Why does a child eat sand?

Category Baby Care | August 12, 2017 18:10

One way to knowledge of the world for a small child - it's playing in the sandbox, where the baby gets not just the visual pleasure of the creative process, but also develop, in particular, contact with the sand grains provides an opportunity not only to see the world, but also to feel somethingthe new way of contact.Most receptors in humans is in the mouth, so it is not surprising if the child eats the sand.

Why does a child eat sand?

Do all children eat sand?

For a child of the new knowledge - this is a must-see, hear, feel the taste and try.The first thing that the kid saw something unusual in his hands, pulling the object in the mouth.This happens at an unconscious level and, according to psychologists, is incorporated genetically.

To get full, and most importantly, reliable information about the world, you need to learn it from different sides.Approximately one and a half years old children eat sand for this reason.

But what if the child continues further pull in the grit mouth, knowing that they are not edible?Ac
cording to the "grandmother's" opinion, in the sand is the absolute number of minerals and other substances to humans, although in fact it is not.If your pediatrician treat such information, the specialist will likely advise you to hand over your child a blood test for hemoglobin levels, see how calcium is absorbed in the growing organism and prescribe a complex of vitamins and minerals, suitable for a certain age.

If analysis of the complete order, cause of "addiction" to the sand may be purely psychological.Perhaps one day, when my mother saw her child happily pulls in his mouth a grain of sand with a cry: "Spit, you poison" (or something like that), child locks on the situation, he saw that he pay more attention to,therefore, in any such case it will behave, to switch the mother-beloved.

How to wean a child to eat the sand?

The sand itself is not sterile, so parents have worried if their child pulls into his mouth with sand shovel.The position of non-violence (lack of punishment) in this issue of principle, since playing in the sandbox are very useful, they develop tactile sensations, the child would be better to hold a spoon, handle small objects, learn to draw and hold the handle faster.This is a useful activity should not be interrupted, so if you notice that a hand with sand stretched to the mouth, distract your baby, think of something unusual that he forgot at that moment that I wanted to eat sand.The tactful you do, the less problems with the intestines to be a child.

Why does a child eat sand?

To develop a proper understanding of the world, parents need to be involved in games baby, offering him feel the object, taste it, saying that it "can not eat."A child in the first few years of his life takes installation of parents and copies their behavior, so if you wince when he tries grains, he will realize that they can not be there.

If hemoglobin and calcium balance in the body of the child is normal, eating sand in his habit not enter.