How to sum ​​up the eye with a pencil ?

Category Makeup | August 12, 2017 18:10

well known that the eyes - a mirror of the soul!What girl does not dream of expressive eyes like the eyes of Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn ?!The secret of these ladies in the right eye liner.This method does not lose its relevance, despite the variability of fashion trends, and has its roots in ancient Egypt.

How to sum ​​up the eye with a pencil ?

Let's talk about how to properly strike the eye with a pencil.

Selection tools for such an important mission, not accidental, and due to the fact that the pencil is completely safe.For good reason the child to draw in the first place give it a pencil, because it does not will drop in the eye, not splashed or scatter on the paper.

What is a cosmetic pencil ?!This lead, clad in wood or plastic.The first material is preferable, as it gives confidence that through the wood in pencil will not penetrate any microorganism.

Make sure that your chosen pencil gentle enough not to damage the delicate skin of the eyelids, well podtochennaya, it was convenient to strike the eye and draw the most unbe
lievable hands, and, of course, hypoallergenic, so as not to cause irritation, and in any case no harmhealth.

Before you start framing your eyes, you need to conduct a series of preparations.To begin, select a comfortable position of the body, so that the hand was emphasized, in order to avoid shivering, which can ruin a wonderful conversion.

How to sum ​​up the eye with a pencil ?

In order to get the perfect makeup, you should apply a layer of powder in order to degrease the skin around the eyes and mask the dark circles under the eyes, if any.

As to the liner, then there is need to know the main thing: the correct direction is from the nose to the temple, the circuit must continuously repeat the lash line from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.arrow length varies up to you, you can not go beyond the outer corner or pull the line to the temples to make the eyes of the cat effect.If the path has turned out not so, as you have planned, you can always adjust the cotton swab.

How to sum ​​up the eye with a pencil ?

question is how beautifully and correctly sum pencil eye, is not only in the shape and thickness of the arrows, but also in the choice of colors.The most common color - black, it is a classic, as it is designed to adjust the shape of the eye.It can replace a natural brown.

To emphasize the color of the eyes themselves, better to choose a blue or green, based on the fact that the blue comes to hazel and blue eyes, and the green is the best accentuate the green and gray.If you want to visually enlarge the eyes, it is best to use white, beige or light pink pencil.