Burning in the stomach

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Burning in the stomach often observed in ulcerative process in the digestive organs or chronic gastritis with increased secretion.His can cause poor nutrition - too overeating fatty, acidic or fried foods, alcohol abuse, or sweet drinks.

Causes burning

If burning occurs periodically, it is necessary to consult a gastroenterologist.In taking any action on their own, you can mute the symptoms and the disease that caused a burning sensation in the stomach, will be developed further.A healthy stomach is able to protect itself from a single exposure to the harmful factors of mechanical or chemical nature.If the impact of these factors begins to wear periodically, and then the regular, the mucous membrane of the stomach weakens the protective action.Gastric juice starts to corrode it, causing burning.On the site of the lesion develops inflammation of the mucous membrane atrophies, there gastritis.

Factors adversely affecting the gastric mucosa, include the impact of pathogenic microflora, nervous and

mental strain, alcohol abuse and heavy food, the use of antibiotics, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Gastric ulcer is a burning sensation hyperacidity, irritating the damaged mucosa.This disturbed motor function of the body, resulting in the inhibition of advancing in the intestines of food masses.When ulcer complicated with stenosis of 12 duodenal ulcer, mass food does not pass into the intestines.In this case, combined with a burning belching and vomiting.

Burning may cause a splash of bile and pancreatic juice.This is usually associated with surgery and requires a doctor's visit and indispensable study of the digestive tract.

Treatment of a burning sensation in the stomach

eliminate burning in the stomach can be detected only when the cause of ailments.Drowning his own medical drugs, only a temporary effect can be achieved.

If baking in the stomach, you should refer to the diet, eliminating fried, spicy, too sour or bitter foods and all liquids, except water.

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