Kombucha and all their beneficial properties

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There is a great variety of a variety of beverages.Some of them are useful, others simply refresh and quench their thirst.But there are those that combine several properties, in particular, excellent taste and favor.Ever heard about Kombucha?He, incidentally, is incredibly useful.


little history

homeland of such a unique and interesting drink is considered to Ceylon.This tea is often referred to as Chinese or Japanese.But certain it is not established exactly where it first appeared, but records of it have been found dating back to the time before Christ.There is a legend that someone drank sweet tea and forgot it on the street, and then, try, evaluate the taste and shared what he had happened to others.

In Europe, the drink became known about the first half of the last century.Many believe that it as a trophy brought participants Russian-Japanese War.But really popular, he became closer to the middle of the XX century.And by the end of this century, even doctors and scientists interested i

n the amazing Kombucha.And studies have shown that it is really useful (and after talking about it for a long time).

What is it?

What is Kombucha?In fact, this is not a mushroom, that is, it does not grow in a forest glade, and appears as a result of the interaction of certain yeasts and bacteria.But such cooperation is possible only under certain conditions.

so that the fungus - this is not one body, but a complex of a plurality of micro-organisms.

Yeast stimulate the digestion of sugar and tea in wine alcohol.A transformed acetobacters alcohol into acetic acid.It releases carbon dioxide.All this makes tea in the low-alcohol, sour-sweet refreshing drink.

By type of fungus looks like a tortilla, slippery to the touch.Somehow it resembles a jellyfish.The color usually ranges from beige to light brown (depending on the type and strength of used tea).

What it is?

The composition of this drink is a lot of different bacteria and yeast.But that's not all, as part of a truly unique and makes the useful properties of the drink.Here contain: the most important organic acids (eg, citric, lactic, acetic, gluconic, kojic, etc.), vitamins, glucose, caffeine, vitamins PP and C, and more.

It is useful and unusual

Useful than a drink?

Benefits Kombucha is invaluable.Here are some features:

  • Thanks to special components improves blood circulation, which contributes to the best nutrition of all the tissues, organs and systems.Because of this, the body work is improved, performance is improved.
  • Thanks to caffeine and tannins is pretty powerful stimulating effect, so that the supply of energy is provided.But it is worth noting that the addiction Kombucha does not cause, but the effect is softer.
  • Consisting of antibiotic substances that fight certain bacteria.
  • This drink is very useful for colds and in the recovery period.In addition, it enhances immunity.
  • Some components help treat oral diseases such as gingivitis, stomatitis or sore throat.Rinse significantly accelerate the healing process.
  • drink displays the excess fluid, which is necessary for edema, provoked disturbances of the kidneys.
  • metabolism is accelerated with regular use.Additionally, it may reduce your appetite, so that when losing weight Kombucha is very relevant, but only with proper nutrition and physical activity.
  • digestion drink also has a positive effect.
  • It is useful for the cardiovascular system.

How to make?

How to grow mushrooms?Process of its formation and expansion are incredibly complex, so it is best to ask friends and relatives to borrow and "process" in some of them.But you can try to do everything yourself.For this purpose, 150 ml of black strong tea to dissolve 1 tablespoon of sugar.

Leave a drink in a warm room at 1-1.5 days (approximately 20-36 hours).The resulting film will be a fungus.But not the fact that it will be useful, so how to make things right can only connoisseurs.

better to use a ready-made mushroom.How to prepare a drink?This will require:

  • three-liter jar;
  • himself fungus;
  • about 200 grams of sugar (100 grams per liter of tea);
  • tea (it can be a normal black, green or even Hibiscus).

So, the bank is well flush, it must be clean.The fungus is also necessary to wash, but carefully, so as not to damage it.Brew tea.It must be strong, and so what do you usually drink (but not too weak).Dissolve the sugar in it.Tea should not be too hot, so cool it.Pour the liquid into the jar, filling in it about 2/3.Now carefully place the tea fungus.

Do not pour water on it and not sypte sugar on top, it will lead to damage.Cover with cheesecloth to protect the drink from the mud, but to ensure the access of oxygen.The optimum temperature of the infusion is about 24-27 degrees.

Exposure to direct sunlight for a fungus fatal, so it is better to store it in a dark place.It is thus necessary to keep the beverage at home.

During the summer, insisting usually takes about 4-5 days, and about 6-7 in the winter.The liquid should be drained through a cheesecloth into a bottle and put into the refrigerator (storage in the heat will lead to a further fermentation, which is unacceptable).Mushroom certainly wash (this is necessary after each draining liquid)!After that it can be re-poured the tea and again insist.

If part fungus separated, you can give it to a friend, it's a process, it is also active.By the way, the preparation for the weight loss is a little different.Better use of green tea, it speeds up metabolism and removes toxins.Drink beverage in this case, before a meal, somewhere in an hour.A single dose of about 100-150 ml.

precautions and contraindications

It is important to observe all the rules of care.If the fungus is not present, then the drink will not be useful.If the surface gets brown hue, it means that you insist the drink too long.

interesting drink

And if the fungus has plunged to the bottom of the banks, it should not be used, it is flawed.Taste should remind carbonated sweet tea or sweet and sour brew.If you feel bitterness or excess acid, you're doing something wrong.

Drink this drink immediately after eating or while it is not necessary, since it interacts with food not very good.It is best to drink Kombucha hour after or one hour before a meal.Optimal daily volume of 1 liter, than it should not be.You can harm your health.

Here are some contraindications:

  • diabetes (drink contains a lot of sugar);
  • allergy or idiosyncrasy components;
  • pregnancy and lactation (better not);
  • some kidney disease;
  • hypertension;
  • ulcer and gastritis, and gastric hyperacidity.

Enjoy this wonderful drink, better health and feel more cheerful!