How does a woman look much younger than their years?

Category Beauty And Health | August 12, 2017 18:13

age girls - this is not a measure that should worry the stronger sex.But if you are always in my heart 18 and you want to match this beautiful age and appearance, then figure out what to do to look younger than their years.

Internal age - out

If in your heart you - a mischievous little girl, do not hide the image of seriousness.And even today you - businesswoman and mother.This does not prevent to be a fun, easy-going and a little windy.Do not let the routine consume you and do not let the burden of everyday concerns fall on your shoulders.Commit crazy things, so that your soul has always remained young.

Take all worthy

youth around

to look younger, you feel younger.And to achieve this, you need to choose the right circle.When you select friends do not take into account such criteria as age.If you are interested to talk with someone younger than you, that's great!This means that you and your opponent wondering.By the way, to find new interesting acquaintances, you can enroll in any courses.

stop communicating with old school friends, of course, is not necessary.But there are those who are constantly whining and complaining about life.Try to correct them or restrict such communication.If, however, you will constantly be involved in solving other people's problems and to listen to the complaints, it just adds a wrinkle.

care for themselves

Even in the shower you will be 18, but you will not take care of themselves, then look younger just will not work.The basic rules of care for eternal youth and beauty:

  • follow the figure.If the body is taut and lean, then you will look sexy and, of course, the young.Exercise, do not overeat, regularly carry out procedures for weight loss.
  • Keep skin.That it often gives the woman's age, so pay special attention to care.Pick appropriate means: cream with lifting effect, moisturizing cream, nourishing mask, scrub, lotion, cleanser, anti-bags and circles under the eyes and so on.And remember that the care needs not only the facial skin, but also your skin and body!The way to select the perfect tool, you can seek help from an experienced beautician.And more: Protect your skin from the sun as much excess ultraviolet ages her.
  • Follow hygiene.Youth - a freshness and purity, so that regularly take a shower.Use a shower gel with moisturizing effect to the skin has always been a firm and delicate.A daily douches make it more supple and elastic.
  • the spa or spend the spa treatments at home.One day such procedures will get rid of at least five years.

Proper nutrition

Enjoy life

How to eat a woman to look younger?

  • Eat often, but in small portions.
  • Avoid fried, greasy, overly salty, starchy foods, as well as semi-finished products.
  • Do not eat after 6-7 pm.
  • Do not forget breakfast!
  • Do not eat on the go.
  • include in your diet products that allow you to save the youth.These include: red fish (salmon, sturgeon, and so on), nuts, cereals and whole grains, cheese, vegetable oils (especially olive oil), berries and fruits, vegetables, beans, cabbage, greens, seafood.


Life Get rid of all bad habits!Remember that smoking is a very banal spoils the skin and blood vessels.The amount of alcohol is also better to limit.More walk in the fresh air and lead an active lifestyle.

no stress!

We all know that nerve cells do not regenerate, and stress - it is a big burden for the organism, premature aging and more wrinkles.Therefore, in order to look younger, just do not be nervous.

Choose stylish things

It does not communicate with unpleasant people you do not come into conflict, argue less, do not participate in gossip and intrigue and do not take everything to heart.If you have a stressful job, try changing it.If the nerves are already "shattered", talk to your doctor about receiving sedation.

Proper rest

How to look younger than their years?We need to rest properly!

  • Firstly, weekend plans no grand affairs.Dedicate these days himself and his family.Remove, wash and cook during the week can be.And to bring to help households.
  • Second, pay attention to sleep.Sleep at least 8 hours a day, go no later than 22: 00-23: 00 hours.Ventilate the room, turn off the television and close the window curtains to anything you are not distracted.
  • Third, actively relax.Hike, walk or in the woods for mushrooms, it is more useful than watching TV.

correct way

Make the right makeup

image of an attractive young woman is composed of several important components:

  1. hair and hair color.Too short hairstyles can add a few years, so discard them.Hairstyle has to be stylish and fashionable and at the same time to suit you.Cut the bangs, it will make the face look fresh.If thin hair, give them volume.When choosing hair color, stop at the more bright colors, but not blond shades.
  2. Makeup.The right makeup can help you look 50 years 30 and even younger.There are a few important rules.First, pick an appropriate corrective tool that will hide all of your shortcomings.But remember that it must go to an even and thin layer so as not to burden the person.Second, give preference to the natural make-AAP.Avoid bright colors, they are older.Third, give preference to liquid cosmetics, dry skin and can spoil emphasize wrinkles.Fifth, pay special attention to the lips and eyes.Lips should always be moist, and his eyes - expressive.
  3. Clothing.Avoid too free balahonistyh things, forget about obscure things, not related to any stylistic direction.Choose your style.Too youth, he should not be, in 40 years it will look ridiculous.But such styles as country, of casual, vamp, safari, ethnic or vintage should be fine and will make your image brighter.It is important to find the right length clothing.If you have shapely legs, show them, but do not open much.The optimal length is just above the knees.Knee-length is versatile.Long dresses and skirts can also be bright and stylish.In addition, select the appropriate color.From too bright and "acid" should be abandoned, they will look ridiculous.Suit such as white, black, blue, emerald, coral, blue, purple, red, burgundy, cherry and others.Avoid motley and artsy prints, prefer quiet drawings.
  4. Accessories.A well-chosen accessories can make an image of a bright, mysterious and unusual.Pay attention to the small bags (from large to give better), elegant belts, neckerchiefs.

few tips

Helpful Hints:

  • Watch your eyes.It must not be tired or extinct.
  • Create your mood, always think about good things.
  • Find the right perfume.The aroma should not be too pungent and heavy.Prefer fruit or floral notes.But too sweet aromas will not fit.

Stay young, sexy and attractive!