Refreshing facial mask at home: the subtleties and rules of the " kitchen " of cosmetology

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is difficult to meet a woman who is completely satisfied with their appearance.Fatties dream to lose weight and thin persons - buy sexy shape.Blonde babe in disguise, and those are all the circles of hell hairdressing in an attempt to become a blond.The demand for hair iron, no less than a curling iron and hair curlers, and turn to the beautician to clean the skin whitening procedure and comparable to the queue in the solarium.Lovers of sun falls hardest: dark skin person ages, and keep it bright in the summer sun is very difficult.And when to tan joins chapping or natural tendency to freckles, not to mention the pigmented spots or scars, to take urgent measures to lighten the skin is necessary.However, do not just look expensive business card cosmetologist, simple and effective facial mask refreshing at home is just a few minutes from the elementary products.

  • Clarifying foods
  • lemon or lemon juice
  • Cucumber
  • Dairy products
  • Soda
  • Figure
  • Pharmaceutical preparations for whitenin
    g masks
  • White clay
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • Gidroksimetilhinoksalindioksid or dioxidine
  • combination of components for brightening masks
  • Video recipe of Chinese mask of pigment spots

clarifying foods

Ask a question about making masks to lighten the skin, open the fridge and carefully study its contents.Many of the most simple products have a natural ability to chemical bleaching.

lemon or lemon juice

Without a doubt, the most popular "bleach".Watch the action of lemon can be, even with tea drinking, leaving a slice in a cup of strong tea leaves.The same effect has the lemon juice and freckles with pigment spots, giving the blowing out gray-brown tint melanin.It is important to remember that lightening facial mask with lemon produced only from freshly squeezed juice instead of citric acid, and the ratio of water should not be more than 30%.

Pure juice can cause burns and allergic reactions on the delicate skin, adding to the hated freckles painful redness and dryness.Lemon crust left after compounding, too, come in handy.When cleaning of the inside of the natural nails a natural french manicure will long remain a dazzling white, as contained in the peel oil well repel any dirt and acid bleach free edge of the nail.


Cartoonists like to portray housewives it with slices of cucumber on her face.This is not surprising, because so looks the fastest refreshing mask for the face, and therefore the most popular among lazy.Cucumber really works wonders, quite understandable chemistry.Niacin and phylloquinone, in abundance contained in this vegetable, have anti-inflammatory properties, cooling and removing redness swelling and folic acid bleaches pigment spots and acne.Besides, cucumber no contraindications to the use of which can not be said about many other facial masks, skin-lightening.

Dairy products

How does face mask lightening based on sour milk products is also easy to explain beauticians.Reason Wonderland - lactic acid, and its supplementing zinc also has properties protivozagarnogo cream.

And Refreshing mask from the remnants of yesterday's milk will handicap similar means of imported yoghurt, flavored with abundant colors, flavors and preservatives.


The benefits and dangers of soda to the skin did not fall silent controversy ever.Proponents of this method argue that this is one of the fastest ways to cleanse the skin of impurities, deeply clogged pores.At the same time sodium bicarbonate strongly degreasing and desiccate the tissue, thus clarifying facial mask at home soda categorically not suitable for dry, sensitive and aging skin.Temporary lightening effect in this case is very quickly replaced by a feeling of tightness and peeling.After application of such a fundamental means of necessarily require the application of a fatty cream for the face


rice gruel or congee Guta good absorbent, which is known to many mistresses, it is saving rice salted soup.Masks for face refreshing home made mashed overcooked rice without the addition of other ingredients and applied to the skin warm.

The effect is comparable to the result of soda lotions: significantly pales area of ​​pigmented spots and freckles, black spots disappear.

Pharmaceutical preparations for whitening masks

Part components for cosmetology hand-made can be purchased at any pharmacy.Of these supplies products for the face mask lightening at home is much cheaper than similar compositions factory production.Even the recipes you can spy on the packages, and then repeating them in your own kitchen.

White clay

It is on this basis is preparing a significant part of professional bleaching agents.Besides a good result refreshing facial masks out of clay are universal and hypoallergenic.

sale white clay in a dry mix and stored almost indefinitely.

Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching hair

this method is actively practiced even in beauty salons.The same processes occur in the skin.Like other acidic compounds, it is ill-suited for dry and aging skin, but gives a pronounced result, even after the first application.A solution of 3% can be used in pure form without diluting with water.

Gidroksimetilhinoksalindioksid or dioxidine

injectable solution, sold in capsules, has active anti-bacterial properties, so a mask on the basis of its excellent saves from redness and inflammation on the skin.After use, it is desirable to fix the result and return elasticity to the skin with fat cream.

combination of components for brightening masks

Internet resources prompt hundreds of recipes for whitening masks for the face, but you can invent yourself and knowing the basics of the compatibility of the components.

Poor mixed with the other ingredients of soda, dioxidine, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.The only water can be used as a diluent and as a thickener or clay oat flour.Aggressive effects of these drugs can be smoothed after application of fat cream treatments.For sensitive skin such masks can be used dot, cauterizing only the composition of the surface of the scar or birthmark.

Dairy and sour milk mask well with vitamin complexes and honey.For the thickening mixture is well suited potato starch, as well as oatmeal or rice flour.

Masks on the basis of fruit acids, or vinegar can be used without dilution, the principle of tonics, but for dry skin, they are harmful.Results without the side effects will combine them with yogurt, buttermilk or a decoction of chamomile.

not require dilution cucumber, cabbage and parsley juice, but for better absorption, you can use a thickener in the form of starch or oat oatmeal.However, a cucumber can be just mince and enrich the composition of any essential oil.

is important to remember that the effect of masks can be seen immediately, but after 7-10 applications at weekly intervals, so count on lightning-fast dissolution of freckles or birthmarks is not necessary.But a refreshing mask effect is noticeable almost immediately, and the feeling of cleanliness and softness of the skin, getting rid of excess layer, pleasure.

Video recipe of Chinese mask of pigment spots


Our reader recommended tool that copes with wrinkles better than any "national" mask, and not inferior to efektivnosti salon treatment: nourishes the skin, reduces wrinkles and removesbags under the eyes, and the effect is evident in her words after the third application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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