Masks for acne at home - off the disguise and long live the clean skin

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It would seem that might spoil Lady Perfection, having a perfect figure, pretty face and gorgeous hair ?!Just one small but nasty pimple, and marred the image of the mood warped, a date set aside.What to do?Mask acne kilograms foundation, run to the dermatologist, hiding under a blanket or porydat?If you learn how to make a mask for acne at home, then - none of the above proposed as attack depart in just a few hours.

  • Video: professionals about acne
  • masks against acne: the pros and cons
  • Indications
  • Restrictions
  • Wisdom combat acne
  • Hit Parade of the best recipes
  • Mr. Aspirin- storm for acne
  • Soap against rash
  • Streptocide - child of wonderful discoveries
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Video: professionals about acne

masks againstacne: pros and cons

Before you begin to learn to make homemade masks for acne, is familiar with all the ins and outs, examine the indications and contraindications for this method of dealing with acne.The fact th

at the procedures for cleaning the skin, usually are aggressive in nature and, therefore, their use should take place under the watchful supervision of and take into account all the features, structure, type and condition of the skin.


Who should make homemade facial masks for acne without hesitation?Focus on a list of problems:

  • acne, appeared as a result of hormonal disruption;
  • traditional precipitation during growing period;
  • single or mass with acne known to you the nature and origin of the designated doctor a course of treatment.


In some cases, a course of masks at home against acne is to transfer?

  • when acne bleed;
  • in case of defeat the disease over a quarter of the area of ​​the skin;
  • wounds, burns, inflammation of the face;
  • severe lesions of internal organs;
  • allergy to any component of the mixture.

should pay attention!The waiting period is the heir and during lactation all ways to deal with acne is to agree with the doctor.

Wisdom combat acne

to homemade mask for acne were the most effective, it is important to follow some rules.Memorize:

  1. Never squeeze acne.Such purification is fraught with a minimum of scars, maximum - blood poisoning.
  2. During the course of procedures refrain from the use of decorative cosmetics.If you force majeure and homemade mask for acne - a kind of "first aid" before an important meeting, a date, the publication, try to treat the person at least 2 hours before the make-up, or the night before.
  3. not take the example of the other masks and do not start the procedure with the skin steaming.This improvement will only hurt the process.
  4. Cook was only in a special, clean, plastic and aluminum cookware.
  5. If foods / herbs for the preparation of mixtures collect yourself, then for the "taking" of such ingredients, choose places far from the highways.
  6. Exactly follow the recommendations specified in the selected recipe.
  7. Check each component or mask the overall tolerance.The test for allergies is this: Apply a drop of the composition on the delicate area at the elbow crease, waiting for half an hour and check the reaction.If any abnormality is observed (burning, irritation, itching), go directly to the procedure.

Hit Parade of the best recipes

It's time to introduce you to the most effective mask for acne at home.Let's start with the most popular recipes.

Mr. Aspirin - storm for

acne with aspirin we all knew each other from childhood.This drug - a kind of "first aid" in case of emergency, when the temperature rises, there is pain, inflammation, or in the case of any other force majeure.There is even an interesting folk recipe against old age: drink every day poltabletki aspirin, and the youth will remain with you for a long time.But now we conduct speech about the masks, to them and come back.So, what should prepare for the procedure?

  • aspirin package (definitely check the shelf life of the drug);
  • homemade honey (which is not more than one year);
  • water (purified from chlorine);
  • spoon (soup);
  • container (glass);
  • cosmetic brush;
  • cotton pads;
  • hours;
  • heated water for washing.

proceed?Loosen the foil from 5 tablets, drag them into the container, press down with a spoon.Then, start to pour a drop of water until the powder turns into mush.Next, add an average of honey and mix thoroughly.Treat acne lesion composition zones, soak 20 minutes.Wash.The result will be visible in a couple of hours.If the acne a lot, organize these "fights" with spots on a weekly basis until the disease does not recede.

Soap against rash

recipe from our grandmothers and even great-grandmothers.Cheap, effective, proven way to decades of cleansing the face of nasty "guests".To prepare the mixture will need a miracle now, without additives, admixtures, dyes and other "chemistry" soap, such as the antediluvian sold in stores in the vast Soviet Union.Go to the maintenance department, get older seller and ask him to give you a soap.

When dobudete basis for grandmother mask for acne, the sodium soaps, somewhere a piece of 1 by 1 cm. The chips add a drop of water, make sure that its level was not above the soap.Then whisk the mass, turning it into a lather.And the last ingredient - salt, with, fine.Add it to foam.Proportions - equal.On the cover is peeled foam, apply salt and soak for half an hour.Rinse composition grandmother advised by means of contrast washing.Repeat these procedures soap two days during a month, and clean your skin even envied model.

Streptocide - child of wonderful discoveries

But back to the modern means of combat the rash.Three leaders closes effective mask at home for acne with streptotsidom.In addition to the drug, it needs iodine and aloe juice (fresh and fit, and pharmacy - from vials).

We bought components?Its time to begin.Crush (as in the recipe with aspirin) 20 streptotsida tablets.Bring using aloe juice obtained powder to a slurry consistency.Then measure out 4 drops of iodine, add them to the mass and mix well.Treat such a composition acne lesions place before bedtime.Caused, and in the crib.A need to wash in the morning, and, with cold water.

Yeast mask

And for dessert, again a recipe of my grandmother's anthology of recipes for beauty - yeast.This product - just a storehouse of useful components.In yeast there iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, vitamins Hi B, and selenium.And prepare the cleaning mixture is very simple.Buy fresh yeast (such as our grandmothers used - in blocks), two-spoon is metered, and are crushed with a fork, diluted milk, pound useful "couple" to the consistency of sour cream.

Machining gruel area affected by acne, soak for 20 minutes and wash your face with cool, but not containing chlorine water.If the skin is excessively oily, beauticians grandmother advised to drop a little bit of fresh lemon juice.At the same time and get rid of age spots, if you are concerned.By the way, the yeast not only banish acne, blackheads and brown spots, and give skin a matte, slightly pearly shade.Repeat treatment sessions twice a week, yeast, and your face is perfect.

Video-prescription acne masks at home

Now, when you met with the hit parade the most effective home acne masks, it's time to declare war on acne.Emergency victory and clear skin!


Our reader recommended tool that copes with wrinkles better than any "national" mask, and not inferior to efektivnosti salon treatment: nourishing the skin, smooths wrinkles and removes puffiness, and the effect according to her noticeable after3rd application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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