Face masks at home: soothing and anti-inflammatory compounds

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prices for services in the offices of cosmetology are at variance with the possibilities of your budget?Do not rush to condemn the skin on aging earlier and themselves to blame bad business abilities.Try to arrange a beauty salon at home, face masks - a procedure available each of the ladies, the main thing - do not be lazy and "arm" the right recipe.

  • We care about the beauty of the evening - night mask
  • Why is it good to do the mask at night
  • Night resuscitation problem skin
  • recovery in
  • dream night struggle with acne
  • maskedpeels and scrubs
  • fight wrinkles
  • Universal anti-aging mask
  • Rejuvenating rice means
  • procedures against pigmentation
  • video recipe from amateur home masks

We care about the beauty of the evening - night mask

recovery for a man -it is a pleasant leisure, favorite hobbies, family, playing with children, tasty meal, watching movies exciting.And whether this holiday is suitable skin?Have you ever thought about it?Maybe the person needs special "leis

ure"?Remember: the best recovery for the skin - night facial mask at home.

Why is it good to do the mask at night

that is capable of properly made night facial mask at home?Get acquainted with the list of features of this night "guest»:

  • improved tissue circulation;
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  • struggle with acne;
  • skin nutrition;
  • elimination of foci of irritation or inflammation;
  • cleansing of the skin;
  • whitening face;
  • improve the tone and turgor of the surface;
  • slowing tissue aging.

Night resuscitation

problem skin Your face is prone to inflammation and irritation, dry skin is different?Such problems are easy to solve night inflammatory facial mask at home.Memorize the recipe.Take in equal proportions (it is possible on a small spoon) such oils:

  • cocoa;
  • jojoba;
  • almond;
  • olive;
  • apricot.

first heated in a water bath, add the rest to him.Stirred gently apply a "ensemble" a thin layer of oil and go to bed.It is advisable to cover the pillow before going to bed with a thick towel in order to protect it from fatty streaks.How to wake up, wash with green tea (leaf but not from a bag).

recovery in

sleep the morning an important meeting, and her face pumped up?Going after work immediately on a date, but the fear that the fatigue effect on your appearance and you will not like the gentleman?Take on the "arming" the night tonic facial mask at home.Struck at night and in the morning - even on the cover of the magazine.

So, what are the ingredients you need for a miracle treatments?

  • fresh egg yolk (1 chicken or quail 2);
  • couple of soup spoons of strong tea leaves of green tea good;
  • small spoon of shea butter.

listed components mask mix, apply with a brush on the face and lie down to watch dreams.After waking up the remnants of the mixture using a clean swab moistened green tea.

Night struggle with acne

are good in action and night masks at home to face anti-acne, such as soap and clay.Let's start with the one that is easier - soap.Take a piece of normal soap (only present, pure, without impurities).Area dipped into water and rubbed hateful pimples - but without fanaticism.

morning, wash off the remnants of soap with warm water.A more complex, but no less effective procedure aimed at combating disfiguring acne beauty is - clay mask.Take equal proportions of white clay and green tea, stir, add a few drops of lemon juice.Next - all scripted soap recipe.

Masks, peels and scrubs

Cleansing masks are good and as a separate procedure, and as a step prior to other processes.

  • Coffee cleansing

headed hits peeling facial masks at home cleaning the coffee.This recipe and effective, and budget.This procedure can afford even the girls who live on the scholarship.Memorize the recipe.Brew a proven natural ground coffee.All you need is thick, you can enjoy a drink themselves during the mask.The coffee pulp, apply cosmetics to the liberated skin and wait until dry manure.After the crusts on the face can be massaged with the help rinse the grains with water.

  • Oat Scrub

Oats is the second step in the charts excellent skin cleansing products.Preparing oatmeal mask facial scrub at home is almost like porridge for breakfast.Take a handful of proven flakes, fill up to cover the mixture with hot water.Wait until the porridge brew - minutes 5. Apply a quarter-hour oat muck on your face.Then wash off the remains of the flakes with water, first with warm, then cold.You can alternate between a structure - pure oats with a "duet" - oatmeal plus carrot juice.

  • Egg peeling

owner of oily skin rescue mask for face cleaning in the home on the basis of eggs, or rather, a combination of eggs and shells.First, mix the yolk with a small spoon thick cream.Separately grinds half egg shell.Adds it to the main mix.Composition is heated using a water bath.Egg gruel apply in the form of heat-minute 20. At the end of wash away the remnants of the magic ended with warm water.

fight wrinkles

Can I make anti-aging facial mask at home?If you find "your" recipe and exactly adhere to its recommendations, then you may well arrange professional cosmetology office and his apartment.Focus on the following options.

Universal anti-aging mask

This mix homemade, but the performance it can give odds even expensive procedures in the elite beauty salons.And what can we say about the usefulness of such a composition and naturalness ?!So, remember the recipe, but first prepare such ingredients:

  • egg;
  • homemade honey;
  • oatmeal.

How to prepare a composition?Separates protein, whip it good (until the foam), then mixed with a little honey and three - oatmeal.Apply the mixture on your face, bypassing the area around the lips and eyes.Wait 20 minutes.Washes away the remains of rejuvenating gruel with warm water.

Rejuvenating rice means

Another anti-aging face mask at home - rice.Preparing such a composition almost like a porridge, which is then transformed into a puree.So, half a cup of rice cook as accustomed to, naturally in the water, but without the salt.Then, using a fork or a spoon of porridge to warm up to the consistency of sour cream.To this add the mashed potatoes or a couple of dessert spoons of cream (if cover is dry) or milk (for oily skin).Stirred up, a little heated and immediately apply - minutes to 20 minutes.

layer can get quite thick, but do not worry - this is normal.To mask from the face of the opal is simply not like pancakes, better to lie down during the procedure, listen to relaxing music, to dream.At the end of the allotted period of prescription rinse rice puree relatively cool water.Rice mask is not only struggling with the age, but also makes the skin velvety, radiant health.

procedures against pigmentation

Whatever may be the beautiful facial skin, all its perfection can be reduced to "no" bunch of ugly pigment spots.Why do they appear?First of all from an overabundance of sun in your life, but also due to hormonal disruption, as a result of pregnancy or due to overuse solarium.Whatever it was, but the pigmentation necessary to declare war.The best weapon in this battle is the currant mask or as it is often called in the people - "Smorodinka".

  • currant Recipe mask

Making such a mask is better in the same season or simply to find a couple of sprigs of red currants useful during the off-season.Still need a medical home.So in the summer you direct road to the garden, the garden or the apiary.Well, or if not their land, then to the market.Then everything is simple: three soup spoons are turning by using the fork to mush, add a small spoonful of honey, mix and apply.This is followed by a half hour of relaxation, then currant puree washed off with warm water.The final stage of the procedure - moisturizer, if you do a mask during the day, or nutrient - in the case of guidance beauty evening.

What miraculous properties of this composition?As usual currants can win pigmentation?It's all a part of, this berry is rich in acids, which kicked ugly spots from your face.

As you can see, make masks, peels and facial scrubs his hands - not so complicated science.

video recipe from amateur home masks


Our reader recommended tool that copes with wrinkles better than any "national" mask, and not inferior to efektivnosti salon treatment: nourishes the skin, reduces wrinkles and removes bagsunder the eyes, and the effect is evident in her words after the third application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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