Facial masks from clay for acne : effective solutions recipes cosmetic problems

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Clay - a natural antiseptic, the healing properties of which knew in the days of ancient Rome.Through forming part of the trace elements and the absence of bacteria, it is able to remove toxins and have anti-inflammatory effects.Widespread in cosmetology plastic substance received its ability to safely and effectively clean the skin of dirt, sweat and secretions of excess sebum.Facial masks from clay for acne are considered one of the most effective ways to combat this aesthetic disadvantage.

  • Species masks out of clay
  • Black cleansing
  • White restoring
  • Blue inflammatory
  • Green moisturizing
  • correct application of the compositions
  • Video mask recipe for acne

Species masks out of clay clay

, speaking a variety of rock, perfectly absorbs and contains liquid, so perfectly absorbs all the grease and dirt.By nature it has several varieties.Most often, this rock are distinguished by the color indicators.

Black cleansing

Black clay is rich in magnesium, calcium, silica, iron an

d strontium.Due to the plurality of microelements it gives a terrific tonic effect.

mask with black clay is able to clear clogged pores from dirt and remove dead cells.For the preparation of the composition necessary to mix 2 tbsp.l.black clay with 2 tbsp.l.broth succession.The combination of the main component with a decoction of herbs allows you to magnify the effect.Alternate can replace calendula, celandine, chamomile or nettle.The resulting mixture to fill 1 teaspoonlemon juice and apply on the skin.After 20 minutes, dried up the mask rinse with warm water.

White restoring

easy to solve the problem of clogged pores and stimulates blood circulation white clay.The presence in its composition of the mineral kaolinite promotes cell regeneration.Among all types of kaolin clay is the most neutral.It is suitable for all skin types (except dry).

To produce a mixture of the main component of treatment is necessary in equal proportions, mixed with aloe juice and add a couple tablespoons of fresh lemon juice.A mask having a creamy consistency is applied evenly to the affected area and left for 15-20 minutes.Upon completion of the procedure with clean water wash composition is applied to skin soothing cream.

Blue inflammatory

most popular of clay, which is considered the best remedy for acne and pimples.Due to the presence of silver ions, it is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action.A neutral pH level makes it optimal to apply for normal and combination skin types.

mask of blue clay helps to tighten the wound, treat acne and remove fine facial wrinkles.For its preparation diluted in water until mushy state clay add olive, peach or rose oil, and then put on the face as a normal mask.

Green moisturizing

Excellent moisturizes the skin and restores moisture balance green clay.Gentle green hue it imparts iron oxide, which, along with silver, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, beneficial effect on the body.

To prepare remedies for acne 2 hours. L.green clay, diluted in water, mixed with 5-7 drops of rosemary oil until smooth.The composition can be applied both to the entire face, and some problem areas.

correct application of the compositions

Masks made of clay are able to quickly and effectively clean the skin from unwanted acne.But to a cosmetic procedure has helped to achieve the desired result and does not harm health, you should follow some key rules:

  • Preparing ingredients

clay before preparing the mixture should be carefully screened.Breeding should be in cold water, stirring until the consistency of thick cream.When working with this component can not use a metal bowl, because this may cause destruction of mineral substances resulting from the interaction with the metal.For this purpose, the best use glass, clay and enamel container.Mix composition should also be a ceramic spoon or wooden spatula.

  • Cleaning face

clay composition is applied only to cleansed and, if necessary, steaming skin.To mask lay better on the skin before applying it directly, it is desirable to rinse the face with water.

  • composition Drawing

clay mixture is applied too thinly, covering the face, not touching the eye area.The thin skin around the eyes has the sebaceous glands, and therefore does not need additional purification.After the application of the therapeutic composition, it is desirable to take a comfortable horizontal position and relax.This is due to the fact that the clay - pretty heavy stuff, which may delay some skin and dries as to fix it in the flabby state.

cosmetic procedure itself takes 10-20 minutes.Duration of treatment is determined by the type of skin: dry - 10 for normal and combination - 15, and for fat - 20 minutes.During this period, it is advisable not to move the face: talking, frowning, chewing.

  • Flushing mask

therapeutic composition is best to wash with warm water, using a damp cloth or cellulose discs.When flushing the mask can not use soap which may harm delicate skin purified.

After the procedure, you must apply a moisturizing cream.

If after removing the mask the skin reddened, next time before applying the composition of the face should be lubricated with cream, and blend to make a very few drops of oil.In order to achieve a cosmetic effect masks out of clay is better to apply 1-2 times a week.

Video mask recipe for acne


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