Effective fitball Slimming

Category Sport And Slimming | August 12, 2017 18:12

fitball - a kind of gymnastic ball, with which the process of losing weight and maintaining muscle tone occurs more diverse and faster.on fitball exercises for weight loss are very effective and safer than with other types of exercise.

With fitball can even deal with pregnant women, people with diseases of the spine, as well as the elderly.Besides all this, training on fitball will simply escape for people with varicose veins, because the load on the legs is minimal or absent.

This ball is unique as it engaged with them, always have to remember about balance, thus developing vestibular system and training all the muscle groups that are not involved in conventional training.

Some girls have a fear that fitball may break if subjected to excessive force.This is not so!These gymnastic balls are provided with a special antirazryvnoy system whereby, if there is a puncture with balls, the air will be just a little down, but not explode like a grenade.

How to choose a fitball yourself?

fitball come in various sizes ranging from 45 cm finishing 95 cm. The easiest way to determine what fitball suits you, sit on it.If your knees will be bent at an angle of 90 °, then it's your size.Usually, the girls have a growth of up to 165 cm, choose the balls with a diameter of 55 cm, and when the growth is in the range from 166 cm to 185 cm, the diameter of the ball is equal to 65 cm.

of cellulite?

Because of its shape, fitball is never stable, so the whole cycle of exercises, done on it will be accompanied by a constant voltage of all muscles of the body.Such loads are helping with the maximum speed to burn body fat, slumbering peacefully on your drums and other parts of the body.

addition to the permanent balance, there is a group of special exercises, which will also affect certain muscle groups that you most want to tighten.Fitball Especially effective for the upper and lower sides of the thighs, abdominal muscles, helps to strengthen the skeletal muscles, promoting good posture.If purposefully train buttocks problem zone, then soon you can get rid of cellulite.

But do not think that if you purchased a ball in the shop, the slim and trim figure you provided.It is necessary in addition to physical activity, to comply with all the rules of food and drinking water.Only by performing all these rules, you can not achieve low results.

exercises List


  • fitball Take in your hand and start to walk on the ground.Perform thus 30 steps.After that, take 50 steps with high lifting hips, with the ball in his hands, too, every time we lift up.
  • Then lower the ball, hold it between your hands for as long as enough strength and will hold it as 30 seconds.
  • 10-20 after performing squats, holding the ball in front of him.

Exercises for thighs and press

Exercise 1. Lie on your back, pull the legs.Fitbol fix two stops, and then raise the legs up and then goes down, without losing the ball.For more trained - keep legs straight, for the less - at an angle of 45 °.

Exercise 2. For him, it is necessary: ​​lying on his back, hold fitball between the inner surfaces of the thighs.Compress with maximum strength and muscles unclenched hips.

Exercise 3. Starting position: Stand up and straighten your back, hold fitball between the inner surface of the thigh.We compress the ball and keep the feet in such a state for 1 minute.Then, without changing the position, perform 30 jumps.Perform 2-3 sets.

Exercise 4. This exercise is very effective for weight loss on fitball.Is engaged in the correct position: standing on his right leg, the second put on a fitball left.Accept stable posture, your body should resemble the letter "T".Hands pull in front of you and begin to squat.It should not fall to keep the balance, the maximum straining abdominal muscles.Perform 2-3 sets of 20 times on each leg.

drill press

Exercise 1. Puts back on a fitball, legs with an angle of 90 ° are on the floor.Hands behind head.Begin twisting, we are drawn with the left elbow to the right knee and vice versa.Perform 3 sets of 30 times.

2. Exercise Lie on the floor, legs should be laid on fitball, bend your knees at an angle of 90 °.Perform twist in this position, without losing the ball.The exercise is performed 2-3 sets of 20 times.

Exercises for buttocks

Exercise 1. Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, put on fitball.Begin to raise the pelvis, buttocks clenching muscles at the highest point lifting.

Exercise 2. Starting position: lie down on his stomach on fitball, hands and feet to descend.Begin slowly raise and lower the straightened leg.You feel how tense the muscles of the buttocks?Tremble feet?It's good, it means that you actively fight with their excess weight.

Exercises for losing weight with the help of feetball there are so many.The most effective is a combination of exercise with constant motion.For example, sitting on a fitball, perform a series of jumps, from the small pelvis lifting the ball before full recovery.

effective will perform a series of exercises for a couple of minutes, without stopping, you will feel how quickly starts to warm up the body.

Reviews of girls and women involved in the fitball for weight loss, they say that the technique is really effective.Such unusual classes can not only diversify the usual set of exercises, but also bring a lot of positive emotions in the ordinary day.

Now there are many versions fitball - with horns for holding, with pimples.It may be noted that for women who have to get rid of cellulite is in the first place, the decision to buy an unusual fitball is most true.

Classes on the ball with the surface may be more painful, but it soon will meet your expectations.