Ribbed fingernails

Category Manicure And Pedicure | August 12, 2017 18:10

We all want to have beautiful nails, but sometimes it happens that nail plate covered with grooved, outwardly similar to the ribs.This is a signal that the body has a certain disease or the result of an unfavorable external environment.

Ribbed fingernails

ribbing nail is different.The ribs extend or vertically, or horizontally.The first option is more harmless, but in the second case, you need to seriously think not only about aesthetics but also about the overall state of health.

First of all, you need to analyze your diet and nutrition.It is possible that in the body of a deficit of certain vitamins and trace elements.We are talking about the vitamins such as A and B, as well as calcium and selenium, which are involved in the construction of the nail.With their lack of nail grows unevenly.In winter and spring as a prevention of beriberi excess will not be taking a multivitamin.Selenium is mostly found in plant foods, its presence there depends largely on the condition of the soil in which the plant grew.If this t
race element is supplied with food in scanty volume, it can compensate for the lack of selenium in the form of food supplements.

ribbing nail may be formed and from the fact that the body does not receive a sufficient amount of water.Every day of his need for it is 1.5-2 liters.

should also remember not damaged if the cuticle during the cosmetic treatment of nails - they enter into the infection can cause them to defect.

Another one of the possible reasons why there ribbed fingernails, is a fungal infection of the nail plate surface.Eczema also modifies the nail.

Ribbed fingernails

Ribbed nails may indirectly indicate a malfunction of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system.It is likely a problem with the thyroid gland, or iron deficiency anemia.The list is added to diabetes, malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, and even some diseases.

must know that such an adverse reaction causing the nails not only the disease but also some medications that we treat them.The presence of toxins (e.g. arsenic) in the organism also affects the quality of the nails.

To return to the normal state of the nails recommended daily salt baths: 1 tbsp.spoon of salt (ordinary or sea) to 0.5 liters of hot water.

Ribbed fingernails

a good idea to add the juice of lemon or a few drops of iodine.Duration of treatment - 15 minutes.After the hands should be wiped and the nails and the adjacent skin to grease fortified oil or a nourishing cream.