Masks for the face of blackheads at home: time-tested recipes

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black dots, if suddenly appeared in a friendly team traitors, spoil the whole "picture" - the beauty of the face.From their appearance no one is immune, not only in "sleep" state of such "decorations" are at all.Visibility points depends on the circumstances.A master of circumstances can become you, unless of course you want and "make friends" with useful procedures.Only one mask for the face of blackheads, and your skin is clean again as a baby.But let's go in order.

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  • Grounds for the birth of comedones
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Pedigree blackheads

black dots, scientifically referred to as comedones, it is - the usual pores simply blockedfat, dead cells, dust and other "rubbish".From the appearance of the opposing formations no one is immune, from teenagers and ending with retire

es.What are the causes of clogged pores?

Grounds for the birth of comedones

Meet culprits clogging pores:

  • violation of the sebaceous glands;
  • inadequate care of the skin;
  • poor diet with a predominance of sweets, smoked, fat, semi-finished products;
  • passion for alcohol and alcohol;
  • problems with the stomach / digestive system;
  • abuse makeup;
  • hormonal disruptions;
  • use cheap, expired, substandard cosmetics.

Found in the list of causes of acquaintances?So, it's time to learn to do a face mask against the black dots.

Video Beauty Secrets: Is there life without blackheads

Reader recipes

What cleansing mask for the face of blackheads are considered the best?How to do it?What is the best fit for your skin?All this is in order.

Egg - the worst enemy of black dots

Can you imagine what an ordinary egg - is one of the most effective weapons in the fight against comedones ?!And what can we say about the financial savings.To get the same effect, you will need to leave a tidy sum in the elite study cosmetology or buy a whole box of special funds.

For the same recipe will need just an egg (or rather - protein), sugar, container, whisk and time.If to this we add a set of cosmetic brushes, it is generally wonderful.So, whip fresh protein with a dessert spoon of sugar.For this process, use the whisk, mixer or conventional fork.All egg face mask of black dots ready.In the process of application has its own peculiarities.Firstly, it is better to make a brush, and secondly, in two stages.

Apply the first coat, which should be dry, and then treat the person the second time, and without waiting for its hardening, proceed to a unique massage using only one movement of this technique - pat.Put a hand to the face surface and tear off sharply.Do this should be fast enough that the composition did not have time to harden.What is the "trick" of this massage?"Tandem" protein and sugar feels very sticky, so good for getting into the contaminated pores, cleans them no worse than a trendy device.

How long is this procedure?It all depends on the speed of the massage, your patience and composition of the reaction.Each cotton stickiness effect will decrease until it will come down to "no."When this happens, the procedure is completed.Will only remove protein residues with water (optional - warm or cool).

should pay attention!You are concerned about not only the blackheads and spots and pigmentation?Add to the mix a couple of drops of lemon juice (of course, fresh), to clean the face and from this scourge.

mask film

For fans of masks, the films, the person who has suffered from comedones, have wonderful news: a recipe with gelatin.Preparing this wonderful mixture is easier than jelly, but the result of its splendor will amaze even your zavistnits.What you need to prepare for the creation of mask film?

  • gelatin;
  • milk;
  • glass bowl;
  • brush.

Besides the above list, you will need a microwave, which, however, can easily be replaced by a water bath, the time and the desire to deal with comedones.

So, we proceed?Mix equal parts (or possible two spoonful) gelatin and milk.Was stirred and heated in the microwave at full power for half a minute.The resulting adhesive composition treat the face, avoiding the eye and mouth.We are waiting for 10 minutes until the mixture hardens into a film, and remove the mask.The inner side is dotted with black speckles, this is uprooted you nasty blackheads.Purchase an analogue of such a mask - sticky strips that performance is not better, but at a price 10 times more expensive.Why, as the proverb says, to pay more ?!

Soda + G = death comedones

Another simple recipe for a mask-scrub off black dots on the face of our grandmothers, the ingredients for which there will be in every kitchen.However, note that it is not recommended to use it in the presence of acne, otherwise you risk to injure the skin.If you do not have acne, remember the recipe.In equal parts, for example, a spoonful of baking soda and salt mix (very finely ground).Then moisturize cotton pad, it thoroughly lather, dip in the prepared powder, and with the help of massage, circular movements clean the areas of the face, teeming with black dots.

But watch out for pressure, the mixture becomes quite aggressive, so excessive zeal in bodily injury.The final stage - washing with cool water.If comedones are many and / or they are bulky, rasparte the skin before the procedure.To reveal the pores cleaned easily.Repeat this mask scrub against black dots on a weekly basis, and you will forget what they look like.

Rice Mask

have proved effective in the "battle" and rice recipe face mask of black points.It is preparing a cleaning mixture.A quarter cup of ordinary rice is washed, as it does for cooking oatmeal, pour into an enamel pan, pour boiling water so that water covered the grains.Do it better in the evening, because the composition is to infuse for at least 10 hours At the end of the allotted time rice using a fork or a spoon transformed into a puree and put on a quarter of an hour on the skin, the affected comedones.Wash and admire the dazzling result.

Clay against blackheads

Clay standing "penny", clears the face not worse than the alternative road will be ready, sold in colorful jars.Find the clay at any pharmacy or cosmetics outlets.

Spread a few spoonfuls of the powder boiled, lukewarm water to the consistency of sour cream.

Treat your face and wait for 15 minutes or more - it is necessary that the clay has dried.You can then wash.

It's important to know!clay type is selected according to the skin kind.Comprehensive information on this subject you can find on the package with the powder.

Express Mask

If you are always busy and can not devote much time domestic procedures to improve the beauty, take on the "arms" espresso option mask against the black dots.Fresh lemon cut in half - exactly on the "equator".You will need one half.On her drip a little honey - about half a small spoon.And begin to rub the face in public places comedones.After treatment, leave the mixture on your face for 5 more minutes, then wash.The result will be noticeable immediately, by the way, at the same time, and you get rid of age spots.

you tell our grandmother - great experts on beauty?


Our reader recommended tool that copes with wrinkles better than any "national" mask, and not inferior to efektivnosti salon treatment: nourishing the skin, smooths wrinkles and removes puffiness, and the effect according to her noticeable after3rd application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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