How to make myself edging manicure at home ?

Category Beauty And Health | August 12, 2017 18:13

men, according to the results of research, not so carefully caring for their body parts, as do representatives of the fair sex.For most women, care is the most important and the most essential part of any day.Therefore, every woman, and even the girl knows what it means, and what course of action it is important to observe in order to achieve the ideal of beauty.

Of course, many men start laughing when they notice that women are constantly painted, use a variety of creams and regularly visit not only qualified hairdressers, but also experts in the field of cosmetology whole.This desire for beauty is also due to the fact that every girl wants to be younger than their years, and, of course, actively attract the attention of males.

Bright lacquer is only relevant to the well-groomed hands

not paying any attention to the fact that nails occupy only a small part of our body, they require a serious approach in the choice of treatment.If you believe that no one will notice excess cuticles on your fingernails or curved shape, then, of course, you are very m

uch mistaken.Almost every beautician we can find a nail file or scissors to carve out a little time for loved ones fingers.

Today make beautiful hand has become much easier.Modern technologies are constantly developing these tools, which could as long as possible to stay on the nail and create a well-groomed hands.Many beauty salons are client services such as long-term coverage, as well as nail extensions.Now get a great result for a long time has become so easy that even begin to wonder how even an ordinary manicure retains its popularity.

Take care of nails correctly

Despite the fact that beautiful nails to make it even easier, many women are always given an important issue: how to carry out edging manicure at home?In fact, it is a big and complex science, which allows you to save not only all the beauty, but also the naturalness of women, which is now so much appreciated.

should be noted that until recently people could learn the basics just edging manicure.To completely get rid of interfering swells, experts use forceps or scissors.Gradually, however, it became known that such actions are the cause of inflammation complex.This can cause you to not only unpleasant pain, but also serious consequences.

So today the most gentle and popular procedure is considered to be edging type of work with a fingernail.

pluses and minuses

As well as different types of manicure, as well as any cosmetic procedure, you can select a number of advantages and of course disadvantages.

  • this method is ideal for people who have a thin cuticle, and the fear of cuts and pain.
  • course, it is important to note that many patients have noted that it is necessary to go much less frequently in the interior.This is a very positive impact on the wallet of customers.
  • unfortunately, have to admit that not edging manicure is not way out of a situation where the nails very sloppy and not well maintained.

What you need to not edging manicure?

To visit the salons and treatment rooms, everyone has the opportunity to manage and domestic edging manicure.This is an excellent option for the care of hands in European society.However, you have to strive to acquire the necessary funds, as well as important tools that are inherent attributes of such a procedure.

important tools are:

- Cuticle Oil;

- means for removing the cuticle and swells;You can use various gels.

If you have any spiteful reaction, the gel can be replaced by conventional pumice.

- cream with the addition of reinforcing components;

- antibacterial creams and means.

Workflow home edging manicure

1. The preparatory stage begins with the removal of a nail coating unnecessary.By removing the varnish, you have to kill all the bacteria, which will be the cause of inflammation and injury.So, disinfect the surface of your hands.Then start using a nail file to align well and give shape to all the nails.Try to use a glass nail file.They will not be accompanied by delamination.

2. To soften the cuticles, as well as to facilitate all procedures, it is important to give up on a particular period in a warm bath with clean water and the addition of various oils, soaps or cosmetics and other special funds.This will help to relax and soften the skin.After the bath, you need to take care of the gel applied to the cuticle or cream for her immediate softening.Thus, after the completion of this procedure you will easily be able to remove from the surface of the cuticle.

3. Perhaps the most important step is to remove the edging manicure cuticle.Basically a set of manicure you should always be on hand an orange stick.It is a more effective method of getting rid of unwanted skin appendages.Gently clean the surface of the gel and the cuticle.It is important not speed, and performance technique.Try to act accurately and efficiently.If growth is removed with difficulty, it is possible to resort to pumice.Start with the little finger.Here the skin more soft, so it is easy to remove.As a rule, it is important after a step-by-step to cover the cleared space with oil, to prevent the appearance of burrs.

4. Do not forget about your hands surfaces in general.For nails can not decorate the woman if her hands wrinkled and careless.Rough skin can be softened with creams of different origin.

5. Of course, the end of any hand care and nail care - is varnished.It is necessary to begin to apply after the degreasing agent to remove the varnish layer, and after covering the base layer.

Neat woman must be perfect in every way.A beautiful hand only give confidence and make you much stronger and younger.