Face mask with clay : useful properties and a few recipes

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Natural cosmetics have a set of advantages over expensive untwisted brands: they are accessible, easy to use and environmentally friendly.Juice of vegetables, honey, sour cream, eggs perfectly nourish the skin, saturate it with the necessary minerals, returns elasticity and nice color.One of the most effective means of healing - face mask with clay, natural useful and inexpensive material.Let us consider in more detail how to use the clay can take care of the skin.

  • Medicinal properties of clay
  • Benefits pink clay
  • Popular recipes masks of pink clay
  • simple face mask with pink clay
  • Royal mask aromaeffektom
  • mask of pink claywith essential oils
  • whitening milk composition
  • Tomatoes with clay for mature skin

Medicinal properties of clay

If you want to bring your skin in order without any material costs and trips to the beauty salon, use cosmetic clay.Purchase can be in the store or pharmacy, and cook agent and apply the mask on the face is quite simple.Why the choice fell o

n this natural material?To understand this, it suffices to consider its chemical composition.

As a part of nature, rich in clay minerals such as aluminum, silicon, manganese.A small amount of these components can favorably affect human skin.Assume silicon increases the flexibility of blood vessels, strengthens the epidermis, is involved in the formation of bone and collagen.Aluminium and manganese dry the skin, relieve inflammation.In addition, almost all clay facial mask is recommended to use for cleaning and whitening.

Purification top layer is due to the fact that the elastic rock perfectly absorbs and holds dirt and excess oil, which will eventually accumulate on the surface.At the same time the clay structure allows it to play the role of peeling, so face masks on the basis of clay and other ingredients easily remove dead cells.

Benefits pink clay

In the wild, especially in the mountains or on the slopes of the river, it is easy to find various types of clays, including medical.Most natural material has neutral colors - gray, brown, black.Slightly less can meet the red, blue or white mass.But pink clay not exist in nature, it is created artificially by mixing the material of red and white.Why pink tint?He is a gentle, nice, pleasant and more familiar to use.

known that the Greek beauties do themselves a bath of red and pink composition, diluting the natural weight of the milk.Under the influence of these substances the skin becomes soft, velvety, quickly heal wounds and skin diseases were.Choosing the right face mask with pink clay, produced a truly wonderful effect: after a few treatments the skin is smoothed and gets a nice, healthy glow.

Pink means not lost favor and modern beauties.If you regularly use face masks with clay this delicate hue can be seen tools effect on the skin:

  • improves tone and complexion;
  • increased regenerative properties;
  • bleached dark spots;
  • eliminates shine and matte purchased;
  • activated processes of circulation.

course, face mask with pink clay, like any other, should be used with caution and preferably after consultation with a beautician.An experienced specialist will help determine skin type and advise the best option of using a natural material of a particular type.He tells in detail about the contraindications for use: as a rule, vascular and skin diseases have manifestations in the head.

Popular recipes masks of pink clay

If you do not have contraindications to the use of pink clay, as well as allergies to any of these components, you can easily prepare one of the proposed masks and use it regularly, making occasional breaks in the home- the skin should also rest.

simple face mask with pink clay

Royal mask aromaeffektom

made by cosmetic mixture need several ingredients to be prepared in advance:

  • 3 tbsp.Spoon the warmed milk;
  • 3 tbsp.spoon dry pink clay;
  • 1 tbsp.spoonful of thick honey;.
  • 1 tsp of ground coffee;.
  • 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder;
  • few drops of oil (shea butter, almond and cocoa).

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a glass or ceramic vessel, after which the mask is applied to the face immediately dense layer.

question may arise: how to keep a mask of clay on her face.Five to ten minutes is not enough, and more than a half hour period will dry the skin, so it is best to stick to the golden mean.After enduring 15-20 minutes, the mass should be washed off with warm water.Store the finished mixture may be no more than 3 days in the refrigerator, but it is best used immediately after preparation.After the first procedure, you can feel the extraordinary freshness and lightness.It seems as if the skin has got rid of a heavy load, and began to breathe.

mask of pink clay with essential oils

whitening milk composition

for mixing need powder pink color and one of the dairy products according to skin type: kefir or yogurt is suitable for oily, dry - cream, milkor sour cream.Normal skin adequately respond to all dairy products.Mix the powder and selected ingredients, put on the prepared skin.

to clay facial mask does not dry prematurely, moisten it with a little water.After the rinse, dry skin additionally applied nourishing cream.

Tomatoes with clay for mature skin

no secret that part of masks depends not only on the type of skin, but also on age.Over the years, lost elasticity of the epidermis, there are fine lines, natural glow disappears.And here comes to the aid of an ordinary tomato.Self-cooked tomato puree and clay - a wonderful face mask, which is optional hydration and nutrition is required.One tablespoon of dry powder and tomato puree enough to enough for one procedure.For maximum moisture is not superfluous to add a teaspoon of cream or olive oil.

course, clay is very useful for the face: regular masks, used 1-2 times a week, can return the youth of the skin, and with it - self-confidence and good humor.


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