Mesadenitis children

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mesadenitis - intestinal disease, which manifests itself in the form of inflammation limfauzlov mesentery.The first symptoms are periodic pain in the abdomen and overall body intoxication.Mezadenitom most commonly affects children between the ages of 6 to 13 years.

Mesadenitis children

Neutral mesadenitis passes with virtually no symptoms and do not need medical treatment.In contrast, acute mesenteric adenitis in children requires a diagnosis and prescribing.Therefore, at the first sign of the disease, you must take the child to the doctor to determine the exact diagnosis.


Modern medicine still can not give a clear definition of the causes contributing to the emergence of mezadenita children.It is known that the disease is contagious and occurs by ingestion of the virus in children's bowel mesentery.Of the original foci of infection, pathogens mezadenita penetrate the intestinal lymph nodes, causing pain and inflammation.The most common causative agents of infection mezadenita considered:

  • viruses that contribute to the development of acute respiratory viral infections and acute respiratory infections;
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis;
  • pathogens of acute intestinal infections and viruses;
  • streptococcal and staphylococcal sticks.

mesadenitis can occur both independently and as a result of complications arising from viral and infectious diseases.


Sometimes mesadenitis appears suddenly, in the form of sharp pain, and sometimes symptoms appear gradually.If the disease is severe, its symptoms can be confused with appendicitis inflammation.

Acute mesadenitis seen in children following symptoms:

Mesadenitis children

  • sharp abdominal pain, occasionally disappearing and then growing with renewed vigor;
  • cause nausea and sometimes vomiting;
  • high body temperature - up to 38-39 ° C;
  • increased heart rate, loss of appetite and low activity;
  • violation of the chair, which manifests itself in the form of diarrhea or constipation.

Onset of symptoms can last from several hours to two or three days.Sometimes the above symptoms are accompanied by a runny nose, cough and a slight sore throat.

Chronic mesenteric adenitis in children manifests itself differently than acute.Symptoms of the disease are mild pain with undetermined localization appear periodically and amplified during exercise.

If older children can tell their parents that they are concerned about abdominal pain and show where they arise, to recognize the symptoms in infants can only be a specialist.If parents notice that their child often cries, eats poorly and become sluggish - is to consult a doctor to examine the baby.


mezadenita Treatment should be carried out in a hospital under constant supervision of doctors.A child patient mezadenitom, assigned treatment with antibiotics, which effectively fight the infectious agent in the child's body.

Antispasmodic drugs such as "papaverine" or "Drotaverinum" will help your child get rid of sharp pains in the abdomen, sometimes in such cases, doctors prescribe drugs to children, containing analgesics.

purpose of the prescribed treatment is to clean the child's body from toxins.For this purpose, special infusion solutions, which are administered intramuscularly or intravenously, depending on the child's age.

Mesadenitis children

Various physiotherapy will be a good aid in recovery of the child.To facilitate the state of the sick can help compresses using "Vishnevsky" ointment, camomile teas, as well as a slight ultraviolet irradiation.Do not forget about proper nutrition and drinking liquids.

If mesadenitis caused by tuberculosis bacteria, doctors prescribe treatment in the form of a whole range of products that provide reception TB effect on the body.Do not self-medicate, because the dosage of the drug are calculated individually, based on the age and weight of the child.It is imperative that the reception of the complex of vitamins that strengthen the immune system of the child.


avoid mezadenita possible through preventive measures for the prevention of disease and compliance with personal hygiene of the child.If your child is prone to infectious diseases, they should be treated in a timely manner, to the full recovery of the patient.A good support for the child's body is periodically taking vitamins.But before to drink vitamins, you need to consult a doctor, who will choose an individual set for your child.

Do not forget to check the status of your child's teeth, to avoid bacterial diseases of the mouth.After all, out of all the bacteria easier to penetrate the children's bowels.Trips to the dentist should be regular and timely.

If you noticed on the skin of the child suspicious rashes, boils, or other damage to the mucous membrane - be sure to visit the hospital and hand over the necessary tests.

And finally, do not neglect a term such as personal hygiene of the child.Teach him to wash their hands before eating and after returning to the streets, to brush their teeth twice a day, eat only vegetables and fruits washed and enjoy hygiene.After all, any disease is easier to prevent than to treat him for a long time.Protect the health of their children!