The pain in his right side under the ribs

Category Women's Health | August 12, 2017 18:10

Pain is a very alarming symptom, as always indicates trouble in the human body.Pain in the right side usually occur in diseases of the liver, biliary tract, right kidney and ureter, as well as due to inflammatory processes in the intestine, and diseases of female genital mutilation.

The pain in his right side under the ribs

mainly localized pain in the area where the diseased organ.However, very often the pain manifests itself away from the inflammation site and gives the most unexpected places.For example, a pain in his right side under the ribs can cause acute appendicitis, despite the fact that the process itself is in the lower right abdomen.

By the nature of pain in the right side can be strong, sharp, sudden pulling, dull, long, grow or fade with time.Cramping pain usually caused by contractions of the muscles of hollow organs, and growing is typical of inflammatory processes.Acute pain occurs when a break - or the body, bleeding, or blockage of blood vessels.

Most often the pain under the right ribs caused by liver disease.Malais
e may be associated with viral infections, alcohol abuse, smoking, eating fatty, salty or spicy foods.The causes of toxic hepatitis may be drugs that are used uncontrollably.Sometimes the pain under the right rib occurs when the heart muscle is no longer fully perform their functions, causing blood stasis is formed in the liver, which causes pain.

huge role in the process of digestion plays a gall bladder, which collects bile.At the use of fatty foods, the gallbladder to the intestine throws its contents to split the accumulated fats.If there is a gallbladder infection or stones, then under the right rib pain occurs, so that the body is reminiscent of a diet.

Deep abdominal cavity is the pancreas, which produces digestive enzyme - insulin.If there is pain under the right rib, accompanied by nausea and profuse sweating, it speaks of pancreatitis - inflammation of the pancreas.Typically, the disease occurs as a result of complications after operations on the stomach and biliary tract, and in rare cases - after a stomach injury.

cause of the pain can be a diaphragm, or rather the right dome adjacent to the ribs.Since the aperture of the disease are rare, the pain is mainly caused authorities, which vary in size and put pressure on her.

Quite often when you feel pain under the right rib diagnose appendicitis.When the first symptoms of appendicitis should consult your doctor as it may break and cause death.

If you feel pain under the ribs should consult a doctor to avoid serious problems, because the only time to initiation of treatment helps to prevent negative consequences.If a sore right side, you should consult with a physician, endocrinologist, surgeon, traumatologist infectious diseases, as well as a cardiologist.