Dioksidin the nose children

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Often the severity of diseases such as runny nose is not given importance.Illness starts and then wonder consequences.It is well known that "healed" cold can gradually turn into an even more dangerous disorder.And with these diseases (sinusitis, purulent pleural inflammation, abscesses, etc.) exactly bad jokes.Many have heard about the unpleasant procedures associated with pumping fluid from the nasal cavities.To avoid such an approach will help effective means - Dioksidin.

Dioksidin the nose children

Dioksidin - winner of bacteria!

Dioksidin nose - a great help in preventing the common cold and its terrible consequences.Its effectiveness is ensured, thanks to the antibacterial properties of the drug, which accurately hit the pathogens.

advantages of this tool allow its use in the treatment of even the most serious diseases affecting the nasal cavity.Depending on the extent of the disease and the situation, it can be used as a medicine topically or intravenously.And, most importantly, you can drip into the nose Dioksidin
child that is not always allowed in relation to other drugs.This can be done completely without fear, since the active ingredient is safe for mucous, not threatening her destruction, as many modern drops from the common cold.

In addition, the drug is simply irreplaceable already in the early stages of inflammatory and edematous processes.His remarkable therapeutic properties exclude even the slightest predisposition to these disorders.Enter Dioksidin nose to children in the event of any serious hazards associated with infectious attacks.The solution was administered in those cases where antibiotics are powerless.

Species dioksidina

drug produced in the form of solutions.1% and 0.5% are placed in ampoules species whose amount is 10 ml.When used for children provided by the special auxiliary molds.The vial will have to reveal their own or entrust it to medical personnel action.For administration applies all familiar pipette.

Application dioksidina

use of drugs must be accompanied by the observance of certain rules, which are designed to ensure its effective impact:

  1. Preparation of the drug.Two types of solution involve two different approaches to the preparation of the drug.Half-point solution is not required to breed.Over the same rich - one percent, preferably diluted with saline.Sometimes, placed in a sealed ampoule solution through time crystallizes.Do not be scared of this disadvantage.You can dilute the drops in a water bath, and they will take the same form.

    Dioksidin the nose children

  2. Cleaning nose.Before Dioksidin drip into the nose a child or adult, should resort to sinus clearing procedure nasal mucus excess, and then get rid of dried crust, if any.

  3. Landfill.Liquid is typed into the pipette and dropped into the patient's nose.To process was better, the patient's head is necessary to throw back.Experts recommend not to bury more than 1-2 and 2-3 drops for children - adults.The procedure should be repeated 3 times a day.

  4. Terms therapy.Dioksidina therapy should last no more than 3-5 days.The maximum possible term - one week.

  5. Storing open vials.In cases where the drug remains in the cartridge, it is not recommended to leave the "tomorrow."In the most extreme cases it allowed corked vial neck cotton swab, place it in the refrigerator.Before further use of the solution will have slightly warmed.

Dioksidin the nose children

deserves special attention dioksidina burying his nose in pregnant women.They use the drug is better only on the advice of a specialist.Dioksidin established itself as a harmless remedy devoid of side effects, but its strength is in some cases may play a role is not the best method of treatment.