Breathing exercises for weight loss

Category Sport And Slimming | August 12, 2017 18:12

In recent years the number of people who are not satisfied with your figure, it is becoming more and more.In order to lose weight, you can try many things - diet, active exercise, creams and ointments, but most of you do not think that the root cause of excess body weight is a metabolic disorder.

As you know, to get it work, you need not only to calculate the calories you ate during the day, but also to establish proper breathing.Breathing exercises for weight loss is a very effective method of losing weight and tightening muscles in your body.

Why so?After all, we breathe every day, without stopping the process for a minute.The fact that we breathe the surface, the upper thorax.And for the normalization of metabolism needs a little bit particular way of breathing - physiological.

This is such a method in which oxygen is filled with every cell of your body, you should not carry out cyclic breathing chest and abdomen depths.It is in this proper breathing, performing certain exercises cycle, y

ou can have a few days to feel and measure the first results.

These exercises take very little time, you can do them almost any time, looking for 10 minutes of work or household chores.

benefits of breathing exercises for weight loss is very high.You will not only be able to note visible decrease your volume but also notice that your appetite begins to subside - this is due to the fact that the breathing exercises contribute to the normalization of the bowel, as well as accelerate the detoxification and excess fluids from the body.

In addition to these advantages, breathing exercises help maintain toned muscles in your body, contribute to a good mood and increased vitality.


basic rule of this technique is the proper breathing - deep and strong, which involves the muscles of the abdomen and chest.

If during exercise you suddenly feel dizzy, nauseous or unwell, it is better to postpone classes until the normalization of the state.Exercise is best done in the morning on an empty stomach, drinking a glass of water beforehand.

Stand up straight, it is desirable to lock the back in position perpendicular to the floor.Take a deep breath in the nose, and exhale the stomach.Do not forget that by performing exercises breathing exercises, you should try to breathe stomach, minimally involve chest.

Repeat exercise 3 times.After this exercise, complicate - take a deep breath in the nose, after 2 more small to-mouth breaths in and out, and then another 2 small to medium-expiratory mouth also.Repeat this exercise three times and do not forget about breathing technique!

This cycle must be repeated for 10-15 minutes, alternating between an exercise.First 10-15 minutes a day can be enough, but over time, increase the amount of time - it should be broken into 3 times a day, for example.Within a week you will feel the first, it is tangible, changes in your weight.An important

will and adherence to proper diet, drinking plenty of water - 1.5-2 liters per day, meal should be frequent but small portions.

Useful tips

After giving birth, new mothers often want to return to the prenatal form and say goodbye to the belly, which was formed after pregnancy.Often when a small child to care for, the time is very small, so about going to gyms or fitness clubs and can be no question.Even in such a situation, having the desire, you can easily lose weight and tighten the hated tummy.

main rule of exercise - all breaths are made only through the nose!The position of the body should remain in a strictly prescribed form.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position - lotus cross-legged, on the heels, or you can just sit on a chair.Straighten your back, stretch your neck and secure its position.Relax.We take a deep breath, inflating the abdominal muscles as a ball.Then exhale slowly, trying to approximate the upper wall of the abdomen to the back.The exercise is performed to feelings of fatigue, preferably 20-30 times.
  2. Sit well as in the first exercise, do a deep breath, then exhale rapidly, minimizing the abdominal muscles.Repeat the exercise to fatigue the muscles in the press.

Reviews of breathing exercises to lose weight the most positive.Girls and women who are engaged by this technique, have long been convinced of its effectiveness and results.It is easy to verify this, go to any forum on this topic.Try it and you, the results will not keep you waiting.

About what we talked all the time?

All of the above recommendations and ways to exercise, are well-known technique of breathing exercises for weight loss - "Body flex."This technique was invented by the American housewife GrirChaylders, which has managed to lose weight with 54 clothing size 42, without the need to diet and heavy exercise.

full program "Bodifleks" consists of 12 exercises that should be done on an empty stomach for 15 minutes, after drinking a glass of water or tea.These exercises can be done at other times of the day, but you can not eat before 2:00.

for more lessons can be learned by reading a book Greer Childers "Magnificent figure for 15 minutes a day," which became a bestseller in many countries around the world.In order to learn the proper breathing technique, you need to spend the first sessions with a qualified trainer.If this is not possible, you can see the video tutorials on the Internet with Greer Childers.


There is another, no less efficient and useful, the technique of breathing exercises.In it, as in "Bodyflex", there is a special way of breathing.Its author, Jill Johnson, says the first week of training to deal only with proper breathing, until you are perfected to automatism.

How to breathe correctly?

Firstly, take the correct posture - stand up straight, knees soft (slightly bent), small of the back should be flat, and the blade must strive to the spine.In the implementation of inspiration you have to strain muscles of the buttocks and the press, to tighten the pelvis under him, then make up to 3-inhalation.As you exhale, relax your buttocks, abdominals, pelvis derive its original position, then - 3 pre-expiration.

Once you master this technique, you can start a major exercise.All of the recommendations and the proper technique for exercises you can learn on the basis of video tutorials or your instructor.Good luck!