Face mask peeling : application rules and recipes

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Exfoliating Mask - this is a great way to care for the skin.It is quite simple, but not as effective as more complicated procedures.The need for it usually occurs in winter and summer.Why is this?At this time, we are more likely to suffer from extreme weather conditions - bitter cold, merciless piercing wind and searing sun.All this is a serious challenge for the skin.How to mitigate the effects of the negative impacts?This helps effective homemade mask, which will be discussed in our article.

  • Causes of skin peeling
  • Recipes exfoliating masks
  • tool based
  • dairy products Therapeutic mixture with vegetable oil
  • Carrot-oil mask
  • Video mask recipe of oatmeal andrice
  • Gentle scrub with baking soda
  • Hazelnuts skin
  • How to achieve maximum effect
  • Preparing face
  • proper use of masks

Causes of skin peeling

If you constantly feel dry skin, then one of the firstthe reason may be dehydrated cells.It occurs for different reasons.Among them - the changes in the environment, some of

the disease and lack of water intake.The last reason may be reflected both overall health and condition of the skin.Therefore, during the day be sure to drink clean water - at least 1.5 liters a day.

In some cases, the cause may be flaking skin disease or malfunction of the internal organs.So do not delay visit to the doctor, you may not need the mask, and pharmaceutical creams and medications that are taken orally.

Recipes exfoliating masks

try a few masks that you can choose the one that will be most effective for you.

tool based

dairy nourishing mask with milk cream and butter used in strong peeling face.The components taken in equal proportions and mixed well.Then a teaspoon of the resulting mixture to mix with pre-milled oat flakes.The resulting composition is uniformly applied to the face, but it is desirable to problem areas to pay special attention.

Duration of treatment will depend on the extent of the problem and can vary between 20-40 minutes.After the expiration of this time the mask should be washed off.Use this not plain water, and the remainder slightly warmed milk.

Medical mixture with vegetable oil

Magnificent exfoliating facial masks at home can be prepared on the basis of flax or olive oil.It is enough to take 1 teaspoon of the product and remove it from the milled oat flakes.The resulting mass is gently applied to the skin and make a gentle massage.

Note!If you have dry skin on the face may appear plots with painful cracks.They need to handle medical composition, prepared from sea buckthorn oil and aloe vera pulp.Each component has excellent regenerating properties and promotes healing of wounds, scratches, cracks, and also relieves the irritation caused by peeling.

Carrot-oil mask

This composition can be used with the appearance of the unpleasant sensation as the skin taut.It is made from grated fresh carrots and olive oil (approximately 1 hour. Spoon).The resulting mixture was uniformly applied to a clean face and allowed to stand for 30 minutes.Wash off the mask with a cotton pad soaked in warm milk.

Video mask recipe of oatmeal and rice

Gentle Scrub with baking soda

This mask is made with ground oatmeal and baking soda, which are diluted with water.All components are taken in equal proportions, for example, 1 tbsp.spoon.The mixture is rubbed into the skin with light massage movements, and after 7-10 minutes wash.

Important!During the cleaning procedure be careful not to wash your face with water from the tap.Rinse the mask and make-up, using the warm boiled water, warmed milk, decoction of herbs or special cosmetic tonic.

Hazelnuts skin

This is a universal method of cleaning, which is suitable for all skin types.Good grind 3-5 hazelnut kernels, add to it 1 tbsp.spoon of any vegetable oil and 1 tbsp.spoon of orange juice.This mask is not recommended to keep the face more than 15 minutes.

How to achieve maximum effect


face masks to the skin it is necessary to prepare.This contributes to a better penetration of substances that are included in the mask by peeling skin on the face.It is a gentle scrub or peeling.They are called "exfoliant" - tools that help cleanse the skin from keratinized and dead cells.Without this process of further struggle with peeling of the skin and its dryness can be ineffective.The purpose of peeling - clean epithelium, dead layers which prevent the penetration and effect of lotions, tonics, nourishing and moisturizing creams.

such as cleaning agents can be used coffee grounds, soaked wheat bran or oatmeal.An excellent gentle scrub is fine tea leaves of black or green tea.After preparing the skin, you can go directly to the masks.

proper use of masks

matter how good was not the mask, its effect is largely determined by other factors.

  • Before applying the mask, pre-steam out and clean your face.So you let the active substances to penetrate deeper into the skin and is good to clean the pores.
  • If exfoliating facial mask is prepared at home, then do not do it with a reserve for the future.Remember that the components must be fresh, otherwise the composition will lose its beneficial properties.It is enough to cook the mixture for one procedure.
  • Masks should be applied to the skin with light massage movements.Their goal - to gently cleanse the skin and in any case did not hurt her.Therefore, if during the treatment you will feel a burning sensation, then wash immediately applied composition.
  • makes the procedure in a quiet environment, when there is an opportunity to relax and do the same with the muscles of the face.
  • Rinse therapeutic compositions very carefully.Do not rub the skin - so you can avoid her irritation and redness.
  • If a face mask to exfoliate leaves behind a feeling of dryness of the skin, then apply a moisturizer on her or nourishing cream.Good eliminate this condition tonics, lotions, as well as thermal water.With regular use of these tools provide a very good effect.
  • It is important not to forget that moisturize the skin can be no later than 1 hour prior to release into the air.This is especially true in the cold season, otherwise the skin will begin to peel off even more.
  • masks will bring tangible benefits only if you do them regularly.

If used tips outlined in this article, the weather changes will not be reflected on your appearance.Let your skin will be as long as possible young and healthy!


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