How to choose a good bed for the bedroom ?

Category Helpful Hints | August 12, 2017 18:13

bed - this is very important and necessary home satellite, no wonder they say that the affairs of the case, and you sleep still come home, and it is a dream of any average person spends a third of his life.

It was in a dream a person is resting, every cell of his body is finally able to relax and feel at ease, the muscles can no longer work, and the rest for the night for a new life achievements.No wonder they say that a sound sleep - the key to good health, high efficiency, as well as an active brain activity, which is very important for modern humanity.

If you are going to purchase a new home bed, then this issue must be approached seriously and responsibly, because, in fact, you choose your future health.

Most experts say the world that virtually all diseases associated with the back arise precisely from the uncomfortable beds.

So, if you dearly own health, you will have to fork out, good bed, of course, costs a lot, but this thing will last you for many years, as well as pay back your well

-being and mood.

So, let's look at how to choose a good bed for the bedroom that it would meet all your requirements and wishes.After all, it is natural that in addition to convenience, you are concerned about the issue of aesthetics, I want to make it perfectly fit into your interior and pleasing to the eye of their owners.


bed first thing you need to pay attention - is the quality and suitability of the bed frame, because it is by its strength will depend on its durability and strength.

Choose a bed is not as easy as many people think

With flimsy and suspicious frame it can fail in the first year of its existence, not to mention even of its convenience.In addition to the frame always fits the mattress, so always make sure that the frame size to match the mattress, otherwise the latter will be constantly crawl or ridge that will cause constant discomfort, and may even lead to breakage of the frame.

Most often the bed is constructed of two types: two supporting backs plus four side panels or side panels, which are attached to the hinged back.In the latter case, often, the legs are supporting structure or platform.Absolutely no matter what will draw the frame - on the legs or back, but still the second option is considered to be more durable.

most robust frameworks - are the ones that are made of special wood or metal, by the way, forged and carved wooden beds now at the peak of popularity.

Beds of fiberboard or MDF are also very common, but they can not boast of such strength as their wooden or metal counterparts.


bed on the bed strength is also affected by the number of bridges that are placed on the frame, they are the main support for the mattress.Their number is for a standard double bed should be about 30 pieces, it is logical for a single bed - 15 pieces.

distance between them must be less than the width of the bridge.Remember, the more of these jumpers, the bed is considered to be reliable, it can last for quite a long time.Also, many known variants with metal bars and grids - it is not the best way out of the situation, since over time these structures subside and sag, creating considerable discomfort vacationer.

Bed - a pledge of good sleep

wishing to save space in the room, may approach the bed with lifting mechanism or drawers where you can store bed linen or any other things.Yes, the design of such convenient, but remember that the mattress has to "breathe", and in such structures is impossible.That is why the beds are most often fail faster than "traditional options."

How to choose a mattress for a bed?

Naturally, this moment is one of the defining, the frame and the base, of course, affect the strength of the bed, but the mattress - in the comfort of your sleep.

Do not follow the rule of the hard mattress, this is not entirely true, it should not be too soft or hard, it should be moderate hardness.

best choice - it is, of course, memory foam mattresses, which can be latex or spring base.

Latex, at this point in time, are considered ideal option, as they are the same shape of the human body that is recommended by orthopedic and boast their durability.The quality of spring models will depend on the quality and quantity of springs, the more of them - the better.

can opt for on a normal mattress, but then pay attention to his vehicle, can you will appreciate the environmental and natural variants - from seaweed or coconut fiber.For allergy sufferers, suitable mattresses filled with holofaybera.

Dimensions and volumes

There are some ergonomic standards, which should fit a double bed in the bedroom size, it is very important for the convenience of staying in the room, possible to lay it, or to change the bed linen.

standard width for a double bed type is - 160 and 180 cm, but there are also 200 cm Single variants, respectively, in 2 times smaller..Choose the model that most will be able to fit in your bedroom - and not tell fortunes.

Modern bed has a different design

takes into account only the time that between the wall and the side part of the bed should be at least 70 cm space, so you can easily fill it and tidy.Also note that double beds do not have to put up against the side portion of the wall, this option is only available for the complete absence of others.

is also necessary to consider the height of the bed, because it is believed that the older a person becomes, the more it must be higher than the bed.Ideal - bed height should match the level of the knees of the person who will be on her bed.

If you know what parameters should correspond to the bed, you can make the right choice in favor of health and comfort.Therefore, consider all that we have brought to your attention, and only after that can begin to address the issues of appearance and decor.

huge number of the most diverse variations of beds will not make you a long time to bother about this issue, you can just pick up the beauty that best accentuate the interior of your bedroom.

For example, the bed platform best suited for the bedroom Japanese-style and a minimalist style.But wrought options best fit into the classic bedrooms, and retro variation of Provence.Carved wooden beds - a traditional classics, as well as an excellent addition to the bedrooms and ancient Romanesque interior.