Facial masks from cucumber : recipes for different skin types

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face mask from cucumber will appeal to those who do not like to complicate their lives.Such cosmetic procedures bribe its simplicity, which does not affect the results.Anti-aging products based on this useful vegetable is easy to prepare at home.It is possible to dispense available and inexpensive components.For information on how to prepare and apply such a mask will be discussed in this article.

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use cucumber mask

When using any facial mask of cucumber you will immediately see the result.What will it be?

  • you will look fresh and tired skin tone comes in.Since this is manifested in the presence of the product of B vitamins, vitamin C, as well as sodium, phosphorus, iron, silicon, potassium, fluorine and iodine.
  • If a person has an unpleasant sheen due to excessive discharge of fat, then mix with cucumbe
    rs help organize the work of the sebaceous glands.
  • This wonderful vegetable helps to quickly get rid of pimples, redness, age spots and freckles.
  • silicon dioxide is present in cucumber masks smoothes fine lines and rejuvenates the skin.The constant use of these compositions make it supple and smooth.
  • you will feel as soon as the feeling has disappeared "tightness" because any facial mask of fresh cucumbers well nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Therapeutic compositions with vegetable garden handsome well affect the skin of any type.To find the right recipe, you need to know the features of your face.This advice can help cosmetologist or a simple home test, which would require an ordinary cloth.Pat your face with it.If she were her greasy stains, then you have oily skin, if left unchanged, then dry.There is a combined version, when dry skin is oily T-zone area of ​​the nose and chin.

Recipes masks for the face with cucumber

determine the condition of your skin, you can see and choose for themselves the most effective recipe.

For dry skin

To prepare such medicinal mixtures, you will need fresh young cucumbers.

  1. Take a small cucumber, chop it and add to it a few tablespoons of natural cream.The mixture should be applied to cleansed face for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  2. Grate the cucumber on a fine grater (1-2 pcs.) And add to it a few drops of fresh lemon juice.All stir quickly and immediately put on the face.After 15-20 minutes, the composition should be gently removed with a cotton pad without using water.This facial mask of cucumber nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  3. This recipe is added to the core product components that reinforce its nourishing and refreshing effect.They also make the skin soft and silky.You will need a medium-sized cucumber, grated on a fine grater.The resulting slurry put cottage cheese (1 tbsp. L) and a few sprigs of parsley mashed, then pour 1 tbsp.spoon milk and a little olive oil.All mix thoroughly and the resulting mixture was put on the face.After 15 minutes, it was necessary to wash with warm water and then rinse cold.
  4. well moisturizes the skin facial mask with cucumber and herbs.It may be mint and basil, which are taken over a few leaves, and the infusion of chamomile (2-3 tbsp. Spoons).

For oily skin

If we add to our juicy vegetables the most simple products, you will receive treatment compounds that are good for oily skin.

  1. It grated on a fine grater cucumber, add oatmeal.It is necessary to get an array that resembles thick cream.It must be spread on the face and leave approximately 20 minutes.Do this procedure regularly for several months to 2 times a week.After that, your face will no longer shine forever from the excess fat excreted.
  2. Remove with a few cucumbers peel, slice them into thin strips and place them on pre-cleaned face.Remove the cucumber, after 15-20 minutes.


This mask helped and helps to maintain youth and beauty is not the same generation.She has successfully solved the problem of shortage of cosmetics and therefore deserves a place of honor in middle-aged women.Rejuvenating face mask of honey and cucumber cooked very simply.A couple of small cucumbers, grated, mixed with floral honey.

The resulting mixture was applied to face and stand for 15 minutes.After applying this prescription skin becomes smooth and beautiful, and the person becomes healthy and fresh look.

From acne

cosmetic formulations of natural products with the addition of cucumber pulp should be done 2 times a week.After 2-3 months you will be surprised that got rid of annoying acne.

  • To make it simple means you'll need a few small fresh cucumbers.Of these, with the help of a grater to get gruel and in-kind to put it on the face, leave for 20 minutes.
  • grate a cucumber, squeeze the juice out of it and add 2 tbsp.tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese.Move components until smooth and spread her face.After 15 minutes, it was necessary to wash with warm water.Such cucumbers facial mask can be prepared as yogurt.In any case, it is an excellent remedy for teenage acne and acne.

bleaching compositions

This wonderful vegetable has established itself as an excellent bleaching agent.Even an ordinary person blur circle cucumber cut gives an instant brightening effect.For even better results you need to polished cucumber add a little lemon juice or boric acid.The mixture is warmed slightly in the form of heat is applied to the face.Top to put gauze, after moistening it with cucumber juice.The composition is maintained for 15 minutes, and then rinsed off.

Nowadays facials with cucumber can be done even in the winter, because this product is available at any time of the year.therapeutic compositions prepared from it does not have side effects and can get rid of many skin problems.You can see for yourself!

Video recipes of masks on the basis of cucumber


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