Face masks for bath: the principle of action and special recipes

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No one will dispute the fact that the "bath - a good thing."There we go not so much a wash, much to strengthen health and improve well-being.Many lovers of hot steam combine it with the procedures, which are usually done in beauty salons.To this end, developed special facials for a bath.Most of them are invented by the people themselves, and successfully tested in practice.In this article you will learn their recipes and the use of rules.

  • Operating principle bath masks
  • How to avoid skin problems
  • Honey-salt scrub
  • compositions for use in the bath
  • Special masks
  • Whitening mixture
  • Preparation masksplace
  • Video-prescription face mask after bath

Operating principle bath masks

heat and steam to create conditions under which the mask gives a striking result.In what it is expressed?

  • pores dilate, and the nutrients better penetrate the layers of the skin - 2 times deeper than it is in normal conditions.
  • Skin cleansing is done more intensively.The first time it makes steam a
    nd water, the second - a cosmetic mask.
  • Since high temperatures do not allow the pores to shrink, the skin maximum moisture and is saturated with useful substances.
  • Masks for face in the bath to help get rid of unsightly blackheads and acne.
  • nutrients that the skin receives during the "bath" of masks, missing for nearly a week.

worth remembering that starting the bath and cosmetic procedures should take into account their characteristics and observe some rules.

How to avoid problems with

skin before bathing suit beauty salon, it is necessary to know its features and take into account the possible complications.When you go to the bath, facial mask must be special, not the same as what is used in everyday life.What else you need to know about this procedure?

  1. Prepare face makeup in advance and take with you, place it in a clean container.
  2. Use people's makeup after all bath procedures.
  3. Never Apply a mixture to the face, while in the steam room.Sweat release may react with the therapeutic agents and cause skin damage.
  4. Particular attention should be paid to the sterility of the process, because the pores in this time expanded and various dirt can get into them.
  5. not think that extending the exposure mask, you will get the best result.Stay 10 minutes.
  6. Use masks with caution when on the face are located close to the blood vessels and there inflamed skin.

Applying the above tips, you can improve the complexion and look much younger than his years.Let's move on to a description of recipes for health formulations.

Honey-salt scrub

This composition is applied not only for the face - before entering the steam room they treated the whole body.We need to mix 200 g of honey and 250 g of sea salt.Warms the body for 10 minutes, rubbing the mixture into the skin in a circular massaging movements.Coming out of the steam room, thoroughly wash off the remaining scrub and get wet themselves with a soft towel.Rest for 20 minutes, and then we can make anti-aging face masks in the bath.

compositions for use in the bath

Special masks

Each of these formulations solves one or more problems, and has a positive effect on the skin.

  • Cleansing

advance soaked in warm water and oatmeal, then add to them the same amount of sour cream.The mixture was put on the face for 15 minutes, then washed off with warm water.So you get rid of blackheads, improve complexion and smooth skin.

  • antiinflammatory

Mix in equal proportions of honey and propolis and apply on places with black spots and acne.This mask is best applied immediately after washing off the salt scrub.

  • Nourishing

Take 1 egg yolk, add to it, sunflower or olive oil (1 ch. L.) And brewer's yeast (1 tbsp. L.).The mixture was allowed to stand for 15 minutes, and then rinsed with warm water.Also excellent nutritional properties it tightens the skin.

Whitening mixture

Citric acid has a universal effect.Salt is used when near the mouth and nose have small black dots.Cucumber help remove mild irritation.

  • algae

Mix cottage cheese (1 tablespoon) and dried seaweed (1 tablespoon).The resulting mixture was put on face and leave for 20 minutes.Wash off with warm water.This facial mask, made in a bath smoothes skin aging and whiten dark spots.

  • cucumber

Grate the cucumber grated and apply it on the face steamed.Rinse it before the next call in a steam room.

  • With salt

salt mix with soda in the ratio 1: 2.The resulting powder is applied after the release of steam in the wet face.We do it carefully and gently.After 3 minutes of gently smoem composition.Then you need to take baby oil after bathing, lubricate the skin and leave it on your face until the next call in a steam room.Baby oil can be replaced with honey

  • lemon

Cut a slice of lemon and rub their face.Be careful that the juice did not get into eyes.After 10 minutes, the composition can be washed off.

Preparation masks in place

Masks in a bath for the face can be taken out of the house, and can be prepared on-site.Regulars bath is particularly sensitive to the people's recipes - honey wrap, masks made of black bread and coffee scrub.Most of humidity and high temperatures create ideal conditions for the absorption of these products and to obtain excellent effects.

During a visit to the bath is usually steamed and the rest at least 6 times.In the intervals between sessions can be prepared mask wellness.Importantly, do not forget to take all the necessary components, so better to make a list of them.With fresh products to the following mask.

  • Moisturizing

This mask is made from heavy cream, sour cream and mix, prepared with olive oil and honey (1: 1).It is best to do the procedure at the end of the day the bath, so that after washing was no longer necessary to use a cream.

  • Nourishing

Prepare a mixture of propolis and honey, then a good warm up the body in the steam room.Pore ​​Cleansing the face with hydrochloric whitening mask.After rinsing it plot the honey composition, which nourishes the skin.

All facials are useful in the bath - they improve the complexion, make the skin elastic, smooth and velvety.We hope that this article will help you to make them right.We wish to make the most of visiting favorite places.

Video-prescription face mask after bath


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