Ear drops for children

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ear diseases currently occupy a leading position among children's diseases.These diseases bring your child a lot of pain and discomfort.Almost all diseases belong to the group of inflammatory.For all of them there is a common designation - otitis media.It can be acute or chronic.

Ear drops for children

inflammatory ear diseases and their symptoms

As already mentioned, among the external ear disease in children is the most frequent otitis.It develops after getting an infection in the skin of the ear canal.Diagnosing it is possible at an early stage because of the redness of the skin around the ear canal and a semi-transparent selection.Sometimes the disease can be caused by streptococcus group A.

disease begins to manifest itself through fever.It can rise up to 39.0 degrees.Child shivering, he eats little.Ear swells, the skin becomes red, increased lymph nodes.In the presence of these symptoms should immediately seek help to avoid the development of suppurative otitis media.

Among the diseases of the middle ear is
most common acute otitis media.He appears as a complication of acute respiratory viral infections, premature infants, as well as the "bottle-".Acute otitis media may be purulent and catarrhal.

In the event of an acute form of the disease the child feels a sharp pain, screaming, trying to go on a sore ear, constantly picking at him.Sick child refuses food as swallowing causes pain.Increased body temperature, often concerned about diarrhea.It requires immediate treatment.

Ear drops for children with the first thing you can help a sick child.In order to alleviate the suffering of the child, enough to drip drops to painkillers campaign to the doctor.

Drugs for treatment of ear diseases in children

Otipaks. These drops consist of two existing active substances - phenazone and lidocaine hydrochloride.Phenazone is an anti-inflammatory drug and lidocaine has a rapid analgesic effect.The effectiveness of otipaks subject to research of Russian and foreign scientists.Among the advantages of this drug may be mentioned:

Ear drops for children

  • instant elimination of pain, including acute pain;
  • excellent anti-inflammatory effect;
  • easy application;
  • excellent tolerability.

use of this drug is effective in diseases such as evstahiit, acute catarrhal otitis media, some forms of suppurative otitis media, as well as viral and barotravmaticheskogo.To prevent the occurrence of complications after surgery inflammatory active drug is given as a prophylactic.The duration of treatment with this drug is not more than 10 days, but usually cure occurs within 6-7 days.

Sofradeks are no less effective means.This drug is a combination of action pertaining to the group of antibiotics.This drug has in its composition three active substances - framycetin sulfate, gramicidin and dexamethasone.

first substance is an antibacterial agent with a high resistance to addiction.The effect is similar to the effect of gramicidin framycetin sulphate, which contributes to the expansion and antibacterial action.Dexamethasone - is an anti-inflammatory agent with a pronounced anti-allergic effect

Sofradeks advantages are:

  • quick removal of the inflammatory process;
  • resistance to pathogenic bacteria;
  • suppression of unpleasant symptoms.

drug used for the treatment of otitis externa in the acute and chronic forms, as well as bacterial infections.These ear drops should not be used in viral or fungal inflammation.Treatment takes up to 7 days.

Otofa - this baby ear drops, related to a semi-synthetic antibiotic.The active ingredient of this drug is rifampicin.This substance helps to destroy Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.The drug is effective in many ear infections, as well as in post-operative period, but highly addictive.Otofa treatment can not be continued for more than 7 days.Bury a drop in the ears of the child must be pre-heated.

Ear drops for children

Tsipromed. active ingredient in these droplets is ciprofloxacin.This substance possesses antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.Droplets be very effective in the treatment of acute and ear infections.Perhaps their use after operations and injuries of the ear, accompanied by damage to its tissues.Treatment formulations may not be greater than 10 days.Before use, always necessary readjustment of the ear canal.

Cautions when using ear drops

  1. Always read the drug in order to avoid allergic reactions.

  2. Do not use the drops after 10 days, unless it is required for further treatment.

  3. not replace ear drops boric alcohol!Because of this replacement may cause traffic jams and peeling skin baby soft.

  4. Always dig ear drops, having a room temperature.

  5. most important - you can not use eardrops without control specialist.The physician must assign the required dosage after examining the ear.Contact a also need to rule out other diseases with similar symptoms.