Facial masks for oily skin - effective and proven recipes

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increased greasiness of the epidermis gives a lot of trouble to her mistress: it unattractive shine, and clogged pores in the form of "black spots", and pimples.An important part of comprehensive care are face masks for oily skin.Masks from natural components are simple to prepare, and their components can be found on any kitchen.Test tools in the arsenal of the popular "beauty recipes" perhaps some of them will become your favorite.

  • Ingredients masks for oily skin
  • Home podsushivayuschee means
  • Video: cooking porosuzhivayuschey mask
  • simple and accessible recipes
  • Other workarounds

Ingredients masks for oilyskin

The ground oatmeal and yogurt.Oats are useful not only as porridge, but also as a mask.Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, reduces the appearance of acne, the skin becomes soft and silky.Lactic acid products are cleaned and bleached, help to maintain the skin in good shape.

Aloe.This natural biostimulator positive effect on the skin.Cut off the low

er leaves of the plant is necessary.Before their use, aloe kept in a cold place a week or more.Cut a small piece of leaf, remove the skin from it, trim the sharp edges and wipe their skin.This is an excellent moisturizing mask for oily skin.

egg white.It contains essential amino acids and vitamins.If you regularly use the protein in the form of a mask, black dots will be considerably less.Use it with lemon juice, either as a one-component agent.

Tea tree oil.It has antimicrobial action, promotes healing of wounds.The oil contains 12 organic substances that give excellent results in the treatment of seborrhea.Get rid of pimples can be much faster, if applied to him tea tree oil.

Tomatoes.An essential ingredient of mask for oily skin.Has antibacterial effect, it soothes the epidermis, improves metabolism.

Blue clay.Well cleanses the skin, regulates the greasiness glands, tightens pores.It has anti-inflammatory effects.Clay absorbs and removes toxins from the skin makes a person more fresh and rested.

Home podsushivayuschee means

Video: cooking porosuzhivayuschey mask

At home, you can perform the procedure twice a week, preferably after a bath or shower, when the pores are open.Gather hair into a bun, so they will not interfere with, and remove dirt from the face of the usual way.Do not apply the mask on the lips and the area around the eyes.During the mask (it's about 15-20 minutes), it is best to lie down and relax.It is possible at this time to engage in the usual household chores, but the result is not the same.

Rinse the mask with warm water or normal pre-cooked broth of herbs (fit chamomile, sage, linden, St. John's wort).If your skin is too sensitive, some quite harmless products can irritate it, especially if they include the presence of acids.Therefore, a new means to keep the skin for a short time.

simple and accessible recipes

  • The pulp of aloe (2 tbsp. Spoons), turmeric (1 tbsp. Spoon), honey (1 tbsp. Spoon), rose oil (2 drops), glycerin (2 drops), mix, put inrefrigerator for one hour.Then you can use the tool as a mask to improve the complexion.
  • Dissolve 1 h. Spoon of calendula tincture in a glass of water 0.5.Cloth masks of cotton cloth with holes for eyes, nostrils and mouth wet in this liquid, apply on the face.
  • Mix honey and aloe (in equal proportions).Add 0.5 teaspoon of wheat germ oil and a bit of cosmetic clay.
  • Beat the protein, add to it 0.5 h. Spoon of oatmeal or wheat flour.The composition of the wash from the face after a quarter of an hour.In the mask, you can add lemon juice or camphor alcohol (0.5 h. Spoons).
  • Mix aloe juice and pulp of apricots (peaches).
  • of boiled potato mash, add to it the juice of a few berries currants.Berry and Vegetable composition apply to the skin.After washing off the mask, wipe the skin lotion for problematic skin.
  • Cottage (1 tbsp. Spoon), honey (1 hr. Spoon) and egg white mix.Mask components narrows enlarged pores, oily skin to maintain tone.
  • 15-20 g of fresh compressed yeast stir in a small amount of water, apply on face for 20 minutes.
  • tablespoon of ground oatmeal mixed with tomato pulp (should get a lot of medium thickness), apply to the face.
  • equal amount of rice porridge and grind in a coffee grinder.Mix the resulting flour with yogurt or other dairy products, the tool should not be too liquid.
  • Mix lemon juice and orange essential oil (5 drops), 3 tbsp.spoon strong tea and 1 tbsp.spoon of starch.
  • Connect grated cucumber, yogurt (2 h. Spoons) and lemon juice (a few drops).
  • Take half persimmon and 1 tbsp.a spoonful of low-fat sour cream (or yolk), connect the two components.The mask is effective against acne.
  • White clay, spread a small amount of mineral water, add to it the flesh of the tomato without peel and seeds.This is an excellent mask for oily skin acne.

Other workarounds

  • If you have increased greasiness of the skin, alcohol-based do not suit you.Try to wipe the face with ice from the herbal tea.
  • Oily skin should be cleaned with gel or mousse 2-3 times a day.The structure of these funds should include the following components: essential tea tree oil, eucalyptus extract, salicylic acid, zinc.Alkali parabens and dimethicone contrary promote formation of greasy.If your skin is oily and sensitive at the same time, a light fluid with chamomile or calendula will suit you perfectly.
  • Sometimes (2-3 times per week) Wash tar soap.
  • peels and scrubs use no more than 2 times per week.
  • watch your diet.Smoking, fatty foods and sweets and flour do not add beauty skin.Eat more plant foods in your menu should be greens: dill, parsley, spinach.
  • mineral and sulfur baths, Cryomassage, darsonvalization help with seborrhea.
  • If epidermis allocates too much sebaceous secretion, and no face masks from oily sheen to it does not help, you should consult a dermatologist.

have oily skin has its advantages - it is less susceptible to the appearance of wrinkles, because it does not expose to the wind, and is able to recover quickly.


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