How to quickly reduce blood cholesterol ?

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Recently, the term "cholesterol" can be heard almost every TV show, read any magazine or paper, what is the reason for such popularity?The word "cholesterol" can be found on virtually any package with products, but, nevertheless, not everyone knows what kind of ingredient such, what it is and whether it is needed.

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Someone might be a view that cholesterol - is just fat, but it is not, it does not contain calories, which means that the body can not get energy from it.Another part of the population is known that cholesterol, or rather its elevated levels in the blood, may adversely affect human health and, therefore, with the need to do something, but what?

What is cholesterol and why it is so dangerous?

turns out that cholesterol itself is not dangerous, just the same, on the contrary, it is a building material for our body, which uchuvstvuet in the formation of the cell membrane.

So, it is not difficult to guess that our body can not do without cholesterol, plus the entire, it is an importan

t component for the production of certain acids necessary for normal digestion.

In addition, he actively uchuvstvuet in sex hormones, is an important part of the adrenal glands, and helps the body synthesize vitamin D. The human body gets cholesterol in two ways: most of it is produced independently by the liver (80%), the remaining part falls into ittogether with food.

easy to guess that the overloaded molecules of cholesterol the body is not able to complete all of them in the amount used for the construction and vital functions of cells, and thus form a separate part of the cholesterol molecules, which begins wantonly float through the blood vessels.

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Eventually, he begins to settle on the walls of the vessels are narrowed, blood begins to flow with great difficulty, organs where form such "plug" receive less oxygen, and therefore, worse function or may altogether refuse, especially dangerous inthe case of the heart, brain or kidneys.

But do not worry, reduce blood cholesterol levels quite quickly really, for this there are whole food system, medicines and other ways.

What happens and what are the reasons for its increase?

With what is cholesterol, we figured out about, but you probably have heard that it is "good" and "bad", how to understand?Normally the level of one or the other is characterized by special parameters - LDL and HDL cholesterol to "bad" and "good" respectively.

«good» cholesterol, you might say, is a garbage collector, traveling through the circulatory system, it collects the remains of excess "bad" cholesterol, and redirects it back to the liver.In order to find out your cholesterol levels at the moment, it is necessary to conduct a biochemical blood test, which will reveal its elevated or normal.

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Usually the normal level of about 5 mmol per liter, although this figure may vary depending on several factors, such as heredity (may have been problems with the heart and blood vessels from someone from the next of kin),some diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, vascular disease from the patient), as well as the presence of harmful habits.

Usually, if the detected cholesterol level exceeds the established norm, it is becoming dangerous and requires urgent treatment, fortunately, it is absolutely real.Women of childbearing age may be not much to worry about this, because their body is released in the form of natural protection of estrogen.

Everyone else, and sometimes women, after the 20 years, it is desirable to take a general survey to determine the level of cholesterol, at least 1 time in 5 years.

How to cope with the problem?

Revise lifestyle

turns out that a direct effect on LDL have regular exercise, which means more frequent and more active a person is engaged in active sports, the higher the level of HDL.It is sufficient to allocate 40-50 minutes a day in any kind of physical activity, it can be walking, jogging, just walk briskly after dinner, ideally - checks should be the number of steps per day, they should not be less than 10000.

way,is a very good assistant can become popular in recent years, fitness bracelets.

Ideal - enroll in the sports section, or in the fitness club, is enough 3-4 times a week to reduce your cholesterol level is not worse than all kinds of medicines and diets.For people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, you need every hour of sitting on a chair to do a five-minute breaks in the main.

special Dieting

lower cholesterol without medication and pills really, let sport be the first step toward the goal, and proper nutrition - the second, and not less important and mandatory.A large proportion of harmful cholesterol in the body comes directly from food, mainly of animal origin is therefore a special diet and is based on the principle of the use of herbal products.This is not to say that we need to completely give up meat and milk, just the number should be reduced.

  • draw attention to the eggs of their normal weekly rate should not exceed 3 units per week, but this refers only to the yolk, the amount of proteins, in fact, is not limited.
  • Replace fatty meat more lean and useful approach chicken, turkey, rabbit, veal.
  • sure to include in your daily diet oily fish, it is like no other, full of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which prevent the formation of dangerous cholesterol plaques.
  • Eat as much as possible, legumes, as well as carrots, onions, broccoli, and other fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, which is able to display the reporting components of the blood.
  • very useful nuts, some vegetable oils - olive, flaxseed, peanut, soybean and dried flaxseed, berries and garlic - the world famous ingredient that is widely used in many people's recipes against high cholesterol.
  • course should give up bad habits, smoking and alcohol are still no good does not, however, scientifically proved that red wine is good cleaves cholesterol, so just do not hurt the glass of pre-dinner or lunch.
  • known that green tea ingredients are not only able to control blood cholesterol levels, but also, if necessary, to lower its level, so that health drink!

Medicines and pills

Sometimes it happens so that to cope with this problem by using a diet and sports, it is impossible, then come to the aid special drugs that dissolve cholesterol deposits on the walls of blood vessels, eliminate them and thus,reduce its level.

Typically, these drugs are prescribed for the elderly as a prevention and prolong life expectancy.