Mustard mask for the face and slimming

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women do not go in order to preserve its natural beauty on which only the victim.They use not only recognized by all cosmetic products of industrial production.The ladies are also willing to use people's secrets youth prolongation.A prime example is mustard mask, which has a wide range of applications.It is used to strengthen the hair and improve the skin, weight loss and getting rid of cellulite.Let us learn the most popular recipes, and also features the use of a mask mustard.

  • Mustard powder in cosmetology
  • Face masks with mustard
  • Recipe from premature aging of the skin
  • Burning slimming
  • Mustard wrap
  • fight against "orange peel»
  • Indicationsand contraindications for procedures mustard
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mustard powder in cosmetology

Cosmetic products based on mustard powder ladies became known many centuries ago.It is known that the ancient residents of the east were able to assess the merits of a variety of masks.In the Middle Ages was a recipe for the first time on the territ

ory of Europe, then European ladies quickly took him into service.

What explains the magic power of the mustard?First of all, to its unique structure.It is surprisingly rich and varied.The mustard powder contains:

  • essential oils, soothing active way;
  • unsaturated fatty acids that contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes;
  • glycoside sinigrin - it stimulates blood flow;
  • vitamins A, B, E, D - uvlazhayut and tone, rejuvenate and relieve acne.

Because crushed mustard seeds have a warming and irritant effect, they help activate circulation.This effect is used for a variety of cosmetic problems.For example, it helps to fight cellulite - from the problem zone activates lymph flow and the metabolism is accelerated in this place.This same feature of mustard powder helps to improve the condition of head of hair by improving the nutrition of the hair roots.

Face masks with mustard

People cosmetology offers not one interesting recipe mustard mask.Each is used to solve a specific problem.Individual will also deadlines and methods of using funds from the mustard powder.We recommend carefully selected mask and cook it under the strict proportions of the ingredients.

Recipe from premature aging of the skin

If you are considering every morning his face in the mirror, looking for the first signs of aging, you have time to experience for yourself this recipe.Mustard face mask helps keep the skin Gorny long and elastic.In the procedure, you will need a minimum of time and money.

must first prepare your skin, causing it any nutritious cream.And for masks, spread a tablespoon of mustard powder to have a thick paste.The resulting mass is put on a cotton cloth and apply to the face.Cover with cloth towel and lie down for five minutes.

After that, you must very carefully remove the tissue with the mustard mixture.This mask can be repeated after a week.Too zealous is not necessary, so as not to harm the delicate skin.After a few treatments you will appreciate the effect - posvezheet face, and the skin becomes smoother and firmer.

Important!Many people think: why the mask of mustard does not burn, probably does not work.And increase the exposure time of 15-20 minutes.This should not be done.By burning in this case protects the cream, in others - oil, honey or other components included in the mask.Do not increase the time of exposure, the risk of getting burned.

Burning slimming

If your main problem area is not on the face and in the area of ​​the waist or hips - this extra fat stores, to get rid of them will help mask mustard effective for weight loss.Some women claim that only a few treatments to help reduce the amount of three to four centimeters.

mask to be most effective, prepare your problem areas - treat them with a scrub.This will help remove the horny layer of the skin and open the pores of the body to be more receptive to cosmetic products based on mustard powder.

Mustard wrap

Now you need to dilute mustard powder, it took him about one cup.Add to it slowly warm water, ensuring uniform consistency.After the mass can be applied to the body.To effect was more impressive, wrap problem areas with plastic wrap and cover with something warm - a towel or blanket.

half an hour carefully remove the mask and take a warm shower.Finish the procedure by applying a moisturizer.This will prevent the appearance of irritation.After a couple of days can repeat the procedure.In total you can spend up to ten sessions.

fight against "orange peel»

now tell you about how you can get rid of cellulite.The aid is also ready to come mustard.It is no secret that the "orange peel" occurs in women of different sizes and ages, and to eliminate the bad effect is not obtained the best cosmetics.It is possible that it is mustard mask cellulite will demonstrate the best impact.

To perform the procedure, it is necessary to combine two tablespoons of water and six spoonfuls of mustard powder with three tablespoons of honey.You should get a homogeneous mass, which is applied directly on dry skin, massaging gently.After

need to wrap the problem area and leave the film in this way for twenty minutes.It is recommended to insulate the area, such as wearing warm tights, and throughout the entire period of the mask prodelyvat exercise.Then the effectiveness of the procedure will be many times higher.

Indications and contraindications for procedures mustard

Finally you need to deal with the issues, who shows mustard mask, and when they are strictly prohibited.Indications for use of national prescription will pale skin, its fat content and increased signs of wilting.Also experiment with mustard powder can be when on the sides or elsewhere formed ugly wrinkles or cellulite crust.

However, in this issue you need to follow the recommendations of experts, which will help avoid any unpleasant side effects.It is not necessary to make a mask if your skin is very sensitive or if it is peeling process.

important to know that you can use for the procedure only mustard powder, and in any case not replace his usual mustard!In its structure there are other substances that can harm the skin.If you are in doubt, not too sensitive your skin, then the first test on a small area means.

By following these simple rules, you will soon be able to assess the effect of exposure to mustard.Let the beauty does not leave you for years to come!


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