mascara mask at home: recipes for solving logistical problems

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Thick curved eyelashes, speaking worthy of framing the eyes expressive, able to make the look irresistible.No wonder that the desire to have long fluffy eyelashes natural for any woman.But without proper care it is impossible to preserve the natural beauty of eyelashes.Successfully cope with this task will help mask for eyelashes at home, which can make them a truly luxurious and long.

  • What determines the growth of eyelashes
  • Proper nutrition - half the success
  • Application reinforcing compositions
  • Home remedies for strengthening and growth
  • from natural oils
  • From fresh juices
  • Video:how to make a mask for eyelashes

what determines the growth of eyelashes

now on sale you can find many tools that promise instant miraculous result in a fairly wide price range.If we understand the nature of the hair, then the problem can be solved at all without the costs, making effective mask for the growth of eyelashes at home on their own.

The average life eyelash short term - about 5-6

months.During this period, they simply can not grow to incredible lengths.Since the length of the upper eyelashes with most people is about 10-12 mm.

But young ladies who want to lengthen the eyelashes twice, by traditional means can not do.In this case, help is only a cosmetic procedure eyelash.

terms of composition and structure eyelashes are the same hair, but they are located directly near the eye.Therefore, the basis for eyelashes masks comprise the same components which have a gentle impact on the sensitive and delicate skin, and in addition, promote hair growth.

The state of cilia affects a number of factors, key among which are:

  • food;
  • quality used cosmetics;
  • presence of harmful habits;
  • inflammatory disease;
  • psychological state.

If the reason was the loss of eyelashes any disease, to eliminate it you need to seek professional help.In the case where there is a suspicion that the damage caused due to incorrect eyelashes matched supply or poor-quality cosmetics, improve the growth of eyelashes is quite simple and at home.

Proper nutrition - half

success for selection of cosmetics should be preferred brand, products that do not harm health.It is also important to pay attention to the terms of use of cosmetics: eyeliner can be used no more than 12 months, eyeliner and mascara - only 6 months from the date of opening the bottle.

Application reinforcing compositions

They are easy to do in the form of applications and compresses.But for this use only compositions which do not irritate the eyes.Rinse off the mask such compression is not necessary: ​​it is enough only after 10-15 minutes, wipe the eyes with a cotton swab.

In other cases, for the application of masks is convenient to use an old brush of mascara used to carefully pre-washed in soapy water from cosmetics residues.Samu mixture is poured into a vacant thoroughly washed bottle, which then submerged brush.

Oil mask is best applied no more than 1-2 times a week and alternate conventional means.A more frequent use of cosmetic oils that contain active substances that can cause allergic reactions, which are the manifestations of erythema and edema of the eyelids.

Home remedies for strengthening and growth

from natural oils

achieve the effect of the maximum length and density of the natural help the natural oils in the composition of which there are vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

known to many tea-rose oil perfectly moisturizes delicate eyelid skin and nourishes the lashes.To achieve the desired effect, it is sufficient to apply it to the upper and lower eyelids, and then uniformly lubricate the entire length of the eyelashes.

Extend lashes and soothe the skin around the eyes after a hard day's work will help the mixture of castor oil and burdock, each component of which is taken in equal proportions.For additional moisture sensitive skin in the mask are also added a couple of drops of glycerine and oil solutions of vitamins A and E.

To prepare the masks, which stimulate the growth of eyelashes is excellent and it does not require rinsing at the end of the procedure, you can also use other oils: coke, sea buckthorn, wild rose, olive, peach, almond, grape seed.

From fresh juices

independently prepared mask from fresh juices provide rapid hydration and nutrition faded lashes.

Lemon, toning the skin and eyelashes providing a sufficient amount of vitamins, not only stimulates their growth, but also removes dark circles under the eyes.And in combination with almond oil, it gives a stunning effect.To prepare a tonic mix 1 part lemon juice and 2 parts oil.

It is better to put directly before going to bed on a pre-moistened skin.For the preparation of the composition of a few sprigs of parsley ground to a mushy state and mixed with 1 tspfresh juice of aloe.The resulting mush is stirred with 1 tspolive oil at room temperature and put on lids.Wash 15 minutes through a mask with warm water.

Masks, compresses can stimulate the growth of eyelashes, moisturize the skin and remove the swelling of the eyelids.As it compresses useful infused and cooled to room temperature chamomile teas, lime, marigold, sage, mint, mother and stepmother.Disks soaked in broth, put on the eyelids for 10-15 minutes.Once completed, remove the wheels, give the skin to dry and then applied to the eyelashes oil.

Video: how to make masks for eyelashes

take some time for the recovery of her lashes and giving them proper care, you can achieve the desired result, and the lashes become a source of pride.


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