Masks bleach - from age spots and freckles : recipes and details of the procedure

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If childhood and adolescence little face freckles look touching, then in adulthood such "decorations" are becoming a problem, and spoil the image.Meanwhile, the "sun kisses" can easily expel, if you learn how to do special mask, bleaching of age spots, freckles, and other unexpected "surprises."Meet the Top 10 such procedures.

  • Videos from the experts: deduce dark spots
  • Solar kissing under a microscope
  • Causes of pigmentation
  • Principles cleaning procedures
  • top 10 recipes

Videos from the experts: the withdrawal of pigment


Solar kissing under a microscope

Brown patches - not always the gifts of mother nature, they sometimes arise from the neglect of their own skin or health.About it and talk.

Causes of pigmentation

begin with internal "culprits" formation of brown spots.Get acquainted with this "company»:

  • thyroid problems;
  • kidney disease;
  • irregularities in the digestive tract;
  • love of hormonal contraceptives;
  • liver disease;
  • waiting heir;
  • lactation;
  • lack of folic acid in the body, or vitamin C;
  • menopause.

And now about external factors, leading to the birth of "sun kisses»:

  • overabundance of ultraviolet (love for the sun baths);
  • abuse of decorative cosmetics;
  • applying to exposed skin perfume, eau de toilette, and other products containing essential oils, especially in the hot season;
  • squeezing pimples;
  • use caustic compositions;
  • improper handling of scrubs and other cleaning agents.

Principles cleaning procedures

to do whitening mask properly without causing more damage the skin, remember the following rules:

  • buy for manufacturing the composition of the highest quality products in the proven place;
  • first stage of the procedure - the cleansing of makeup, dirt;
  • mask cook immediately before the session;
  • area of ​​the mouth and lips are covered with delicate skin, so handle them aggressive mixtures is not necessary;
  • procedures to choose the evening hours, in order to protect the freshly cleansed skin from the sun;
  • final stage - the application of nourishing cream.

It's important to know!Before going out in the daytime will certainly apply sunscreen, then brown spots will be much less.

Top 10

recipes you ready to meet with the best whitening mask of pigment spots?Let's start.

  • Mask of parsley

Buy a bundle of curly grass, chop (knife or a food processor), pour a cup of boiling water and by moving the container in a water bath, warm up for about 10 minutes.Then, the infusion can drain and allow to cool.Take a piece of gauze or natural fabric, put in the broth, squeeze.Put on your face and let stand 20 minutes, occasionally moisten the cloth.The final stage - washing using cold water.remaining after the infusion procedure does not pour, it is useful for an evening rubbing.You can add a little milk to the broth, whose brown spots too afraid.

  • Curd against pigmentation

you need a soup spoon of curd.It is better to use a home, but it should be well grind - to the consistency of the shop "brother."The cottage cheese, add 15 drops of hydrogen peroxide pharmacy and ammonia.Mix composition.Treat them to face and wait 15 minutes.Wash with warm water.

  • recipe with yeast

Buy briquette live yeast, such what our grandmothers used.Check the expiry date, the most recent product is needed, because it will be applied to the face.Dessert spoon of yeast dissolve purchased at a pharmacy with hydrogen peroxide.By volume, guided by the consistency of sour cream.However, owners of a dry cover instead of peroxide beauticians are advised to use the usual, but not chlorinated water.Duration of treatment - until pour mask.Then rinse with boiled water yeast.

  • mask with starch

recipe from our grandmothers, proven for centuries.Take a soup spoon of ordinary potato starch and plant it with fresh lemon juice to the consistency of yogurt.Processes the weight space "habitat" of brown spots and 25 minutes immersed in complete tranquility.You can lie down and enjoy the relaxed music, and then remove residues using a cotton pad moistened with milk.

  • Almonds as a weapon against freckles

For walnut recipe you will need a handful - about 20 almonds to be peeled and then crushed, by the way, you can just grind in a coffee grinder.The resulting mass is needed for a drop of water to pour a small spoon (boiled but cold).Then add to the composition of a dessert spoon of honey home, not older than 1 year from the date of "birth".Process nut mixture on the face of a quarter of an hour.Remove the remains of cosmeticians advise infusion of lime, which will enhance the effect of almond whitening mask.

  • Lemon cleansing

Fresh lemon juice mixed with an equal volume of either honey or flour (you can use wheat and potato).Mix the mass and cover her face by 20 minutes Washing spend in 2 stages, first with warm, then cool water.This whitening mask with lemon for many ladies is a leader among his own kind, because it requires a minimum investment of time and is prepared from products available in the kitchen each of the housewives.

  • Strawberry mask

This recipe - already an old man, his popularity has passed since the collapse of the Soviet era, but the effectiveness will not go away, so you can revive this method of struggle with brown spots and add to your regular schedule of cases to improve the beauty.Fortunately fragrant berry can be found on the shelves of modern all year round.Mash large strawberries to the consistency of mashed potatoes, add the berries teaspoon fresh lemon juice and honey.Mix strawberry gruel and treat lesions pigment spots.Soak 10 minutes, wash with cool water.You will find that whitening mask of strawberries - one of the most fun procedures.

  • recipe for getting rid of sunburn

If you become boring chocolate skin tone obtained during the holidays, or a session in the tanning bed was not very successful, you can return the body's natural hue by cucumber whitening mask from sunburn.The recipe is incredibly simple.Take a large cucumber, ground in a food processor or rubbed, mix with a spoon of any cosmetic oil or a nourishing cream, carefully mixed and applied.Some ladies like a simpler Whitening Body Mask - pure cucumber.However, it is suitable only owner of oily or normal skin, but the dry requires additional moisturizing components.

  • Kefir mask

She loves yogurt?And you know that he, too, can take over the mission of bleach?Take 50 ml of fresh drink, add a few small spoonfuls of lemon juice and olive oil one, and the composition is ready.

Can they handle, both body and face.For an effective means of action will be sufficient quarters of an hour.

  • Fighting pigmentation with a bow

And for a snack - onion recipe for the most daring lady.It will take a couple of bulbs that you need to grind, and you can combine.Then, the slurry is necessary to squeeze the juice.It pour a small spoonful of cosmetic oil, stir, and the composition is ready.Apply it for 15 minutes and remove with a cotton pad moistened with milk.

Owning this "arsenal" recipes whitening mask, you see, can not be afraid of pigment spots ?!


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