The mask of youth : how to restore the beauty of the face at home

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as he tried to hide the wonderful ladies at the first signs of aging makeup, treacherous wrinkles still discernible through the layers of cream and powder.And the older the age, the harder it is to mask all the changes that appear on the face over the years.However, if the fight against wrinkles is not outside, but inside, the effect will be much better.For example, the home of youth mask, which can make any woman outside the cabin, much more effective hiding of the year, rather than powder.

  • What is the effect on the skin youthful
  • masks Preparing face
  • Two types of collagen masks
  • From pharmaceutical preparations
  • From natural ingredients
  • Proven recipes
  • Algae - a natural source of collagen
  • Clay - rejuvenation in the short term

What is the effect on the skin youthful

masks masks are among the cosmetology means, which really are struggling with age-related changes a person and not just hide them.After a series of domestic procedures face becomes younger and fresher, and

the effect is visible at no additional creams or serums.

This result mask of youth due to its medicinal composition, which is sure to have components that contain collagen.It has long been established that for the smartness of the skin, its elasticity and accurate contour corresponds exactly collagen protein.In his youth, the body is more than it synthesizes itself, so that all children and adolescents so rosy, radiant skin.

But the older a person becomes (especially after age 30), the faster the degradation of collagen fibers.Independently develop the necessary amount of protein the body can not, and if you do not start feeding the skin from the outside, the age-related changes are not forced to wait long.And when you consider that today's lifestyle not conducive to health, the first wrinkles already found in 20-year-old girls.

therefore administered medicinal collagen facials youth recommended since as soon as you find the first wrinkle on his forehead or nasolabial area.

Preparing face

Whether you're kneading composition or buy yourself a mask in the store, the skin is necessary to prepare for its application.

  • First, wash off all makeup and dirt with a special cleaning agent or soap.
  • Second, stock up on nutritious cream that you apply immediately after washing off the mask.
  • Third, to take the procedure at least half an hour, and at this time to provide a full-face peace.
  • Fourth, use only freshly prepared mixture, and do not keep them, and spread on the face completely.If you have prepared a very large portion - apply balances on the neck and décolleté.They also lack collagen.
  • Fifth, used to apply a special brush (instead of hands!) And wash - warm boiled water.

Two types of collagen masks

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase ready-made French youth mask, as does Ekaterina Andreeva and other media persons, it is possible to prepare a useful composition itself.It will cost much cheaper, although the effectiveness of many traditional remedies are not inferior to brand-name products.

At home, prepare youth with type 2 masks.The first is based on collagen components purchased in pharmacies.At home, they are diluted with water or other substances before actually applying.Second fully prepare themselves, considering the type of skin and its problems.Consider the most effective formulations from both groups.

From pharmaceutical preparations

So, if you do not have time to buy all the necessary components for the mask, you just come to the pharmacy or a good cosmetic company store and ask for napkins with collagen or collagen powder.

controlled with a swipe easiest: they are moistened with warm water just before application and applied to the face.The frequency of treatments - 3 times per week.

Important!It is impossible to apply the same twice napkin, as already in the first session will be transferred all the nutrients to the skin.Not only that, the mask will be useless, so she is also able to hurt your face.After the first session on a napkin are particles of dirt and oils from your skin, which could not be washed off prior to the application, and during the second overlaying this garbage will be back again to the skin.And if at this time a small wound on his face appear, it is possible to get an infection.

collagen powder is different from tissue and more concentrated composition accessory ingredients.Typically, except for the collagen, it includes vitamins.So that a person simultaneously receives power and restores the structure.Before use, the powder is diluted with water in proportions specified on the package.Just read carefully on what portion of the calculated volume of the powder.Perhaps for once you have enough, and a tenth of the package.And I repeat - not harvested for future use composition.He has a very short shelf life!

From natural ingredients

second group of masks is known for a rich assortment, which includes such well-known "energizers and promoters of youth", as clay, algae, gelatin, oils and so on. By combining the components, you can create at home the personal mask of youth,which work best on your skin.

Proven recipes

Algae - a natural source of collagen

first place is occupied by the algae cell rejuvenation rate.If you read the composition of the finished brand masks, very many of them will be composed of extract of kelp or other seaweed species.For example, the brown seaweed reduced turgor face, normalize lipid metabolism, saturated with the epidermis of omega-3 fatty acids.Red - soften the horny layer and contribute to its rapid exfoliation, allowing the skin to date.Blue - is saturated with protein and vitamin B-12.Green - reinforce the links between cells and accelerate the circulation of fluids.

So, ideally as part of masks for young skin should be all of these species.It is best to alternate them, and do not mix, ieone month to use one type of algae, then - the other, etc.

Prepare masks is simple: Algae powder is poured warm water (1: 1), insist 15 minutes in a sealed container and applied to the face.

Clay - rejuvenation in the short term

Clay has a lifting effect, ie,It tightens skin, giving it a beautiful circuit.Thanks to a clay mask for the face, you can return the skin a youthful and healthy appearance.As with algae, clay can be of different varieties (white, red, blue, etc.), And each variety has its own set of trace elements and active substances.

Most often made of clay create monomaski, ienot add anything except water.But the good reviews received and combined face mask that uses green tea, Vitamin A and clay.This option is easy to prepare at home and is ideal for the elderly skin in need of a powerful nourishment.Tea relieves inflammation, nourishes the ampoule vitamin A retinol, and clay tightens and refreshes the skin.Preparing the so-: Spoon with a hill of dry clay + 1 ampoule vitamin + 40 ml of freshly brewed green tea (without additives and flavorings).

struggle for a youth may not be temporary.And even the most powerful composition will not give the desired effect if it is applied once or twice.Tune in, that beauty should be done with his own hands.And the first step - the systematic use of anti-aging masks.


Our reader recommended tool that copes with wrinkles better than any "national" mask, and not inferior to efektivnosti salon treatment: nourishing the skin, smooths wrinkles and removes puffiness, and the effect according to her noticeable after3rd application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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