The mask of black dots in the home: detailed recipes to choose from

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What unites man and Dalmatians?Black dots that decorate the dogs, and people, of course, spoil the mood.To you not much deceived, saying that you have no such trouble, read the opinions of doctors: the black dots is actually everyone, but not all of them are visible.Seen through the eyes such "decorations" are due to the size and "settlement" on light skin.What to do, to the hated of Education did not gain weight?This will help you mask of black dots, and now you will learn how to do it yourself.

  • Video familiarity with comedones and ways of getting rid of them
  • black dots under the microscope
  • What comedones
  • Causes
  • Hit Parade recipes of blackheads
  • Activatedcoal - hit the spot
  • protein mask - simple
  • recipe with soda

Video familiarity with comedones and ways of getting rid of them

black dots under the microscope

Before you learn how to make a mask against the black dotsthere will be more than familiar with the history of the origin and nature of the small scoundrels


What comedones

official name of black dots - comedones.His birth of the black dots are required to conventional pores present on the body of all people.Pores - a secluded place, where they like to hide dead skin cells, dust, excess fat and other spoiling the beauty of the "garbage".

As you know, everyone has comedones, they differ only in the size, number of "livestock" and location.


Why comedones are formed?Which parts of the face, they "occupy"?Get acquainted with the list of causes of birth hated points:

  1. Bust with decorative cosmetics.As they say, enough is enough, and with cosmetics.Make-up foundation, blush, powder, creams - all thoroughly clog pores and favors the birth of comedones.Use masking skin imperfections means to measure, to preserve the natural beauty of the face, as well as thoroughly clean the cover after makeup.It is also important to remove makeup is not water, soap, and special structures.There will be no more than once a week to arrange the face "spring cleaning", making peeling or scrub.
  2. insufficient care.You do not paint, and think that this is enough to protect your face from blackheads?Alas, you're wrong.Cleansing the skin from dirt and sebum and moisturizing cream it - daily is your duty, if you are, of course, want to preserve the beauty.Also important is the correct choice of means - according to the skin type.And if you use all in a row, for example, a tonic for dry skin with fat face, comedones bloom on your face, as if the flowers on the sunny lawn.
  3. Wrong way of life.Passion for alcohol, smoking, nocturnal can not but affect the health of the skin.The processes of its activity violated cover becomes dull, wrinkled and spotted with black dots.
  4. heat.You may be surprised, but the most pleasant season of the year - summer, too, provokes increased proliferation of comedones.It is understandable, the heat, the sweat, dust - and here they are: nasty black spots.Try to arrange a summer skin kind of "vacation", giving her a break from makeup and special processing facilities against UV.
  5. Abuse sugar.Sweets - enemies are not only figure, but also clean the skin.
  6. problems with hormonal.Some hormones deliver more negative than bad habits.They are often accompanied by a surge of increased allocation of sebum, which is oxidized, it becomes black, and moved to the "habitual residence" in the pores.Such problems can be observed not only in the period of illness, but also while carrying a heart heir, puberty or menopause.By the way, the stress hormone also violates the "idyll".Listen to the recommendations of the doctor who is trying to save you from such problems, are being treated in a timely manner, then the person will be beautiful.

It's important to know!Beach, by the way, is not the best place to stay when it comes to your skin, it does not like excess sun.

Hit Parade recipes of blackheads

What kind of mask of black dots are most effective and in demand beauties?Let's try to make the so-called hits such procedures.

Activated carbon - hit the spot

most popular of all the mask against the black dots with activated charcoal.This type of coal burned comedones in his furnace like a flame coal, get up to mischief in the oven.This drug is available in each of the pharmacies, the fastest and budget way to restore the skin not only clean, but also glow, soft, velvety, and as a bonus also to accelerate wound healing.

How to prepare a mask of black dots with coal?First, make a purchase, you must have these products and tools to restore beauty as:

  • activated carbon (1 tab.);
  • gelatin (1/2 small spoons);
  • milk (a couple of soup spoons);
  • glass container or an ordinary plate;
  • cotton pads;
  • spoon.

charcoal tablet place in the center of the plate and press it with a spoon.The coal powder, add gelatin and milk.Mix a little weight and warm up.Then apply makeup in 2 stages - layer by layer.After a quarter of an hour, remove the remnants of the mixture with a cotton disc.

Protein Mask - simple

Some say that the mask of egg white from the black dots is popular due to the fact that just being prepared.Meanwhile, its application requires uncommon attentiveness and patience.As a reward for your efforts you expect the person shining purity and velvety.

So what secrets conceals protein mask of black dots and all the wisdom of miracle treatments.For fresh protein of an egg, you must add a soup spoon of sugar, mix and beat until fluffy foam formation.Then begins the art.With the help of a brush handle all face, as if creating a mask of plaster.We wait until completely dry, then repeat the process.You can pre-divide the mass into two parts, some fans masks with egg against the black dots argue that it's more convenient.

Immediately after applying the second coat should be started clapping and sufficiently intensive.Do not spare the skin, you do it loose from the ugly points.The whole "trick" of this mixture in the presence of sugar, because it is sticky.A protein is an excellent film covers the face.That's the whole secret of the effectiveness of the mask - it penetrates deep into the pores due to the beneficial qualities of mineral components.

If you want to compete not only with comedones, and with pigment spots, drip into the mass a little lemon juice.He - a wonderful skin bleach.The principle of applying the same.How do you feel that the composition is dry (it will take about 15 minutes), you can wash off.The water is suitable as a warm and cool slightly.

recipe with soda

Soda mask against the black dots on the nose and face effectively purchased some "foreign" funds and is "pennies."Do it once every 3 days to complete disappearance of comedones and you will save a lot of money that can be spent on updating the wardrobe or collection of spirits.Prepared mask of black dots with soda is very simple.

slept in a glass container dessert spoon of soda, twice milled oatmeal and top weight of watering or lemon juice, or yogurt - until then, until the mixture is similar in consistency to cream.Then apply a mush soda on peeled skin and go for 10 minutes to rest.At the same time, try not to smile or talk, or crack mask and cover all the centers of "settlement" comedones.

No matter which of the described masks of black dots you liked, the result will be stunning.Check it out!


Our reader recommended tool that copes with wrinkles better than any "national" mask, and not inferior to efektivnosti salon treatment: nourishing the skin, smooths wrinkles and removes puffiness, and the effect according to her noticeable after3rd application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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