The consequences of a love spell on a monthly

Category Magic | August 12, 2017 18:10

The consequences of a love spell on a monthly Nature is wise.If we designed it for women monthly "pay" blood for the happiness of having a baby and prolong the human race, the way it should be.Blood that is not the same as that which flows in the veins and arteries.She and the chemical composition of different, special and energy.For this reason or any other, but the monthly blood is used in love spells and the result is a magical effect shakes.

Trying to make love spell very often leads to damage of the guidance on the favorite, and take it off - it is time-consuming.Blood woman tries to "fix" to the man himself.But whether it is aware of at the same time, what awaits him?

Man falls into total dependence.This can not but affect his mental health.Sometimes a calm and phlegmatic man in a moment turns into an aggressive jealous man, a teetotaler - in drunk, and even in a hopeless alcoholic.Here are the consequences of such a love spell on the month, and seven times should be good to think, to decide on it.

If the couple is not compatible, but the w
oman wants at all costs to keep to himself the other half by the love spell on monthly blood, loving relationship still fading due to the weakening of potency in men and the deterioration of his health in general.Alas, it is only at first glance tempting using magic to make yourself happy, but as a result and there is no happiness, and guilt for what the other person is hurt, will have to bear.

trouble in the fact that the woman herself is also overtake the sad consequences of such a love spell.The reason may be diagnostic errors, violation of magic ritual is not done (or done improperly) mercy.There is a shift in energy balance, and here it is, the result - infertility, premature aging.

Some experts owning and the theory and practice of magic, claimed that a mysterious force love spell on monthly lost when paired, they related, the child is born.Because magic is no longer valid, a man from a woman leaves (to their advantage), and it remains with the child alone.It is also considered as a negative consequence of the love spell.

Sometimes a woman will put spell on the object sighs, and then disappointed in their feelings.Realizing what she had done, she wants to save him and themselves from witchcraft.From the inept actions of the situation is only getting worse.To remove the love spell on a monthly need an experienced magician.Do not even try to look for their own sources of information and to take any steps.If the spell successfully removed, still many women long to get married and have no children.It is transmitted and inherited by several generations.