Summer facials and hair at home - tested recipes

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Summer - a time of rest and a nice pastime.But the most important thing for a woman - in this hot season, you can give your skin a rest from all sorts of creams and trips to the beautician.After all, beauty is the main salon in the garden and take advantage of it is silly.Summer facials at home is very simple, especially if you come on holiday on their own cottage.From April until the autumn where you can find a lot of useful herbs, fruits and vegetables that nourish your skin with vitamins and trace elements.

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The best recipes for face masks summer

If garden you do not, do not despair, get fruit or berries that are required for the mask on the market grandmothers.The main thing - do not buy at the supermarket, where the fruit is treated with a different chemistry for a long-term storage, and it can be harmful for the skin.Try to cook the

mixture for masks in a glass or ceramic dish.And again, it is not necessary to smear on your skin all in a row, select the correct mask to suit your skin type.

Mixtures for oily skin

Summer mask for oily skin need to dry the epidermis and tightens pores.Few people know that this can be done using simple fruit and vegetables that you eat straight from the bushes.

  • Cranberry copes with the fat.Because it is necessary to squeeze the juice - 1 teaspoon and mixed with the same amount of egg protein.The mixture is applied to clean skin and washed off immediately after drying with cold water.
  • Same effect as red currants.One spoonful of berries knead into mush, add a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice.A dessert applied for 15 minutes, then washed with cold water.
  • Next useful berry - is cranberries.It needs to be knead the max and mix with oatmeal flour until thick sour cream.Apply to the skin.After 20-25 minutes, soak a cotton swab in the broth chamomile, sage or mint, and remove them from the face mask.
  • Plain white cabbage - is a great vitamin for dried vegetable mixture.It can be easy to grind in a meat grinder or chop in a blender and apply on face.But the most useful cabbage gruel mixed with sour cream, and egg white.Keep this mixture can be no more than 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water and rub ice cubes.
  • Magnificent mask work, if any fruit juice listed above, add a bit of compressed yeast (to get the consistency of sour cream).The resulting mixture was let stand for an hour or two, that "played", and then apply to the skin.All washed off after 20 minutes under a cold shower.
  • Face masks can be done in the summer and apples.It is advisable to take this freshly picked fruit.One medium apple grate or make of it mashed in a blender.Add whipped to a froth protein.Mix everything and apply on the skin.Wash off after 15 minutes of warm spring water.

masks to eliminate dryness

to behave cautiously with dry skin.It is all the time need to nurture and moisturize.If you do it with the help of a cucumber, you're absolutely right.Also, you can not go wrong if you add this vegetable to each mask, which will be described below.

  • cucumber and apple mask is made from half a cucumber and apple halves.Fruits do not need to be cleaned, most nutrients are found in the peel.Just rub them on a grater.Cut small bunch of parsley and the same mint.Mix everything in a bowl and season with a vitamin mixture of one egg protein.Hold the mask in the refrigerator and then apply to face.Rinse with warm spring water in 15 minutes and apply a moisturizer.This procedure can be done at least every day.
  • Apricot - a storehouse of vitamin A. Do not take advantage of this juicy and sweet fruit in the middle of summer just can not.Mash two ripe fruit puree, add a teaspoon of milk (cream), olive oil and potato starch.Mix all ingredients and apply on the skin.d├ęcolletage also possible to feed the mask.Rinse with warm water every 15 minutes.
  • Early cabbage, boiled in milk and Mashed puree, not only nourishes dry skin, it is able to smooth out wrinkles.Just do not forget it cool before applying.
  • Raspberry cream - sweet dessert for the skin, and stomach.Four tablespoons of berries mash into a puree, add a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of cream.Mix well, apply the mixture on your face.Zone around the lips can not miss.Rinse this mask gentle circular motion 15-20 minutes.Small Bone berries act as a scrub, clearing the epidermis of dead cells.
  • Peppermint soothes skin irritated by the sun.A small bundle of mint finely chop and brew in a cup of boiling water.Once the broth infusion, strain it, soak it in gauze and apply to face.After 15 minutes, remove the lotion and rub the skin with ice from the same broth.
  • beautiful summer face masks can be made from wheat germ or oats.Especially good if there is a green field somewhere close.The main thing - to catch the moment when the seed has already been formed, but did not have time to harden.Determine this is very simple: tear spike, disassemble it and press down on the seed.If it allocates the murky liquid, then it's time to collect.To view the mask, you will need 5-10 spikelets from which to get the embryos.The case is troublesome, but very useful.Kernels should be thoroughly crushed in a mortar or grind in a coffee grinder.Add to spoon of sour cream, stir and put on clean, steaming skin.Wash off after 20 minutes with warm water.A mixture of grains of embryos used for a long time for the rejuvenation of skin aging.Cosmetologists you do not talk about it, because it is much more profitable to smooth your wrinkles for money.

Summer hair mask

Even if the summer is rainy, you need to nourish the hair, too, moisturize and strengthen.All the more so for them you also find a lot of herbs, roots and fruits in the garden.It is worth noting that cereal mask, which was intended for a person just as well applied to the hair.Only seeds need a little more.

Cosmetics from the garden

  • decoction of green hop cones is an excellent tonic for the hair roots.They poured water one by one and cook over low heat for about 15minutes.Then a few hours and insist, strain, used for preparing thick mixtures.Combine the broth with heavy cream or sour cream and applied to the roots.You can simply wash the head broth, it also has a positive effect.
  • Usual wild nettle is also very useful for hair.Take a big bunch of burning herbs, pour over boiling water, so as not to pinching, grind in a meat grinder and squeeze the juice from the resulting porridge.Mix the juice with the yolk of one egg and apply on the hair from root to tip.After 30 minutes, rinse with warm water without shampoo.You can make a mask or straining (with gruel), but then have to add a spoonful of the mixture of balsam, so that it was easier to wash out the fines.

oil mix

Birch summer hair mask gives the hair shine and health.For it will need young birch buds, castor oil and sea buckthorn.The kidneys must be filled with water, one by one, bring to a boil and leave to cool in a thermos.Then strain the broth cool, mix with the oil in equal proportions and beat until smooth.Apply the oil mix should be the entire length of hair.Not superfluous in such a mixture will be vitamin E, A and B12.If you have a lot of mixture, do not throw it, just add to 20 drops of tea tree oil, mix and keep in the refrigerator until the next procedure.This mask can be not only a summer.If the hot season to prepare for the future birch broth cubes and freeze in the winter can also be healthier hair.

In general, you'd better know what summer hair masks and face fit for you personally.The main thing - do them regularly, at least twice a week.Thus, you "feed" your skin and hair for a whole year.Be beautiful and love yourself.


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