief.To create a mask tightens pores, enough halves pears and plums 2-3.

Levelling agent with clay

Second in popularity masks to narrow pores on the face are considered compositions with the addition of different clays.Typically, the clay itself is not looking in nature and are buying ready-made at the pharmacy.The remaining components are added at home.

Clay has a triple effect: cleanses, tightens pores and bleaches.So it can be called a universal cosmetic product, prolonging the skin youthful.Mask based on the clay offers a salon, but at home, you can prepare a mixture of good.

most often mixed with clay:

  • tomato pulp or freshly squeezed juice out of it;
  • decoction of linden flower;
  • aloe juice;
  • green tea;
  • lemon juice.

To achieve a good result, the mask must be very thick consistency.Optimally, if a mixture resembles toothpaste.Furthermore, the liquid starts to drain from his face.Too thick - it dries quickly, failing to give the skin beneficial ingredients.

Roughly masks out of clay for the restriction being kept on the face for at least 20 minutes.In this case controlled so that the mixture is dried.If necessary - a person sprinkled with water (use spray!).You can also mask the top cover with a damp gauze or film pieces.

Preparation of masks at home

Most women fighting for the beauty of the face at home, without expensive services of a cosmetologist.If you intend to do on their own, remember the correct number of conditions making masks:

  • ingredients can not be mixed in a metal container, as they may react with the metal and form the by-products of oxidation.The best option - a clay cup and mortar.It can also be made of wood or porcelain.
  • mask is prepared right in front of the procedure and do not store the surplus.It is better to put a thick layer, than to leave it for later.And fruits and clay are losing a large percentage of nutrients during storage, and within a day the effect of the procedure will be half less.
  • Wash composition only cool water to keep the skin in good shape.

How to enhance the effect

If you have just started to "feed" the skin healing masks, reduces pores, do not expect an instant effect.To do this, you need to go at least 5-6 treatments.However, you can speed up the process by adding masks a simple but effective means - fruit or herbal ice.

Preparing it is simple: pour into molds for ice decoction of chamomile, calendula, lime, juice of various fruits, vegetables and wait until it hardens splendor.Then, every day, morning and evening, rub the skin with one of the ice cubes.The effect - stunning.No wonder such a vehicle used the Russian Empress Catherine the Great.

rare woman is by nature a perfect skin, but it can lead to an ideal state with masks and constant care.


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