Gastric lavage through a sonde

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thin and thick rubber probes are used for gastric lavage.Thin probe has a length equal to a meter and a diameter of 4 to 5 mm, rubber at the lower end of the probe are arranged two holes.The diameter of the thick rubber lavage probe is equal to 1 cm and a length of 70 cm, the probe end is rounded, the side walls have openings.

In order to capture the contents of the stomach, as well as gastric lavage using a thick tube.Thin rubber probe designed to study gastric activity.

Why carry out gastric lavage?

This procedure can serve two purposes: treatment and diagnosis.However, one common goal - the removal of the gastric mucus, toxins, food.

How is gastric lavage through a tube?

If a tube with a funnel is placed over the patient's head, the liquid from the funnel into the stomach, in the case of lowering the rubber tube with a funnel below the bottom of the stomach, the liquid from the stomach flows into the bowl through the funnel.For gastric lavage using boiled water, the temperature of which

should not exceed 37 degrees.

It is clear that the introduction of the rubber hood can trigger the gag reflex, but can be avoided vomiting by swallowing movements and deep breathing through the nose.The nurse determines the required length of the probe as follows: measure the distance from the teeth to the navel plus palm.

patient should sit on a chair, lean back in his chair, tilt your head to the knees and dilute to the location of the bucket or basin.Paramedic enters through the mouth a thick rubber tube, and the patient should be widely open mouth and nose to breathe deeply.The probe is introduced for the root of the tongue.After the introduction of the rubber probe the patient should close the mouth and make some swallowing movements to push deeper probe.Then fill the funnel with water or a solution of potassium in the ratio of 1 to 1000 and begins the procedure of gastric lavage.The funnel, slowly lift over the patient's head and just as slowly lower it below the level of the stomach of the day, that is, up to the knees.Such actions nurse repeats a dozen times, it is necessary to give a gastric transparency.

gastric lavage using a thin probe

If the patient is unconscious or there is a tight closure of the jaw, the introduction of a thin rubber probe takes place through the nose, the end of the probe is located on the cannula of the syringe Janet.A thin probe is lowered by a few centimeters below the mark, and then, using a syringe pump out the contents of the stomach, emptying the syringe and fill it with warm water, then there is a gradual introduction of the liquid from the syringe into the stomach.Such actions must be repeated many times.If gastric lavage is carried out through a tube to a patient with obvious signs of intoxication, the liquid is added to about six drops of ammonia.

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