Masks of age spots on the face : Popular Recipes

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Small freckles look pretty and cute.When the face appear spots, then it is cause for regret.This defect of the skin may occur in each person.It is associated with excessive production of the hormone melanin called hyperpigmentation.Dark spots can appear anywhere on the body, but is particularly frustrating when they are formed on the face.What can be done to save his appearance?There are many ways, but the mask of age spots on the face is the most gentle, but no less effective action.In this article, it will be discussed about this method of dealing with common cosmetic defect.

  • Causes of hyperpigmentation
  • Features whitening masks
  • rules applying therapeutic compositions
  • Popular recipes
  • Video recipe of Chinese mask of pigment spots

Causes of hyperpigmentation

easier to preventthe problem than to eliminate its consequences.This well-known truth impels to action.If you have dark spots, then:

  • check the condition of the liver, kidney and gall bladder;
  • think, if you're too
    fond of tan and not too many consume drugs;
  • you may have developed a vitamin deficiency;
  • this may be a temporary manifestation of the state of pregnancy;
  • changes may be caused by age and the aging of the skin;
  • try to properly care for a person who is not carried away by peeling and scrub during prolonged sun exposure;
  • so may respond to the skin burns and deep cuts.Affected areas cease to produce melanin, and with this you just need to accept.

Features whitening masks

For whatever reason, did not form spots, it brings sorrow, because they suffer from our appearance.That's why women are doing a lot to get rid of them.Masks against age spots on the face perfectly bleached problem areas.However, in parallel with them to do some more things, namely:

  1. Protect your skin from direct sunlight or other UV exposure.
  2. Your diet should be rich products that contain vitamins PP and C.
  3. Minimize the intake of coffee a minimum.

Remember that you need to treat hyperpigmentation complex and necessarily consult with specialists.Each case is considered individually, and will depend on the depth of spots location, their size and causes of.This article does not address chemical, laser treatments and phototherapy.

Masks of pigment spots in the home are made from natural products and substances that have a bleaching action.These include pickled cabbage, radish, parsley, cucumber, citrus, milk products, egg whites, oatmeal, clay, hydrogen peroxide and various acids (salicylic, lactic acid, benzoic acid, acetic acid).

Important!Remember that people's recipes do not guarantee the complete disappearance of freckles and blemishes.They can lighten and make them less noticeable, which is also a good result.In either case, they make the skin more healthy and improve its color and saturated with moisture.

rules applying therapeutic compositions

Any face mask of pigment spots should be done with the following rules:

  • The mixture should be prepared strictly according to the recipe, it should be applied cautiously and for a short time.
  • best to do this procedure at night, so as not to expose the skin to the negative effects of the sun.
  • For the same reason, be sure to use at this time of sunscreens.
  • Rinse therapeutic mixture need water, without stretching the process for a long time.
  • After washing the face with a thick layer is applied to a nourishing cream.
  • most effective formulations contain substances that are very dry skin.Therefore perederzhivat mask impossible, otherwise it may result in dehydration of the epidermis.
  • conduct medical courses better in autumn or winter, when dark spots are not as pronounced as in the summer.
  • Use masks only fresh produce and cook the mixture immediately before the procedure.

Popular recipes

masks at home against age spots can be prepared using the following recipes.They will help you to eliminate or mitigate the effects of hyperpigmentation.

  • with citrus and milk

Remove the zest from the lemon or orange, and leave it to dry for 2 days.Then grind in a blender.As the process to add zest milk to get a paste.The mixture is applied to the face for 10 minutes.A mask can be used 1-2 times per week.

  • with oatmeal and olive oil

Oat flakes (2 tablespoons) on a coffee grinder to grind, and then add them to yogurt (1 tsp), lemon juice (2-3 drops) and olive oil(1 tsp).The resulting mixture should be applied to the face, leave to dry completely.Wash it with cold water.For fast effect, it is necessary to clean and whiten your skin every day.

  • With hydrogen peroxide

Grate a small piece of soap, add to it, hydrogen peroxide (3 tbsp. L.).Whisk the mixture to foam condition and add to it 3 drops of ammonia.Apply it on the face, avoiding the eye area and brow, and leave for 15 minutes.Rinse with warm water.Mask of pigment spots with peroxide should not be repeated more than 1 time per week.

  • with lemon and honey

To prepare the bleaching composition, you will need the juice of half a lemon.It is mixed with 2 tbsp.tablespoons of honey, 2 h. tablespoons sugar and 1 hour. olive oil.Before the mixture was applied to the skin, it must be cleaned.A mask can be applied not only to the face but also on décolleté and neck.After 5 minutes, it was necessary to wash with warm water.It helps in the fight against age spots and can be used 1-2 times a week.

  • from potato starch

Grate the raw potatoes and a few minutes later Decant it for starch.You will need 1 tbsp.tablespoon of this product.To this, add 1 tbsp.a spoonful of milk and 1 tbsp.spoon flour.Spread part of the face and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with water.A similar effect can be achieved if a person put on slices of raw peeled potatoes.Such a mask of freckles and age spots give a result after 2-3 treatments.They can last up to a month.

Video recipe of Chinese mask of pigment spots

As you can see, the mask with pigmented spots can prepare yourself and use for this most simple products.We hope that they will help to minimize your problem and continue to enjoy life!


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